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Christmas Approveal - Requested (Michael)

HELLO, this is the first Christmas request done because it the FIRST!!! Woop, Christmas is coming, anyways this was requested by aleciasometimescries. ENJOY!!!!!

‘You’re joking right?’ You hear Michael on the phone and frown as he does. 'Okay, shit, let me know where you are once you’re sorted’ and then he hangs up.

'What’s up?’ You ask as he comes over flopping into the sofa and throwing his head back. 'The lads flight isn’t going, the pilot is too ill to fly, Paul is trying to gets them another pilot but they won’t be home at earliest till tomorrow morning’ he explain, you can tell he is worried about them. It’s Christmas Eve and they have just finished a promo here and they had a private plane to get them home later this evening so they were able to spend Christmas with family. Michael had agreed to stay in your home town for Christmas, you were seeing your dad tonight and your mum Christmas Day and then fly to Sydney Christmas night to spend a couple of days with ////.

'That’s terrible, do you want to go and see them?’ You ask, he groans and you smile a little at the sound. 'Yeah but we are meant to be at your dads in an hour’ he moans and you laugh a little. 'I don’t mind, go see the boys and come to my dad’s when you can’ you explain. You can see he is thinking it over, so while he does you decide to take advantage of his neck being in full view, you lean forward, placing one hand in his chest and depressing your lips to his neck, you trace then up and down, sucking and licking his neck in all the right places.

'If you don’t stop neither of is will make it to your dads’ his voice is groggy with his need and you notice his jeans getting tighter. 'Sorry baby’ you tease pulling away, but before you can sit back he grabs the back of your neck pulling you on top of him and pressing his lips to yours. You let his hands snake under your shirt as you pull at his hair, and roll your hips a little hearing him groan you laugh and jump off.

'Better get going so you have time see the boys’ you wink as you head into your room to change for your dads.


'Dad quit whining he is coming’ you moan rolling your eyes towards Kelly your step mum and she smiles trying not to laugh.

'See, see didn’t I tell you he would ruin it, ruins everything does that boy, waist of space’ he goes in, you shake your head, your dad has never liked Michael, said he isn’t looking towards the future, doesn’t want anything serious, changing his little girl.

'Dad please just gives it a rest, no one can enjoy themselves while you are making things awkward’ you tell him.

'Well no one is enjoying themselves waiting for it to turn up’ he snaps back, you look at him eyes a little wider to tell him he went too far.

'For a start he has a name, second of all no one is waiting, we are all fine, dinner isn’t even ready yet and the only person this is an issue for is you and finally if you don’t stop acting like a petulant little child I will leave, it’s Christmas Eve everyone is happy and you can’t drop your hatred for one god darn day’ you half yell before brushing his shoulder as you leave the family room and enter the kitchen. Your grandma isn’t far behind you and she rubs your back a little, you turn giving her a small smile.

'Ignore him, we all understand, Michael is a very nice young man and the only reason your dad hasn’t held his hands up yet is because he is too proud to say he was wrong’ she explains, 'but you were right your dad was a very petulant child’ she half laughs and you can’t help the smile she forms on your lip.

'Michaels here’ Jimmy rushes into the kitchen before turning back out, you an grandma follow him out to see Michael being welcomed by the family as your dad stands of to the side arms crossed

'I hope you just don’t mind but I bought a couple of friends’ Michael tell them winking at you, as Ashton, Luke and Calum come in behind him. 'Oh hello boys, it’s lovely to see you again it’s been so lo…’ Kelly is cut off by your dad.

'It’s rude to invite people when you’re an unwanted guest yourself’ your dad pipes up, his voice harsh, but you notice the smile in Michaels face turn slightly into a smirk and you frown a little as you watch him.

'I called but you have the no phone rule so I couldn’t check’ Michael tells him smoothly which you know is a straight out lye because you snook your phone back into your pocket after putting into the 'Phone Stop’.

'It doesn’t matter, they can stay, and you can leave with them seems as your so ungratefully late’ your dad snipes back, you laugh a little as his face contorts in annoyance and how Michael isn’t bothered by a word of it.

'Don’t be so rude, I bought you up better than that’ your grandma snaps at him, 'Now I’m sure there will be plenty of food after all we are two down so it’s only really an extra one and we always make too much food, wasteful really but I’m sure you strapping boys can help up with that’ grandma goes on. 'Right jimmy go on up to your room and bring down that deck chair of yours’ she tells him with a small wave of her hand.

