won the lotto!


Hello there binch baguettes! After one anonymous question (such popular demand) I have put out my skin care essentials for no one to give a shit about!

Before I begin, I have a few disclaimers. Numero uno: I am not a board-certified dermatologist (although you should pray for me because im trying to get into the system) so this should not replace anything that your doctors’ have recommended for you. 

Numero dos: I used to have acne just like everyone else in this damn world! Yea it fricken sucks but you know what it goes away especially if you’re patient. I actually never went to a derm and I waited till my hormones balanced out..boom it started un-flaring lmao. 

Numero tres: whenever you want to buy skincare i highly suggest to do a patch test of it before you put it on your face. I do this buy putting a small amount on my wrist and if i see a reaction within like 24 hours (obviously like leave it on for a few min and wash it off) i throw that shit out! **this is how i found out i can’t have any products with honey in them!

Numero quatro: I love to change up my skincare products everyday, I don’t use the same thing everyday and I highly suggest you do the same thing! 


Morning: I do not wash my face in the morning! My mom always told me not to wash it in the morning because it actually dries out your face more?? So i don’t lmao. i tone my face with some witch hazel that i buy on amazon (its like william thatcher or something). Then I put on either Niacin B3 serum (also on amazon), rosehip oil (amazon), or the ordinary’s buffet serum (deceim). After that I use glossier’s priming moisturizer.. its actually not bad and it prevents any dryness that comes with using serums… Then i do my makeup and spray some rosewater to make it look like i sweated a lot 

Nights: Ok i like to do a peel every 2 weeks and by that i mean an actual acid peel! I do this to keep the pH of my skin balanced out! Your skin actually prefers acidity over basicity (umm how do you think it kills all those microbes) so shit with benzoyl peroxide is literally like putting ammonia on your skin lmao. I love Makeup Artists Choice to get my peels because they are trustworthy and they actually make their own stuff in labs!! NEVER BUY PEELS WITHOUT READING REVIEWS!! Their stuff is super affordable and I actually buy the sample sizes and they last me months! My favorite peel is the Radiance peel and it literally clears me up within a day. I love their Argan oil because it’s 100% virgin with no additives and its the best for people with oily skin! i use it after peels because you need something moisturizing without any acids in it! If im not doing peels (theres also lactic acid and mandelic acid) I use their gly-uronic serum which is actually great for any breakouts or even smoothing out wrinkles and of course I wait a few minutes and slab on that moisturizer!! 

Thats pretty much it.. i tried to keep it short 

Ask Me Questions

1. Do you ever get good morning text from anyone?

2. If your significant other smoked, would you care?

3. Do you find it easy to trust people?

4. What were you doing at 11pm last night?

5. You’re drunk and lost walking down the road, who is with you?

6. What is the real reason you are confused right now?

7. What would you do if you found out your were cheated on?

8. Are you code with your dad?

9. You can only drink one liquid for the rest of your life, what is it?

10. Were you happier 4 months ago than you are now?

11. What was your thought before you went to bed last night?

12. Have you cried in the past week?

13. Do people ever call you by your last name?

14. Are you keeping anything from your best friend right now?

15. Do you have a secret that you have never told anyone?

16. If you had to get a piercing (not ears), what would you get?

17. Do you believe exes can be friends?

18. Why aren’t you pursuing the person that you like?

19. What part of the person’s body do you find most attractive?

20. Would you get involved with someone if they have a child already?

21. If you are single right now, do you wish you were in a relationship?

22. Do you prefer a monogamous relationships or dating other various people?

23. Are you to shy to ask someone out?

24. What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

25. Would you put yourself first in a life threatening situation?

26. Would you either make out with a complete stranger or sleep with your best friend?

27. If you had to choose 2 celebrities for a threesome, who would it be?

28. Would you treat your friends different if you were rich and famous?

29. Do you believe people need breaks from each other in relationships?

30. How do you feel about what happens after death?

31. If you could have your hair dyed any color you wanted, which color would you choose?

32. Have you ever experienced something that just could not be logically explained?

33. If you won the lotto and millions in cash, what would be the first thing you would do?

34. Which fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day?

35. Who is the one person in your life who can always make you smile?

36. Would you date someone 3 years younger than you are?

37. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat?

38. If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be?

39. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?

40. Suppose you see your ex kissing another person, what would you do?

41. Have you ever found it hard to speak your mind?

42. Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?

43. If you could choose one family member to go on a holiday vacation with, who would it be?

44. Someone on the street ask you if you have money to spare. What do you do?

45. Do you have a particular song that you feel deeply about?

46. If you had 2 days to spend 1 million dollars, what are you buying?

47. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

48. One thing you wish you could change about yourself?

49. How many pillows do you sleep with?

50. Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?

