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bmc characters as things my family has said
  • Jeremy: *dabs* I am white.
  • Michael: I have never had a singular gay thought in my life. I mean, I've wanted to make out with dudes but no homo though
  • Rich: jfc all of you people will outgrow me and I won't be the Superior Sibling
  • Jake: who wants to listen to some Funky Tunes *turns up car radio while nae naeing*
  • Chloe: *holds middle finger up* i love and appreciate you all
  • Brooke: Hey so funny story this frozen yogurt building was actually named after me cool right
When I am bored, I think of you.
But also while I’m doing my homework, hanging out with my friends, having lunch, driving home, listening to music, reading a book…
I always think about you. And when I think about you, I ask myself how much time I’ve already spent with thinking about you though you have never thought about me.
And you know what? I won’t stop thinking about you.

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Dear Europeans who decide to eat at american fast food restaurants while on holiday: I don't know if ya'll got the memo, but we got this groovy new invention called "The Trash Can" which allows YOU to throw out your trash BY YOURSELF so that the overworked, understaffed minimum wage workers won't have to! Try it out the next time you visit America! PS, tipping is a thing here.

You make it sound like American customers don’t do that all the time, though. -Abby

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So I have HC about Michael being a drumer while dealing with Jeremy's 'won't talk to you' phase and so insted of playing games (as they remind him too much of Jeremy) he turns to music. So to let his anger out he plays drums. He keeps playing drums though, even after him and Jeremy are together again. Sometimes Jeremy comes over and sits down to watch Michael play.

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Headcanon Rapunzel and Eugene don't consummate their marriage on the night of the wedding Instead I imagine Rapunzel being worn out from chasing Pascal and Maximus around and really not in the mood to be all Romantic the night of the wedding Instead I see Eugene and her curling up together while he reads her the "Tales of Flynnigan Rider" and then falling asleep in each other's arms Which can be as intimate (Not saying Rapunzel and Eugene won't consummate )

Eh, maybe. With that end of ceremony kiss, though, I’m not inclined to agree with you.

Also, Max and Pascal seem to have gotten their Flynnanigans out during the ceremony. And also, also, it’s not the bride’s job to make sure things go right on the actual day of the wedding. Especially when said bride is a princess with tons of friends and guards  and staff to do the chasing for her.

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Ok I have no clue if you have this and haven't answered yet but I'll send againf just in case: Ok I'm sorry but it's the tickle fluff anon again saying THANK YOU THEY WERE SO CUTE! I'm sorry to bombard you with these so I'll just ask for them in one ask... I can't resist, sorry! :P Could I have that scenario with the DR1 girls and the boys from the second game please? I haven't seen the third game yet so I won't bother you about them for a while :P (sorry if I sent it before)


SDR2 Boys & ticklish S/O

Hajime Hinata

  • He’s not ticklish
  • Though when he finds out you are he pretends just to acknowledge it
  • He doesn’t act on it for a few days
  • And then you’re cuddling
  • And his hands just move
  • And start to tickle you
  • So you’re curling against his body while he prevents escape with his arms around you
  • He loves to hear you laugh like this
  • So he continues for a while before you’re begging him to stop
  • He doesn’t do it again for a while
  • But now and again will tickle you until you’re wheezing

Kazuichi Soda

  • Omg
  • You’re ticklish
  • Prepare for tickle hell my friend
  • He is going to tickle you at every opportunity
  • And he’s a little strategic
  • So he’ll pretend he’s going to hug you from behind
  • But no no
  • Once he got you wrapped in his arms
  • You are
  • Trapped
  • Tickle monster is here
  • His hands will be tickling you everywhere
  • And he does this nearly daily
  • Just because he loves how you’re laughing without care, and how he does too

Nagito Komaeda

  • He’s not hugely ticklish
  • He only has one space that’s ticklish
  • And it’s a little crook in his neck
  • So he presumes you’re not likely to find it
  • But instead he experimentally tries to tickle you
  • He loves how openly you’re laughing as he tickles you
  • How vulnerable you are to his hands and laughter
  • The pair of you probably end up laughing as much as each other
  • And he adores tickling you because of how adorable you sound to him
  • Though he also challenges you to try find his ticklish spot
  • So you often end up using it as retaliation

