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mizulekitten  asked:

Your sims journey is fucking amazing and thank you for keeping us updated on it. I just... its great

Ahhh hh I’m glad you enjoyed it. I spent all day playing. Like all day lmao. But!!! I saw you ask in the tags to see screenshots of Zarkon so I provided some and some of Haggar and Lotor as well :D




I made Zarkon, @ke1th made Lotor and we both worked on Haggar. They live in the same house, a big tree house actually lmao and they also have $2 million+ annnnd Keith moved in with them after he and Lotor eloped :D #keitorConfirmed 

Full body pictures under the cut

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going on a li’l hiatus (’til tomorrow night).

my dog, jethro (who you’ve seen in pictures as a little black Pomeranian) is having severe some health problems right now, and i really can’t be bothered to keep up with social media right now. i’m /terrified/.