51. If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

52. What is the best advice you can give someone who is feeling down?

53. What is one word that describes yourself?

54. If you could become an animal for a day, what would you be?

55. Do you prefer the beach, city, or mountains?

56. If you are being extremely quiet, what does that mean?

57. Do you believe in love at first sight?

58. Dumbest lie you have ever told?

59. If you could have a large collection of one item, what would it be?

60. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

61. If money cannot buy happiness, can you truly be happy without money?

62. A song you would love to be played at your wedding?

63. Do you hate the person that you fell the hardest for?

64. Ave you done anything recently that you hope nobody finds out about?

65. Is it more important to love or to be loved?

66. Who are the 3 most important people in your life at this moment?

67. Is it better to have an open mind in this society?

68. What do you sometimes pretend you understand when you really don’t?

69. Are you depending on anyone at the moment?

70. Are first impressions important to you?

Searingly Sweet (Marichat/Adrienette)

What do you do when one of paris’ most superlatively handsome heros comes knocking on your balcony door? You would panic first, right? Like, what does he want; why is he here; should I prepare something? Any and all those thoughts might run through your head I’m guessing. But what does Marinette Dupain-Cheng do when a certain leather-clad feline comes a knocking?

She gets pissed…cause duh, right?

And it wasn’t even like she was pissed at him exactly. It was more just that he happened to appear at the apex of her shitty day. Every single client the 23 year old had that afternoon was completely and utterly shitty human beings. And she gets it, a lot of schools in the area were picking up the american custom of having end of the year dances, for socializing and shit. But if she had to hear another shitty 17 year old complain about how the applique on her dress doesn’t absolutely “shimmer” in the moonlight and how the dress doesn’t make her ASS look like that american rapper Nicki Minaj’s (Which by the way if you’re gonna use french in your stage name PICK A REAL FRENCH WORD). She was ACTUALLY going to cut someone.

So it wasn’t his fault that he happened to knock on the balcony door to her apartment. Also wasn’t his fault that she happened to be in the middle of her 3rd alteration of the SAME dress at the time. But that didn’t stop her from viciously slamming open her door, rage blazing in her eyes.

“WHAT?” She roared

Her attitude instantly vanished, however, as Chat Noir collapsed into her arms. She grabbed onto his waist to keep him upright but his harsh hiss kept her hands at bay. She felt a wetness on her hand, it wasn’t raining out so it couldn’t be good. She looked down and sure enough Chat had contracted a sizeable cut above his hip and in different places along his torso.

“Holy shit!” was all she could really comment “Adrien, what happened!?”

They had long since found out each other’s identity. 21st birthdays mixed with intimate truth or dare and too many margaritas will do that kind of thing to you. But the lucky part was that nothing ever really changed for them. If anything, it made their civilian lives that much easier. Now, if anything went wrong they knew exactly where to go for safety.

Guess this was one of those times huh?

“Mari” Chat groaned out pitifully, body slumped over her petite frame

She didn’t allow him to say anything else as she carefully helped him onto the couch. She laid him down gently and rushed to get a bowl and some cool water. Returning back he didn’t look too good, hair matted from sweat and eyes squeezed shut in pain. She gingerly picked up his head and laid it in her lap. She pressed the wet cloth to his biggest cut and pressed down, shushing him softly to soothe his pain.

She looked into his eyes for an explanation “What happened? Was it a really bad akuma?”. Her heart only sank as he remained silent.

“Oh god it was, wasn’t it? Fuck, if I wasn’t so swamped with work I could’ve been there for you. You wouldn’t be like this. Adrien I’m so sorry” He lifted his hand and gently stroked her cheek. A gentle smile graced his features and she felt like bursting into tears that very moment.

“Please don’t cry, Mari” He said, his voice warmer than a summer’s breeze “I didn’t lose to an akuma. Just to a very old cat and a very sturdy tree.”

At first it didn’t click, she was far too wrapped up in her guilt ridden emotions. But then, ever so slowly, the words sunk in further and further

“Could you say that again for me please?” She said a little too sweetly “I just want to make sure I heard you correctly”

“Oh! I just said that these cuts are from me saving a pretty old cat from a tree” He scratched his head bashfully “old beast was not too appreciative and scratched me up pretty good and the tree kinda finished the job”

She stood up abruptly, knocking chat off the couch and onto the floor.

“Noooo” Chat whined as she stormed off “Don’t leave me here to perish in the cold!”

A blanket, quite unceremoniously, pelted him in the face “BUNDLE UP BITCH”

“Someone’s got their chiffon in a knot” He pouted “what? You missed your monthly ‘designer’s digest’ issue?”

Marinette sat back on the couch wordlessly, only speaking to ask him to drop his transformation so she could patch him up. Her speech was so…professional that he dropped it immediately, worried that he might’ve pushed her buttons a little too hard.