Nekomaru Nidai

  • He super ticklish
  • But shhhhhhhhh
  • He’s instead thinking about the idea of you being ticklish
  • So he kinda experiments
  • Seeing how you react to light tickles
  • Before just tickling you mercilessly
  • Though you notice how he kinda backs away so you can’t touch him
  • So you just test your theory
  • Long story short you end up wrestling and tickle fighting weekly
  • And honestly you win more than he does
  • But he finds it more adorable because of how you laugh with no embarrassment

Gundham Tanaka

  • He’s not ticklish anywhere other than his hands
  • Even though they’ve handled animals
  • They’re very sensitive
  • But you’re not likely to find that out
  • Though when he tickles you
  • He ends up slightly ticklish in his own hands
  • So he’ll be laughing softly too
  • But once you’re laughing he’s gone
  • You’ll be laughing as much as each other
  • Though if you tickle his hands he’s going to be squeaking
  • Like literally
  • Maybe it’s due to all the time he spends with animals

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • He’s super ticklish
  • Like whenever you touch him or hold hands he’s tickled lightly
  • But he’s pretty good at hiding it
  • Once he knows you’re ticklish though
  • His hands will just creep
  • And then attack
  • And then he’ll speed away
  • Before you have the opportunity to tickle him
  • At night when you’re cuddling
  • You’ll think you’re gunna go to sleep
  • But nope
  • He’s gunna keep you awake by tickling you into his arms

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter)

  • You told him you were ticklish accidentally
  • And then you didn’t hear anything from it
  • Until a few weeks later
  • When he just sat beside you
  • And placed a hand on your shoulder
  • Before his fingers tickled the skin
  • And then suddenly he was tickling you everywhere
  • “You thought I forgot?”
  • He’s going to tickle you in moments you don’t expect him to
  • So you could be watching the news and then suddenly he’s bored of it
  • And tickling you into hysteria

Teruteru Hanamura

  • He’s mildly ticklish
  • But no no
  • Once he learns you are that’s all that matters
  • He will tickle you daily
  • He loves to have little tickle fights
  • Like wrestling and tickling each other
  • He will literally find every way to tickle you
  • Is that a feather?
  • He will literally just find new ways to tickle you on a daily basis
  • Tho he loves to stand at a distance
  • And just
  • Brush over your neck with a feather
  • Because you both end up laughing

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Fuck parents who won't parent their kids. My store has a/c problems so it's hot af. I have a little hand held fan attached to my water bottle which I keep at the corner of my register since there's no room to keep it under it. It's clear to see though that it's nothing for sale because my car keys are attached to it.This little girl was messing with the fan while I was checking out her mom and she broke it!! And her mom was just like oops too bad. Like why are people like this?

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Take comfort in the fact that any customer who doesn't bother to be a proper parent when their spawn is young, is going to go through hell when they're older. You don't set boundries early, they won't ever listen later on.

That doesn’t have as big an impact as it used to though. These same parents that don’t properly teach their kids not to be dipshit chips off the old block are the same parents that will let their kid play on their ipad or video game system all day everyday and probably doesn’t give a shit if the kid so much as pokes his or her head out of their room every once in a while let alone get to the table for dinner. I doubt those same parents even notice when their kid is being a pain in the ass because they’re on their own ipad or phone. No, this isn’t a “technology bad” kind of thing. But it does sound like I’m being hopeless on the idea that karma exists. Who knows, though, maybe the kid will break the parent’s phone… -Abby

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i've never really understood why 1d's team would want to make it seem as though zarry hate/won't associate with 1d. like is it profitable in any way?

This goes back to the basics of the relationship between 1DHQ and 1D.

They’re not friends and 1DHQ isn’t looking out for 1D’s best interests or even trying to get optimal profits.  

That last one is because optimal profits would require developing the band and planning for the long term and 1DHQ never intended on doing that.  They were using a formula where they expected the band to be popular for only a few years.  While riding out those years, they set Harry up to be the break out solo artist so that they could launch him and continue making money even after the band wasn’t profitable anymore.