'Come in everybody, close the door is deathly cold, the fire is in in the family room, who wants drinks?’ Kelly calls and takes the order of a number of drinks as everyone files into the family room you wait behind, you give Calum, Ashton and Luke a quick hug before Michael wraps an arm around you.

'What’s going on with the flights?’ You asks the boys, 'It’s getting sorted, we found a pilot he is okay to set off at nine tonight’ Ashton explain and you smile. 'Thanks great, I was so upset for you guys’ you explain and Calum coos.

'Shut up, go on, get in there’ you tell them nodding to the door to the family room. When they are gone you turn to Michael and press your lips to his, your hands on his chest, his on your waist. 'You’re terrible’ you tell him as you pull away and he frowns 'why?’ He asks shocked and you smirk a little 'You only bought them to piss him off’ you whisper, he fakes shock and grabs his heart 'Like I would do such a scheming thing’ he gasps 'You would’ Kelly interrupts making us jump a little as she wears a smirk across her lips 'But it’s awfully funny want hung his squirm’ she chuckles leaving again and you laugh following her into the rest of the family with Michael behind you.


'Hush everyone’ your grandfather calls over the chatter at the dinner table, we have all finished our meals and been chatting but it so dyes down. 'We all have traditions and our is something we treasure, after a meal at Christmas we share what we are grateful for and what we hope the new year will bring, Michael seems as you’re a guest for four would you do the honour of starting’ granddad sits back down and Michael nods smiling a little, his arm is resting on the back of your chair, and you noticed when he first did it your dad staring at his tattoos.

'Okay, erm I’m thankful for our band, our support, but erm mostly in thankful that (Y/N) is still in my life after five years.’ He speaks out, his eyes meeting with yours when he speaks about you and you smile before leaning forwards and leaving a quick peck in his lips.

'Get on with it’ your dad growls making a couple people at the table laugh. 'Sorry of course, erm I’m hoping the new year will bring changed attitudes’ he states and it’s clear to everyone as Michaels eyes bore into your dads as they glare back. We move on and have gone around the most of the travel when we get to your dad.

'I’m thankful for my wonderful children and close family’ he tells us, ruffling Jimmy’s hair as his other hand entwined with Kelly’s 'and for the new year I hope it brings sense, to my daughter, enough to get her away the things that’s are no good, the sense to throw out the trash’ your dads words are harsh, his voice sharp and nasty so much so not one person at the table who had been finding dad behaviour to you and Michael humorous, not one of the laughed or smiled, instead they all watched him shocked.

'Wow’ you mutter, pushing your chair back and standing up ’(Y/N) (Y/L/N) don’t you dare leave this table’ your dad calls to you as you head for the kitchen door, your fuming, your whole body in fire as you spin around.

'Don’t I dare? Don’t I dare?’ You repeat, your temper and patients’ gone which is clear to everyone at the raise and tone in your voice. 'How’s about don’t you dare, don’t you dare offend Michael, don’t you dare try press your ugly thoughts of him into other, don’t you dare tell me how to live my life, don’t you dare be so rude’

'This, this has been an amazing night, fun and full of laughter, I real Christmas family time, but there is one thing that would have made if so much more present, and that you, not being here, with your comments, your glaring. You haven’t enjoyed this night because all you have done is hash Michael at every opportunity’ you start to calm the voice so it’s more of a scold then a temper shout. 'So no dad don’t YOU dare’ you finish, you glance around the table at your family and friends and you can see the pity in their eyes. 'Sorry everybody’ you sigh before getting into the kitchen and closing the door. Taking in deep, calming breathes.

'You didn’t have to do that’ you hear Michael behind you and spin around, your still angry and just see red. 'You know what Michael, don’t bother moaning at me, you’re okay with the shit he gives you, and most of the time I don’t mind either but why can’t he just accept it, why can’t he just acknowledge that I did well, that I picked the right guy’ you flare, Michael just nods a little and you sigh 'sorry I didn’t mean to tell at you’ you apologise but he shakes his head opening his arms.

'You listen to me okay, it’s been five years since we rocked up at your house, it’s been hard, even at fourteen your dad hated me, but you know I don’t care, because I love you, you are everything to me, so he can hate me all he likes as long as it doesn’t change the fact that you love me. I mean sure, I would love to have his mark of approval but I’ve worked for it, I ignored the shit I did everything he wanted, I fought the shit, I asked about it and then we got here, were we just give it to each other. And I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m not the kind of person he will approve of, I’m sorry if that’s my fault, but you have to promise me one thing…..never fall out with him over me…I can’t be the resin for your hurt in any way shape of form. I love you and if your dad hates me for another five years I can deal with that of it means spending those five years with the live of my life’ Michaels words flow, his voice smooth and soft as he hold you in his arms, your ear against his chest, your eyes closed as you listen to his meaningful words.