“Hey Mari, you know I was only kidding right?” this silent treatment was a bit of a first for him, he hadn’t meant to offend her, only poke at her a little “I didn’t mean all that stuff I said. I really am sorry”

He tried putting on his best sad face, nudging his head into her in the hopes that it’d melt her heart enough to forgive him. She sighed and put his head back into her lap.

“I’m not mad chat.” She said, preparing a disinfectant cloth “there’d be no point in that”

He breathed a sigh of relief, he wasn’t totally convinced but at least she wasn’t gonna kick him out of the house

“That being said, you tear up the shirt I made you. Sooooo, you deserve this entirely”

Adrien’s eyes shot open wide as a stinging, searing pain shot through his whole side. He moved to shoot up in his seat but, surprisingly, Marinette was pretty strong and held him down, giggling the entire time. A disinfectant cloth slapped to the cut would teach him a lesson or two


“I know right? You must be so sorry for playing with my emotions and tearing up that shirt aren’t you?”


“That’s interesting cause, see, that doesn’t sound like an ‘I’m sorry’ to me”


“And you’re still screaming. I do have neighbors you know”

Adrien gritted his teeth as he tried to bear the burning sensation traveling all through his body “I’m sorry for tearing up the shirt and playing with your emotions even though I did nothing of the sort

She pressed down on the cut harder


She took pity on his poor soul and finally released him. He rolled back onto the floor and scattered away behind her curtains


Marinette was hardly perturbed “1.) I checked the bottle before-hand it was gonna sting regardless of what I did and 2.) you still have like 8 more lives, you’re fine”

Adrien was now in full pout mode “I’m not an actual cat you know. The american phrase ‘YOLO’ does actually apply to me”

“You’re so dramatic” she laughed. Scooting over on the furthest side of the couch, she stretched out her arms to lure him back to the sofa. He turned from her, refusing to even acknowledge her offer.

“Oh come on, kitty. I still have to wrap up your other cuts before they get infected”

He wrapped the curtains further up on his body “Better than dying from the shock of the pain!”

She rolled her eyes “I promise I’ll be gentler this time. And, I’ll make sure to tell you when the sting is coming”

He eyed her cautiously, coming out from behind the curtains and inching closer “I want free cuddles the rest of the night”

She sighed “fine, whatever you want”. It was like telling him he’d won the lotto, his perfect white teeth gleaming in a cheshire like grin. Adrien tossed himself on the couch, instantly slipping up her body and snuggling closely to her chest.

“You are so unbelievably spoiled you know”

“You know I think I can still feel the pain of the disinfectant. I wonder why?”

She laughed warmly and let him stay there for a while.

There was no way to really describe the relationship they had. On the one hand they were definitely friends; they had the occasional coffee meet-up with Alya and Nino, popped in on one another if they had a bad day and, duh, saved one another from certain death every now and again. They could go out and see other people, sure, but then they did things like this. Cuddle times where they just stayed silent and share body heat, sleeping in the same bed because one couldn’t be bothered to stay up enough to make the trek home, and even spending whole weekends just vegging out at home watching Totally Spies reruns on TV. It was a weird set up but if you asked Marinette if she would change anything, not a single second would be unmissed.

“Ok mon minou, let’s get you patched up before I have to clean your blood off my couch…again”

He begrudgingly agreed and left her warm hold, sitting with legs crossed and patiently awaited her medical care. She returned back with her famous “Chat almost died today” first aid kit and something thin and white sticking out from between her lips. It caught the blonde’s attention and his feline instincts began to flare up again. Nevertheless, he sat still,only moving to remove his shirt and give her space to wrap his body in bandages.

“There, all done” She said, ever so slightly proud of her work “You were a very good patient this time around kitty. Usually you’re so squirmish”

Even as she scritched his favorite spot behind his ear adrien still couldn’t get his mind off of whatever was occupying his lady’s mouth

“Uh Adrien? You ok?” She said waving a hand in front of his eyes. He blinked back to reality and smiled apologetically

“Sorry Mari guess I’m a little distracted” He laughed nervously. She shrugged it off as no big deal and left to warm up some leftovers for him.

Adrien watched her with childlike curiosity, he didn’t wanna be a real bother to her but it killed him not knowing what it was that was in her mouth. Even still, he hesitated on bringing it up, choosing instead to stuff his face with honey mustard glazed chicken and pasta.

It was maybe 20 minutes into their third episode when Adrien just stretched himself out flat onto her lap. She remarked on his keen ability to make “make himself at home” but it only went in one ear and out another as he watched her cheek poke out with the offending object.

He poked it

She switched it to the other side

He poked it again

She sat it in the middle while looking at him with a strange look on her face

He didn’t even notice as his long fingers kept poking around her face, expecting to flush it out from behind her lips

“Adrien!” She commanded, swatting his hands away “Will you please stop tha-”

“My lady, what is in your mouth?”

The question came out so abruptly that it caught her completely by surprise. She blinked confusedly at him. There was not a hint of joking attitude in his eyes so she took it out.

