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“I don’t wanna fight you, Alex. Please don’t make me. Cuz if… we do… who’s gonna fly the ship?”

“What happened to you?”

The Expanse 2x08, for @silver-89


I’ve been really into Circus Gothica Fenton lately…

I’m sorry, but the scene where Isak nervously throws his friends out because Even is outside his door will forever be a cinematic masterpiece in my mind.

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fluff prompt: souharu + watching sad movies?

Super short stress relief drabble.  

I definitely headcanon Sousuke as a dog person.  (If you managed to get through the ending of Marley and Me without breaking down, you’re a stronger person then I am.)

“Are you crying?” Haru asks, in a dull voice.  There hasn’t been enough water in the movie they’re watching to really hold his attention.  It’s some stupid American movie Rin had recommended to them, about a family who adopts a dog and has their life changed or something. Considering Rin had suggested it, he really shouldn’t be surprised that it has turned out to be nothing but an emotional yawn.

Sousuke, on the other hand, seems to have been drawn in by it.  He tries to hide his obvious sniffling by ducking his head away, but it’s a pretty poor attempt. “You’re the one who almost cried during that dumb dolphin movie,” he grumbles, in favor of actually denying the accusation.

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