'I’m sorry’ it’s your dad untrusting this time and you spin with Michael to see him standing in the door way. And he’s look guilty the guiltiest you have ever seen him.

'You know I am a stubborn guys, and when you wondered in my house all that time ago with your awful hair and dreams of being a rock star I wrote you off, my little girl could do better. But if I could change anything I would go back, and I’d tell that me to give the kid a chance, because in five years’ time he is working for his dream and he is still holding my little girl like a princess, still loving her with his whole heart. I’m sorry if I’ve been difficult, I do approve I was just too stubborn to admit I was wrong about you’ his words surprise you, and when he holds out his hand to shake Michaels your eve more surprised, however not as surprised as he was when Michael pulled him into a hug.

'Thanks, it means a lot’ Michael tells him and you feel your hear swell as you stretch your arms around your dad too. 'Thanks dad’ you whisper, he pulls away and nods as he turns to leave, but before he disappears round the corner he turns back and says. 'Merry Christmas to the both of you’

From Chelsea

anonymous asked:

Could you write a ficlet where Regina gets drunk after she and Emma have a fight. She tries to drive home but Granny won't let her and Regina just starts yelling at everyone(almost like going back to evil queen ways) till Emma poofs in and calms her down. PLEASE!!

Thanks for the prompt :) 

It starts with one, then another and another until she loses count of the drinks sliding down her throat. It’s been a long time since she got drunk but tonight, well tonight she wants to forget. 

She and Emma had a fight and after it all she could feel was a lump in her throat threatening to crash down on her heart. She’s happy. She’s finally happy and gods she doesn’t want to lose that. 

So she ran to the Diner to try and escape it. 

“I think you’ve had enough,” Granny says sternly effectively cutting her off.

Regina sighs, “Fine I’ll just go home,” she huffs reaching for her keys. She doesn’t want to go home. If Emma and Henry aren’t there it won’t feel right. It won’t feel like home anymore. 

Granny frowns at her before plucking the keys from her hand, “You’re not driving.” 

Regina frowns feeling anger rise to the surface, “Who do you think you are?! Give me my keys!” 

“I think I’m someone who doesn’t want to see you get in a car and hurt yourself. I’ll call you a cab.”

Regina seethes, “I don’t a cab,” she says icily, “I want my keys.” 

She doesn’t want to snap like this but she can feel her distress rising. She needs to calm down and she can’t. She wants to home but doesn’t know if it’s still there. She wants Emma….but they had a fight. 

“Just give me the keys!” she yells. Granny shakes her head, “Child, I can’t let you drive home, I’d never forgive myself if something happened.” 

Regina scowls, “I am not a child.”

“But you are drunk,” someone calls out. Regina doesn’t see who, she doesn’t care. Frustration bubbles up inside of her as her heart aches. “I don’t care!” she shouts, “I just want to go home so will you all stop lecturing me. I know you’re all just waiting for me to snap and go back to being the Evil Queen…well congrats for you, you can go home and tell your families all about this…..stop telling me how to live my life……stop staring at me like you think I’m going to hurt someone……I just want to go home,” she trails off as she feels magic tingle in the air. 

She turns to see Emma poofing in. She freezes, “Emma….I….” 

Emma nods, “I know, just breathe,” she says and takes a few deep breaths until Regina follows suit. As she does Emma walks closer placing her hands on Regina’s arms, “You’re okay,” she promises, “These people aren’t here to hurt you. No-one is. They just want to make sure you’re okay.” 

Regina nods letting those words sink in. It’s incredible how just Emma’s presence calms her until her panic creeps back in, “Why are you here?” 

“I was worried about you,” Emma says “I could feel your fear, and your pain and I wanted to make sure you were okay….why were you out here drinking anyway?” 

Regina sniffs, “Because I lost you.” 

Emma frowns in confusion, “What?” 

“We had a fight,” Regina replies. 