“It’s just a lollipop. See?” she placed it back over her tongue, sucking on it hard “Nothing special. Cherry flavor I think”

Adrien didn’t exactly know what to feel. Yes, he got the answer he’d been looking for but, at the same time, a cherry lollipop? Really?

“Why didn’t you say you got one?” He fussed

“Why do you care? Kitty, it’s just candy”

He didn’t really have a witty retort to that so he kept silent, rolling over in her lap and facing the TV. Marinette assumed he’d finally gave up so she settled back in her seat.

“I want one”

She groaned, rubbing her temples soothingly

“No, Kitty you may not have one”

Adrien poked out his bottom lip “Why not, you have one”

“Ok, And?”

“Where do you keep them?”

“If I told you that it wouldn’t be a secret stash would it?”

He almost took offense to that “Why would you keep it a secret from me? Do you not trust me?”

“To not eat all my candy without me knowing? No”

“I’d replace it”

“Adrien the last time you ‘replaced’ my candy stash it ended up being more expensive than my rent”

He pulled her into a face squishing hug “Maaari let me have one”

She struggled to push away him away, he was stupidly strong when he wants something “No dammit let me go!”

Adrien finally released her and suddenly stood up. If she didn’t know any better she would’ve assumed that she got the hint. But, sadly, she did and, without remorse, glared him down.

“Chaton, don’t you fucking dare”

He shot out of the living room and into the bedroom down the hall. She chased after him, knowing exactly where he was going and for what. Just as she suspected, Adrien was making quick work of her room, sifting between the sheets and crawling beneath the bed.

“Quit it you fucking sugar addict!”

“Let me have my fix and I will!”


“Then the hunt continues!”

Her room was becoming an utter mess. Clothes were being tossed everywhere, it was like a horror movie. She forced him into a corner to maybe try and talk things out somewhat civilly but the blonde bastard just carefully scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed, breaking out from the corner to just fuck up her room even more.

They were on the floor now, huffing and wheezing as they tried to catch their breath. Adrien looked everywhere, the sheets, under the bed, in the closet. He even took the ultimate risk and went through her drawers (The kick to his gut proved that that wasn’t too good of an idea). But still no sweets for a little blonde boy named Adrien

“Please tell me you quit” She huffed out

“It’s not fair” he whined “all I wanted was something sweet”

“I just fed you”

“Dessert is an important part of every meal”

He clambered up onto his feet and stumbled back, knocking into the wall behind him. There was a clamor from the top of Marinette’s closet. She prayed that he didn’t hear it….it was a stupid prayer let’s be real here.

“Hey Marinette”

“Yes Adrien”

“What’s in your closet”

“You looked in there yourself…nothing”

She didn’t dare move from the floor as he stared her down

“If I go over there right this very second, you’re not gonna move”

“I see no reason to do so”

The millisecond he moved toward that closet door she raced in between him and the doorway. A dark smile stretched across his lips. He moved in close and she could hear his heartbeat in her ears. He leaned down, his breath tickling her ears.

His voice made her knees weak “It’s in there, isn’t it my lady”

She sucked on her cherry blowpop harder and harder as she shook her head vigorously

“Then what did I hear in the closet. If it’s not what I’m looking for then what’s there to worry about?”

Her eyes looked everywhere but his own vibrant green ones. He knew what that tone of voice did to her and did it anyway.

Adrien snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her away from the door. His stares were so paralyzing she couldn’t say that she even noticed. They walked over to the bed and gently pushed her onto its soft sheets. He climbed atop of her, smoothing his hands across her skin

“Be a good girl and stay here, ok?”

This man could’ve told her to commit murder and all she’d need was a spoon and a name

He moved back over to the closet and rooted around its dark shelves. Eventually he noticed that the side wall was uneven. Sure enough, when he pressed down on it the panel fell away to a secret hole in the wall, complete with its own neatly painted shoe box.

“Hello my sweet”

He was a kitten on christmas coming out from that closet. Pressed close to his chest the box clearly said ‘Keep out, especially you kitty!” but he couldn’t care less, soon he would indulge himself in a sugar sweet paradise.


Or at least he would if she didn’t break out of her lust induced trance

He bolted out of the room, eyes darting left and right for any kind of hiding space. Alas, it was no use. Marinette had him stuck in the kitchen corner with nowhere left to run. She took a cautious step toward him and he grabbed the first thing he could, a deluxe chocolate bar that she’d been saving for a super shitty day

Much like this one actually

“S-stop! Kitty, just leave the box on the counter”

“Fine! I’ll just take the chocolate bar then”


He tore off the label, never once taking his eyes off hers

“Put it. Down”

A corner of the aluminum wrapping hit the floor and her mind went into a blind panic. He was really gonna eat it if she didn’t come up with something!