That was the plan anyway.  They didn’t expect Harry to be the sweet, loyal person that he is and they didn’t expect 1D’s popularity to last longer than the original 5 year plan.  They burned their bridges with 1D, so they don’t have the option of changing strategies now, especially since the original contract is up (or almost up??).  All they can do is minimize damage by sabotaging 1D and try to salvage what remaining profits they can.

The reasons Harry and Zayn are portrayed as at odds with the band are:


  • they planned for Harry to leave the band to go solo, having his image be distant from the band helps set that up, it also makes the narrative between being in the band and leaving the band look more believable
  • 1DHQ didn’t want Harry and Louis to be noticeably gay because they were worried about losing sales in the US, so they closeted them and eventually separated them, keeping Harry away from everyone looks less weird than those 2 being the only ones separate


  • Zayn “quitting” was supposed to be short term originally, so the feud aspect wasn’t nearly as heavy handed at first, as the time period stretched out further, the feud kept getting pushed over and over and that reinforced the narrative more than it otherwise would have been
  • Zayn being at odds with 1D is a marketing strategy for solo Zayn, I would wager one he never agreed with, it’s a way to separate him from the band, make him look cooler, and make him look more credible


  • it’s pure image sabotage in some ways since 1DHQ didn’t hold onto their biggest act after the original contracts, if 1D looks like a rude, ungrateful train wreck all around, then 1DHQ looks like a victim/martyr instead of the perpetrator
  • it’s also in 1DHQ’s interest to detract from 1D’s worth as much as possible since 1D will be competing with their clients in the future
  • 1DHQ aren’t nice people, so 1D refusing to lie down and play dead could very well have inspired a petty personal vendetta on 1DHQ’s side
  • Hinata: Sorry. I've had a lot of misses...
  • Tanaka: What're you saying!! It's always thanks to you that I can hit so many free balls! Once in a while, I should be the one who looks cooler in the match!
  • Nishinoya: Asahi-san scores more than you, thought!
  • Tanaka: Shut up! Anyway, it's fine! Right?! Asahi-san!!
  • Asahi: Ah! Yes, exactly. That's right. We'll make up for the lost points.
  • Tsukishima: They probably won't be able to unless you're switched out, though.
  • Tanaka: Tsukishima!!

a little trio of sparkly witch au icons! (i just wanted to get a little art bloop out before i ride in a car for 9 hours today pfft) you’re free to use them! just give credit in the description >vo/+:+:+

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So I'm eating at a Five Guys, tongue fucking the straw to my drink letting out frustrated (and honestly kinda lewd) groans and moans because the fucking straw won't cooperate and go in my mouth all while playing MysMe, and I'm now hysterically laughing as I imagine like the individual reactions of the RFA members. My sister is eyeing me like I'm crazy.

lmaooooo im here to provide

-thinks its relatable af
-looks at you weird if you keep doing it though
-“mc please” when u get too loud

-“what are you doing”
-“im frustrated, jumin”
-“it sounds like you’re fucking the straw”
-“i know”
-his face is priceless

-thinks its rly funny but if people start staring he begs you to stop or quiet down

-“mc please”
-“the straw isn’t wORKING, jaehee”
-“why don’t you get another straw?”

-thinks its the funniest and most relatable thing
-will start doing it with you
-you both don’t care about the staring

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In Jack's latest Scanner Sombre, around 9:50 the game started glitching (even though it's a part of the game itself). But while it was doing this, Jack was saying things like "I don't like that one," "Don't do that," and while Anti won't be appearing for quite a while, I just thought we could create some type of lore from this :P

I SAW THAT! The whole glitchy part totally screamed Anti. Even some of the text did and I was just sitting there, in pain o.e