Emma frowns again before realisation hits. “Oh,” she says quietly before stepping forward to hold Regina. She wraps her arms around her before kissing the side of her head, “Regina it was just a fight, it doesn’t mean we’re over. Neither one of us is really any good at relationships, I get that. We had a fight Regina but I still love you. We’re not always going to be peaceful. We’re both way too fiery and stubborn for that. We’ll fight. We’ll talk. We’ll make up. What I’m trying to say Regina is that we might fight but it doesn’t mean we stop loving each other. I love you, now let’s go home and we’ll talk in the morning when you feel better.” 

Regina nods burying her head in Emma’s neck, “I’ve never really had a proper relationship,” she sniffs, “With you….it’s different. I want you. I love you and when we fought I thought it was all over….”

“It’s not,” Emma reassures her, “It’s definitely not over.” 

“Not for a very long time?” Regina asks hopefully.

Emma nods wiping the tears away from Regina’s cheek with her thumb, “Hopefully not ever. Come on, let’s go home.”

Regina nods nuzzling back into Emma’s hold. Now, now she can go home. 


Heyo guys, so my birthdays in three weeks! So, I decided to base this imagine when its your birthday and it’s with any guy you want. Leggoooo.


I woke up, feeling the cold air hit my bare back. Rolling over, I squinted as the sunlight peered through the curtains. I got my eyes to adjust to the light before I sat up, noticing he wasn’t beside me anymore. I moved the blankets off my legs and stood up, making my way to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and fixed my hair. I walked back into our shared room, noticing a note on the closet door

‘Hello beautiful, I’m not home at the moment, me and the lads have an interview. I won’t be home till late, I want you to wear the outfit I bought for you around 7 tonight. I love you, I’ll see you soon, happy birthday doll xx’

It read. I smiled and rolled my eyes at how dorky he was. I placed the note down on the nightstand. What was I gonna do for 10 hours? I sighed and picked my clothes up off the floor from the previous event I shared with him last night. I threw them on, and made my way down stairs to find a way to pass the time.

I watched a couple movies, only seeing it was two in the afternoon. I let out a long groan and layed down on the couch, pulling the blanket closer to my body. I got my phone out, and checked my messages. All of them were ‘happy birthday’ or ‘have a good one hun!’. I thanked them all and went on to twitter, seeing the many happy birthdays his fans tweeted me.

'Thank you for all the birthday wishes! You guys are very sweet xx’

I tweeted out. I retweeted a couple of fans tweets, and replied to a bunch of them. It was a good feeling I felt inside seeing how happy some of them turned out afterwards. I shut my phone off and continued to watch the movie.

Around 5 o’clock I got myself off the couch and back up to our room. I opened the closet, and admired the outfit, I noticed it was black skinny jeans, a black Nirvana shirt and a blur flannel. I furrowed my brows at what he was planning to do or to take me to tonight. I went into the bathroom and put it on. I applied some mascara and eyeliner, adding light eye shadow and lipstick. I curled my hair and took one last at myself before heading back downstairs. I sat back down on the couch and waited for 7 to roll around. I layed my head down and rested my eyes.

“Baby, wake up hun” I heard. I let out a small yawn and sat up, rubbing my eyes. I fluttered them a bit before seeing him standing in front of me.

“W-what time is it?” I croaked out.

“Its 7:30, I was scared I couldn’t wake you up in time” he said

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was waiting and I just.. Passed out”

“That’s alright love, you’re awake now its fine. I have two presents for you” he smiled, kissing my forehead, he walked back over to the front door.

“What is it?” I asked standing up and walking forward to him a bit.

“Well this is your first one” he said handing me a wrapped box. I smiled and thanked him. I took the card off carefully and set it down on the coffee table, then I ripped apart the wrapping paper. I opened each side of the box and noticed and even smaller box inside.

“Is this just gonna be a smaller box inside a box inside a box and so on and so forth?” I asked looking up to him.

“No, the box inside is the only box after this box in your hand” he said tapping the box. I nodded and took it out, putting the bigger box down. I opened it up and saw a heart shaped gold necklace and two tickets to my favorite band.

“You didn’t..” I said holding them in shock.

“But I did! You know its your special day and since you always talk about wanting to see them in concert I looked online for weeks till I was able to find and buy two good tickets for you” he said moving his hand around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“Thank you, you may be a dork but you’re amazing” I said poking his nose. He scrunched his face. I laughed softly and kissed his cheek.

“And what’s the second present?” I asked

“The concert”


If only Michael would show up with two tickets to green day or warp tour for my birthday, I think I’d fuck him right then and there… anyways, send in requests! - Nemo