He opened his mouth comically wide and brought it to his teeth


And as he brought his teeth closer together for bite she decided that she had no choice

Marinette ripped the candy from her mouth and pressed her body roughly against his, grabbing a fistful of his hair and bringing their lips together.

That alone would be seared into his subconscious for the rest of his life but what followed would follow him for as long as time stood.

Cherries, the syrupy sweet taste of artificial cherries flooded his tastebuds as her tongue slipped between his lips and into every corner of his mouth. His mind couldn’t take it to the point where he just dropped the box in his hands altogether, grabbing tightly onto her hips and savoring the flavor as much as he could.

But as soon as it started, it ended. She backed away from him, face redder than the candy in her hand.

“Never touch my stash again”

He tried to speak but she shoved the red sucker into his cheeks

“And I’m sure you’ve probably earned that”

She gathered up her box and walked out the kitchen, grumbling something about ‘Stupid cats’ and ‘putting it in a safe next time’

Adrien’s favorite flavor used to be chocolate

He was fairly certain that’s not the case anymore.

Auston Matthews - One Big Happy Family

“Hiii! Could you please do an Auston Matthews pregnancy imagine. Thaaaank you” - @jessicaa1994

Okay I got really into this and I hope you like it!

Word count: 1342
Warnings: none.
it’s basically all fluff.

_X_ • _X_ • _X_ • _X_ • _X_ • _X_ • _X_ • _X_

Being in a doctor’s office always made you nervous. Your period was very irregular and you wanted to see what you could do about it. The last thing you expected to hear was that you are already three months pregnant. It wasn’t unusual for you to go a couple months without your period so you didn’t think anything of it.
“We’re going to transfer you to a different room so we can do an ultrasound.” The doctor said.
“Can I call my boyfriend first? I think he should be here for this.” You say, still shocked at the events that have unfolded within this doctor’s visit.
The phone rang twice before he answered.
“Hey, babe. How did the check-up go?”
“Uhm, you need to come to the hospital. There’s news you need to be here for.”
“I’m on my way.”

He was there within 5 minutes. You were barely getting set up in your new room when he appeared in the doorway. The floor specialty and the equipment in the room was a dead giveaway of what the news could be.
“Hey,” he said, out of breath.
“Hey,” you smiled at him. He stood beside your bed and gave you a kiss.

Once the image of the baby appeared on the screen, Auston began to cry.
“We’re really having a baby.” He said, wiping away his tears. He was holding your hand and squeezing it.
The doctor left you two to talk.
“I had no idea or I would’ve taken a test sooner.” You tell him.
“It doesn’t even matter. I’m just so happy that it’s happening.” He smiled down at you.

You two had never actually talked about kids or having a family yet. There was always small talk about a house and marriage but, kids were never a highlight of any discussion. Back at his apartment, while cuddling with him on the couch, you began to wonder how much this was going to change everything.
“Do you want a boy or a girl?” You asked Auston. He looked concentrated on coming up with an answer. Then he began to rub your belly.
“I think I want a little girl. I loved having little sisters. I think I’d do pretty good having a baby girl.” He finally answered.

The day of her birth came and it was all sorts of hectic. Auston had a home game when your water broke at your apartment. Auston’s parents had been staying with you all week in anticipation of your baby’s arrival. His dad was at the game so they could easily be in contact with Auston as his mom took you to the hospital.
“Breathe, honey.” Ema told you, while trying to breathe at a pace you could keep up with.
You were being wheelchaired into the hospital that you were set up to deliver at. It was only a few blocks from the ACC.
“Where’s Auston?” You asked as you were given a room and they were setting you up for delivery.
“Brian and Auston are on their way.” Ema reassured you.
The doctor and nurses were encouraging you to push but you didn’t, you couldn’t, do it without Auston by your side. You began crying out of frustration.
“Ema, please wait in the hallway until Auston gets here. I need him here as soon as possible.” You cried out.
Ema was quick to leave the room while nurses continued to encourage you to push.
It felt like an eternity but you finally heard running down the hallways and Auston burst into the room still in most of his gear. It was like a weight lifted off your shoulders as soon as he entered the room.
“You got this babe.” Auston said, by your side, holding your hand and occasionally giving you kisses on the head for encouragement. Auston was all the encouragement you needed to make it through the rest of the labor.
Your daughter was born healthy and already with a head full of hair. You were the first to hold her and the nurses were quick to give Auston a robe and gloves to hold the baby. Since it wasn’t ideal that he was still in hockey gear covered in sweat.
Your little family was given an hour of alone time and it felt like a lifetime. Everything changed so fast. During your skin-to-skin session with your daughter, Auston got washed up and changed so he could hold her properly.
“She’s so tiny.” He said in awe. You couldn’t stop smiling at both of them.
“Do you want to hold her?” You asked him. His eyes filled with fear.
“How do I do it?” He asked. You scooted over on your bed so he could prop himself beside you. You gently handed her off to Auston.
“Hi, little baby. I’m your daddy.” He told her. She was squirming a little but her eyes were closed.
“I can’t believe we made a baby.” He said, resting his head on yours.
“I can’t believe we are parents.” You whispered. His eyes got wide again.
“I’m a Dad.” He whispered.
“You’re a daddy.” You chuckled.