But I think some potential lore could come out of that, most definitely

Natza Drabble - Baby's Night Out
  • Lucy: Gray? Be a dear and check in on Mikoto-chan. She's been quiet for over an hour, and I don't like it.
  • Gray: Why don't YOU do it?!
  • Lucy: Because I'm in the middle of making dinner, and you took a leaf from Natsu's book and broke into my home without permission. >.>
  • Gray: Fiiine. *huffs* Why IS Mikoto over here, anyway? Don't tell me Flamebrain 'n Erza are both busy again.
  • Lucy: Well, that's what happens when one's a Wizard Saint and when the other's the Guild Master. Sometimes, they both have meetings to attend. >.>
  • Gray: Yeah, yeah... *peeks into Lucy's bedroom* 0.0 Uh... was there always a big gaping hole in the crib?
  • Lucy: Pfft, no! *pause* o.o Gray. Tell me Mikoto is still in there.
  • Gray: I... I can't... *there's a breeze flowing in from the open window*
  • Lucy: *sprints to the window and is relieved to see Mikoto-chan is not a splatter on the street below* Thank Kami...
  • Gray: Well, she still could've fallen out into a wagon or somethin'. Don't celebrate just yet.
  • Gray: What if she's still in here somewhere? >.>
  • Lucy: Then I'll look for her! GO OUT AND LOOK! It's been an hour, and even a toddler can get some distance, if they're determined enough... T_T
  • Gray: *deep sigh* Alright... Geez...
  • ~*~
  • *2 hours later*
  • Lucy: *gasp* Mikoto-chan! Thank goodness you're okay! *sweeps the mini-Erza up into her arms and hugs the stuffing out of her, the child giggling*
  • Gray: *deadpan* I'm fine, by the way.
  • Lucy: *looks at him for the first time* 0.0 What happened?!
  • Gray: Looong story. *coughs at Lucy's impatient stare* Well, like I suspected, she fell into a roaming caravan that was on its way outta town. I caught up to 'em, but by the time I did, they told me she'd fallen off the caravan and into that boat that always passes by your place. So I go 'n track them down, only to find out they were on their way to a festival, and only realized they'd picked up a passenger when they got there. They knew she belonged to some friends of yours, but they didn't know where to take her, so they'd planned on stopping by your place after the festival.
  • Lucy: ... They took their eyes off of her, didn't they? >.>
  • Gray: Yep. But by that point I'd caught up to her after some lookin' around, and found her "playing" with a... tiger... *twitch*
  • Lucy: 0.0
  • Gray: Yeah, but get this - the tiger seemed to think of Mikoto as a cub, and protected her when I tried to take her back. I couldn't use Magic 'cause Mikoto coulda got hurt, so I had to fight barehanded. >.> Of course it didn't end there. I kicked the tiger's ass, but Mikoto wandered off while I fought it, and she wound up climbing into a tree. I was gonna catch her when she fell, 'cause she was all wobbly, but Lady Luck wasn't on my side, and a friggin' HAWK swooped in and took off with her when she was in free fall.
  • Lucy: *twitch* Please tell me you didn't lose track of her again.
  • Gray: ... I did. You wanna know somethin' funny, though? That wasn't a real hawk. That was just Mira under a Transformation. All she wanted was to play with Mikoto for a while, and she came and found me when Mikoto got sleepy.
  • Lucy: . . . I'm just glad it's all over.
  • Gray: It won't be if you don't get a fireproof crib. 'Cause that's how she got out. Only Flamebrain's kid would awaken her Magic so soon. >__<
  • Lucy: ... I think she'll be sleeping with me tonight. ^^;
  • Gray: Good luck keepin' her hands off your boobs. Mira found out she likes to grab and play with 'em. Found it "cute~".
  • Lucy: *deadpan* ... She's Natsu and Erza's kid alright.

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What do you think when some fans of a certain ship claiming Jonerys won't happen because Jon won't love someone who is too "entitled" and "bitchy" like Dany?

Hey anon,

What do I think? I think that they don’t really understand Jon’s character very well and they don’t understand Dany’s character at all. 

Jon is a noble, it comes with a certain level of entitlement, even though Jon might not have much. Dany wanting to regain her family’s throne wouldn’t be something Jon would think odd or out of place. It’s well within the norms of their class and society. And while Dany has a temper, she’s not bitchy. 

