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12 Days of Shining☆Christmas || Day 12 - Kotobuki Reiji

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: twelve drummers drumming 
The amount of nerves building up within Reiji’s body were far from subsiding. Christmas Eve he shared a warm and hearty meal with his significant other’s family. In spite of his persistence of leaving for the night and returning the next morning, his partner’s mother had pushed for them to share 〇〇’s old room. He was about to refuse thanks to their father’s stares, but the raging blizzard stopped him. “Does Dad’s old shirt fit okay? I’m sorry that he’s been pretty…difficult today,” his lover inquired with a slight pout, worried that her family had made him uncomfortable. “It’s fine! He’s only like that because he loves you so much, right? Some day I want to be a dad like him, making sure my kid only has the best,” Reiji grinned, pecking a kiss on their forehead to calm them down. He plopped into the bed, stretching his arms open to cuddle.

The next morning, the house was bustling with excited noise. The couple was roused from their sleep as 〇〇’s younger brothers burst into the room, leaping onto the bed and jumping all over them. “SANTA CAME, SANTA CAME!” they chanted. “What the heck are you doing?! Stop that, it hurts!” their sibling whined, scooping them up in their arms and carrying them downstairs. Reiji was left alone in shock, still surprised something like this happened. But somehow, it was pleasant. Having a wild family in a big house, he had always wanted to experience it. 
Rubbing his eyes he slowly went down the stairs, greeted by the beating of drums. “REIJI NII, THANK YOU!” one of the brothers shouted, attacking him with his biggest hug once Reiji made it down. “AH! You’re welcome! Don’t go annoying your parents with it though,” he laughed, ruffling the younger’s hair as he went on to playing with the small drum he’d been given. “Oh Rei-kun, this is just precious!" 〇〇’s mother gasped, holding up a box to light, handmade wooden kitchenware inside. "Ah, you’re giving me too much credit. 〇〇 only suggested to me how much you wanted to modernize the kitchen,” he sheepishly admitted, blushing a bit when she pecks his cheek. 
“Reiji nii…Me-Merry Christmas!” the youngest child of the household greeted him, carrying a big box that was almost bigger than their entire body. Their father took it upon himself to take the gift from them to loosen the load, smiling warmly as he presented it to Reiji. “Eh? What’s this?” Reiji questioned with wide eyes, ogling the gift-wrapped box. “Of course it’s your present. You’re part of our family aren’t you?” he mused sincerely. Water began pooling in Reiji’s eyes as he tearfully accepted, unwrapping the gift. He could hardly see what it was through his tears, already moved at the fact he finally had a big family.
“A bread-making kit?” Reiji tilted his head. “We heard you enjoy cooking a lot, and we thought you could try making this sometime with our culinary-lacking child," 〇〇’s mother joked. Biting his lip to suppress more tears, the first person Reiji hugged was the father. "This is pantastic! Thanks, Dad,” he sniffled. Though the hug was returned, the older man made an effort to tell Reiji not to call him dad yet.