Hours had past and family had come and gone. You were both getting more comfortable with holding your newborn as well as letting others. Finally, Willy and Mitch came to visit. They were the two teammates you wanted to see the most.
“we got a new little player?” Willy asked.
“She might need to learn to walk first before we put her out on the ice.” You laughed.
“Thank goodness she looks like you (y/n).” Mitch chimed in. Auston gave him a glare but then shrugged in agreement.
“Can I hold her?” Mitch asked sheepishly, “I know how to hold babies real well!”
You handed her off to him and he was so carefully rocking her back and forth.
“What’s her name?” Willy asked. You and Auston looked at each other, then, in unison, “Nylah Michelle Matthews.”
“Is that, is that after us?” Mitch pieced together. You nodded. Willy did a victory dance.
“This is the coolest thing ever!” Willy squealed. They both took turned being in awe over her.
“Hey, babe.” Auston scooted himself close to you in the bed.
“Mhm?” You asked.
“Since the baby is finally in someone else’s hands,” he said, grabbing your hands in his, “and since everything is absolutely perfect.” He paused and took a second to look deep into your eyes while stroking your face.
“Would you do me the honor, of sharing the same last name as me and Nylah?” He pulled a ring out of his pocket and held it in front of you. You thought you were all out of emotions for the day but you could feel tears starting to form. You couldn’t speak, just nod your head endlessly while he placed the ring on your finger. He smiled and a tears fell from his face as he kissed you. Little did both of you know that Willy took this intimate moment as an opportunity to take a selfie of all 5 of you in the room. Mitch was holding the baby with a big grin on his face, you and Auston were in the back kissing with your engagement ring fully visible, and Willy just looked like he won the lotto with how big of a smile he had.
“CONGRATULATIONS! And can I pleeaaaseee post this big happy family photo??” Willy begged.
You rolled your eyes and laughed, “go for it. Now people will stop bugging Auston about the status of his relationship with me.”
“Seriously, you guys gave her the best name ever.” Mitch said while still gently rocking her back and forth.
“Named her after our two favorite girls.” Auston chirped.
Everyone rolled their eyes. Mitch passed your daughter back to you and the boys eventually left.
“How does day one as the Matthews family feel?” Auston asked you, stroking your hair as you were resting with Nylah in your arms.
“It’s the best feeling in the world.” You smiled.

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What ur problem mate

In no particular order;

  • I don’t have enough guns.
  • I don’t have enough Ammo. 
  • I don’t have enough money.
  • It’s raining outside.
  • I am trying to find a new house and there’s not much available in my price range.
  • I gained a few pounds I need to exercise more. 
  • I missed my free extra energy today in SW GOH. 
  • My job is boring.
  • My dad needs more help than I can give him.
  • My step mom had a stroke and can barely take care of him.
  • My boss stopped doing profit sharing. 
  • My balls itch.
  • I haven’t been to a strip club in a while. 
  • My knee hurts.
  • I gotta clean my guns. 
  • I haven’t won the lotto yet. 
  • I just had to cut a check to the IRS.
  • I have to pee.
  • Liberalism
  • Feminism
  • The transphobic bigots won’t let me shower with women at the gym.
  • @kaleigh1776 skipped town on me. 
  • I need a hair cut.
  • National Firearms Act of 1934
  • Hughes Amendment
  • Anita Sarkeesian
  • The Young Turks
  • Illegal Immigrants
  • Terrorists
  • Pedophiles.
  • Islam
  • Islam Apologists
  • Socialist
  • Communists
  • Fidel Castro
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Hillary
  • Jeeps are really expensive. 
  • Jeep parts are also too expensive. 
  • My Viper needs a full detailing.
  • It also needs painted and some interior work. It is 20 years old. 
  • I can’t find a decent 45 cal carbine for a good price. 
  • The warmer weather is bring out more bugs. 
  • I haven’t been to the beach in a while. 
  • hickok45 is not my dad. 
  • Now my face itches.
  • I haven’t found a rich girl to marry me. 
  • @ecarretsamcp exists
  • Taxes
  • I don’t know what I am going to have for dinner tonight. 
  • I need to go grocery shopping.
  • My gunsmith isn’t done fixing several of my guns. 
  • I haven’t played Starcraft in a while. 
  • I just had to spend several thousand to help out a family member. 
  • My pizza was really greasy at lunch.
  • I don’t have enough for retirement. 
  • Liberals want to take away my rights. 
  • The gov’t
  • People that think their race or gender qualifies them for something. 
  • Liberals that think I should pay more because I am better at things than them. 
  • I’m getting old.
  • People that call me “mate”
  • I’m not getting a blow job right now. 
  • I need more time in the day. 
  • Laci Green
  • Donuts are high in calories.
  • Greasy food tastes so good. 
  • The new star wars movie isn’t out yet. 
  • Spoilers for the new Thor movie.
  • The trigger on my A17 isn’t that good. 
  • I am still waiting on several tax stamps. 
  • Gun Control
  • Depression
  • Liars
  • The guy that fucked me over for 7 figures. 
  • I let go my first successful website. 