I think that Jon would see Dany as a kindred spirit of sorts. Someone who has shared many of the experiences he has had. As well as someone who is in the same position as he is and has the ability to understand what it is like to have so much responsibility placed upon their shoulders at such a young age. 

Jon has always been attracted to strong, determined, violent, fiery woman. That’s his type. 


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Witch Atem AU: Seto secretly agrees to regular private consultations, but Mokuba catches on almost immediately because for the past week, Seto's been coming home smelling of carnation incense and frankincense oils. Though, even if he won't admit it, Atem secretly prefers Seto, when he first arrives, smelling of expensive cologne and freshly pressed dress shirts, even if it doesn't have any additional 'spiritual' properties.


(borrowing another anon’s idea) Mokuba probably lets it slip during one of their trips to the shop Just Once that his brother has a hard time sleeping. Just once. And the time after next they show up, Atem’s going up to Kaiba quietly while Mokuba is busy with something else, holding out a pretty vial of some pale blue concoction and tells him it’s to help him sleep. And it wouldn’t be the first potion they got from the shop, but Kaiba obviously refuses it outright anyway, saying he doesn’t need to spend his hard earned money on some grape soda and ginseng nonsense.

Atem raises an eyebrow, like “It’s blue.” and Kaiba huffs a lot. because of course it’s blue, he can see it’s blue, that’s not— “Kaiba… It’s free. You have nothing to lose- if anything, you stand to gain telling me off for being a hack if it doesn’t work.” And that… okay, that’d be pretty sweet tbh. So obviously Kaiba takes it after that.

…..it works. It more than works, it works great. Maddeningly, traitorously, great.

And even our favorite lovable grumpy skeptic can’t ignore how stupid it would be to be less efficient than to just… quietly.. non admittingly… go back for a refill. 

(and, eventually, for a few of his other headache/eye strain needs >w>)

Atem is the Most Smug he’s Ever been in his Life.

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How aware do you think TPTB are of Team Delusional? I know the spoon campaign got a bit of press back in the day, but you guys are still going strong and the only recent instance of TD being acknowledged that I'm aware of is Nicotero dropping in the line about people wanting Beth to come back a few weeks ago. Asking because I've been thinking about the show's future & I'm convinced (from my non-TD perspective) that they're going to HAVE to do something even the comics fans won't see coming.

TPTB definitely know of us. It’s part of their job to know what fans think of their project, and Team Delusional is related to the Bring Beth Back campaign, which was brought up on national television. We are persistent, and we aren’t quiet, even though we relatively keep to ourselves.

During season 6, Skybound answered a tweet about us:

Source (X).

(Skybound is TWD twitter that focuses primarily on the comics but will also promote the show and video games). I remember when they answered that tweet. The big TD bloggers at the time just rolled their eyes while others freaked out. Skybound could have shut us down then and there, but they didn’t. And they’re right. Team Delusional is nothing if not stubborn. It’s funny though that they say “[they] can’t change” our minds, as they have actively promoted Beth post-Coda. For one thing, around the time of the season six premiere, Skybound has tweeted “Beth is back” or “Beth lives” three times in relation to Emily’s career: X. The “Beth lives” was tweeted specifically in relation to Emily’s surprise appearance at the premiere, and her appearance was the only they described in terms of life (X). When she did Stalking Dead with Kate Nash, Emily mentioned Team Delusional and instead of shutting us down, she just kept saying, “You never know,” (X).

There’s even evidence that TPTB somehow monitor my posts as well as @bethgreenewarriorprincess’s, specifically our posts on Emily’s social media patterns. While Team Delusional is a drop in their ratings, we know what’s really going on, so it benefits them to keep an eye on us. They can see if changing Emily’s social media behavior, like geotagging works, for example. It wouldn’t be the first time that fan blog’s were monitored by people in the entertainment industry. Well-known news sites have used Swifties’ Tumblrs to get information on Taylor Swift: https://bethgreeneishopeunseen.tumblr.com/post/162507621291/emilys-latergram-fits-with-the-ask-on-bgwp-that#notes With all of that in mind, TPTB have yet to acknowledge us in an official, professional context. They don’t want to, because they don’t want to bring too much attention to the holes in Beth’s “death”. It’s the same line of thinking as to why Emily doesn’t do panels at WSC. The best way to maintain a secret is to not have to talk about it, because too many lies can lead inconsistencies. (I put together all strange interviews into a meta I linked to above, where I mention Emily on Stalking Dead.) Beth’s resurrection is part one of the twist TPTB have planned. The second twist is the immunity/cure arc Beth is central to, which will completely diverge from the comics. This has been seeded for a long time, and you can read about it here: https://bethgreeneishopeunseen.tumblr.com/tagged/beth-was-bit