You want me to keep going fam?

I also took my grad photos at the Dolly marquee today and I was eating Taco Bell in front of the photos in my gown and a guy came by and told me to never give up on my dreams and 20 minutes later I won the Cats lotto so that’s where I am

Mall? Nope not there again!

You were waiting for Jaehyun your BF to pick you up from your shared apartment to take you to the mall so you can help him shop for a new watch because apparently he wanted oneㅋㅋㅋㅋ but after that he said he would take you to a fancy hotel to eat dinner, so you decided to dress to the occasion. A minute or so later a red BMW honked signaling for you to come. It was Jaehyun and he looked as handsome as ever. He was wearing all black and his hair looked messy since he just came back from practice yet he looked very hotㅋㅋ

“Welcome my lady” greeted Jae as he opened the car door for you. “Thanks Jae” you smiled and he felt his stomach explode. He was mesmerized at your outfit. It was a baby blue mini dress that was flowy at the bottom and laced at the top and wrapped around your neck gracefully. Your hair was straightened and put in a simple yet beautiful side braid. Jaehyun fell in love all over again. You noticed him staring and blushed a deep shade of red. Even though you were dating for almost a year you couldn’t help but blush everytime he does something. He was so handsome you were so lucky to have him and he thought the same about you. However you could never stop thinking that he will one day realize that so many girls are prettier than you and leave you for one of them. You loved him so much you were afraid you weren’t good enough for him. On the other hand Jaehyun always thought “How did I get such a perfect girl?” and he would always doubt himself for not being the best man he could be for you. He too didn’t want to lose you.

Once you arrived to the mall after the silent car ride he opened the door for you and held your hand as you entered and your stomach had fireworks inside once he did that and so did his. As you walked towards the shop Jaehyun was going to you couldn’t help but over hear conversations of girls talking. They were saying awful things about you like “She is so ugly how can Jaehyun oppa like her” or “Eww she is so much darker than us how can he like her?” or “she isn’t even korean why would he like such an ugly dog” and you couldn’t help but frown at what they are saying. You doubted yourself. Is that really how I am? Is that how Jaehyun views me as? Thoughts swam in your head, Jaehyun noticed your change in mood and he knew it was because of what they were saying. He didnt know why you got upset since non of what they said was true to him. Not even a single bit. He heard some guys saying “Wow she’s so hot” and that’s what he believed however he didn’t like that they were saying that since clearly he was your boyfriend and they should have some respect. He looked at you with sad eyes and asked “Heyy whats wrong jagi?” And kissed your forehead, you were embarrassed at the sudden action and also because you heard people say “Ewww why would he kiss her, oppa might get sick now” and you felt so little at that. Jaehyun tried to ignore them but once they said “I hope she dies” he blew.

“LISTEN UP! ALL OF YOU BASHING MY GIRLFRIEND BECAUSE SHE IS 100% PRETTIER THAN YOU. SHE IS WONDERFUL AND GORGEOUS AND YOU ARE ALL JUST JEALOUS, SO PLEASE STOP ANNOYING HER AND INSULTING HER BECAUSE YOU ARE MAKING YOUR SELF LOOK BAD. SHE IS WONDERFUL AND IF I HEAR ONE MORE INSULT I WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.” You were so shocked at what he said. A huge smile grew on your face. You wanted to hug him so bad but he quickly pulled you to the exit door, but before you got out he stopped and yelled “AND YES GUY IN A BLUE SHIRT. SHE IS HOT BUT SHE IS MINE SO STOP LOOKING AT HER. ONLY I CAN”. You blushed so hard at what he said. He pulled you into the car and drove away from the mall at speed of lighting. You got scared so you clutched your seatbelt like your life depends on it. Jaehyun noticed your action and slowed the car down “Sorry” he mumbled. “Why are you sorry Jae?” You asked confused. “Because I probably embarrassed you in the mall” he looked down as he stopped the car infront of your apartment. You looked at him with sincere eyes and said “You are never an embarrassment. In fact you are the light of my life! You made me so happy by saying those things I wanted to kiss you on the spot! And why are you wearing all black don’t you know you look so hot in that!! And stop making me die with all those cute things you do!!!” You were panting. You suddenly realized what you said and turned so red you were almost as red as jimin’s hair in dope. Jaehyun tried not to laugh at your cuteness. He was melting at what you said. He felt so loved and lucky to have you as his girlfriend. While you kept your head down you felt hands on your chin lifting your head up. He faced you and gazed into your eyes so intently and slowly leaned in and kissed your cheek. You were so flustered yet disappointed. You wanted him to kiss your lips. You looked up at him and out of no where his lips touched yours. It was a simple kiss yet you felt as if you just won the lottery. *sings exo lotto* He pulled away and whispered to your ears “I love you” and he sounded so 🔥🔥 you melted on the spot.