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HT UT UF Sans and SF Papyrus with an s/o who won't let them out the bed in the morning because they want cuddles. and maybe you aren't getting many asks because anon is of?

if im being honest, that was me this morning! exept i only have blankets…i kicked them off the bed…oh well. on with the show hun!~ and ps, i fixed the anon thing, so feel free to hide as you make your asks now!

hes super cuddly anyway, he wont mind one bit and curls right up next to you. after a while though he gets hungry and starts nibbling on your shirt…

heh. alright then. he lays back down and cuddles with you until Papy comes and drags you both out of bed.

he lays back down, no questions asked. he might get antsy about Edge coming for the both of you, but hes glad to have you as a sort of excuse.

heh, okay then. he lays down and snuggles up too. but yeah only ten minutes because hes an anxiety pup and doesn’t want rasberry catching them.

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BTS Zodiac Signs
  • Seokjin: Sagittarius; straightforward, laid-back, and optimistic; they're adventurous, funny people who love to travel and try new things; they think highly of themselves and don't place much importance on other people's opinions of them; they're generous and good-humored and that makes them likable to most people; their honesty is admirable but it can get them into trouble; they forget that not everyone is as easygoing as they are and their blunt way of speaking can rub people the wrong way; they tend to let things slide easily.
  • Yoongi: Pisces; selfless, gentle, and intuitive; they're highly sensitive to other people's emotions and they like to take care of people; they tend to remain neutral to avoid conflict; their sense of humor is surprisingly sarcastic and self-deprecating; they're generous and forgiving and yet they're very critical of themselves; they can be elusive when it comes to their own feelings; they often feel misunderstood.
  • Hoseok: Pisces/Aquarius Cusp; sensitive, playful, friendly; they're sensual, flirtatious, and a little bit eccentric; they're known for being highly compassionate and sympathetic to others; they tend to put on a light-hearted front and hide their deeper feelings; their hyper-sensitivity makes them cynical and they struggle to put on an optimistic front even when their true feelings may be much more pessimistic; they like to socialize but sometimes they need to escape and be alone with themselves.
  • Namjoon: Virgo; humble, intelligent, inquisitive; they're intellectual, logical, and practical, but their analytical way of looking at life can make them pessimistic; they're incredibly clever and have a quick-witted sense of humor; they tend to overthink things and dwell on the past, and as a result they spend a lot of time worrying; they often try to figure out their feelings by using their heads; they can come off as cold or insensitive, but in reality they're sweet, sensual people.
  • Jimin: Libra; gentle, peace-loving, and flirtatious; they're easygoing people who dislike conflict and aggression; they're sweet, bubbly, and endlessly charming and this makes them likable to almost everyone; they can easily sense what other people need and they tend to sacrifice their own needs to please others; they are impatient and yet indecisive; they lack self-confidence.
  • Taehyung: Capricorn; down-to-earth, ambitious, and reliable; they're strong, patient, and gentle, and even though they can be guarded, they're warm and tender on the inside; they're steadfast but they can be stubborn in their ways; when they're angry they tend to shut people out and give the cold shoulder, but if they're pushed over the edge their tempers can be surprisingly explosive and violent.
  • Jungkook: Virgo; hardworking, analytical, and modest; they're perfectionists and they won't be satisfied with anything they do until they've mastered it; they tend to be shy and reserved and it takes them a while to warm up to people but eventually they will reveal themselves to be sweet, kind, and inquisitive; they can be very critical of other people but they criticize themselves above all others; the idea of giving up their independence scares them.