He got out of the car and opened the door for you. You pressed on the elevator button waiting for it to arrive. Silence filled the area. Jae knew you felt shy so he decided to tell you “Do you want to watch a movie when we get up?” And you shyly nodded. He resisted the temptation to kiss you on the spot because the elevator had just arrived “Ladies first *remembers lay* Or should I say Princesses first” and he sent you a wink. The elevator closed behind you and as you waited for it to arrive Jaehyun suddenly panicked “OMG OUR DINNER!” You started to giggle “It’s okay Jae! Watching the movie while eating popcorn is more than enough for me” he smiled “Omo my jagi is so cute! And call me oppa okay!?” You giggled once more. The elevator arrived and you opened the door of your apartment “Oppa let’s wear matching pjs!!” You squealed. “Okay jagi!!!” He yelled with even more excitement. You got into your couple pjs and sat on the couch waiting for your adorable boyfriend. He came out with wet hair and you laughed at him. “You look so cute oppa! Come let me dry your hair” you took a towel and started to dry his hair while standing infront of him since he was so tall (He was sitting on the couch) once you were done he kissed your nose and said “Okay let’s watch the movie now” you cuddled with Jaehyun and before you knew it you were fast asleep in his embrace. He picked you up bridal style and put you on the bed as he gave you a light kiss on the lips and whispered “Goodnight my beautiful jagi” he layed next to you stroking you hair until he too fell asleep🌘

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Shaking Hands With The Devil (1)

Supernatural AU

Genre: Incubi(incubus) Yoongi

Warnings: it might mention sex, but nothing further than that… for now

“My sin was not specifically this or that
But consisted of having shaken hands with the devil
The devil held me in his clutches
The enemy was behind me” Demien - Hermann Hesse

Of course existed a reason for some boy like Min Yoongi be so interested on you. Sister Marry told you that existed a reason for you to be what you are. Min Yoongi wanted you because you were a member of the he Huntress, and he… he was a fucking demon.

“Why are you running away now, sweetheart?” You heard his voice, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“How come I be the one who’s running away when you’re the one hiding in the shadows?” You hissed, trying to fade the fears.

“Already missing me, princess?” His voice was near this time and you got yourself ready. “So here I am” he whispered against your ear. And in a quick movement you went for his face, but he was quicker, and now you were pressed against the wall, he on your back.

“Why are you like this now? You’ve always been such a good girl, what changed, Y/N?”

“Fuck you!”

“Cursing now are we? Tsc… Tsc… You need a lesson, baby…”

“I’m gonna fucking kill you, Min Yoongi!”

“You were so lovely before, not that I’m complaining, I’m definitely loving this wide feisty side of yours, but why don’t you tell me what changed?”

“You tricked me! Acting all decent when you were Agust, the demon Agust! And I bet you choose me, as if you knew who I was!” You tried to hit him again, but this time worked so you were free now.

“Of course I knew who you were… they don’t explain this in that horrendous place they raised you? Pure virgins like you are the sweetest to corrupt…” he liked his lips from afar, and you hated yourself for that being so effective.

“Me? Corrupted? Never, Agust.”

“Now they call me Agust D, I think it’s nice…” he winked and you rolled your eyes.


“I think we already went to this detail…”

“I’m not the only Huntress on that damn college, why me?” His ice smirk spread, and it froze you.

“There’s this glimpse of innocent in your eyes, Y/N, that I want to take away with me…”

There was the reason, and you were infuriated. He was all around you for almost a month, being the mysterious, pretty, the sweet and o-so-interested guy. And what made everything worst was that you were truly considering it, he made you fell, and now you were on hell, not literally, at least, yet.

“You’ll never have me” you were adamant.

“Why are you flustered then?” He teased “I know you want me, baby, as bad as I want… You want me to fuck you senseless, to scream my name while I take away your virtue…” he smirked and liked his lips again “I can see it in your eyes, you wanna be corrupted, Y/N, I’m only here to fulfill your deepest and dirtiest desires…” You gulped, you didn’t want to be affected, but goddamnit.

“You’re wrong” that’s when you attacked. He defended as if you were a bug, nothing more than an annoying bug, and that was pissing the shit out off you.

“Y/N, baby, stop, daddy doesn’t want to hurt you” he held your wrists, and was as cool as ever, while you were a panting mess, his eyes were taking in every single trace of you. “How did you notice?” He asked, truly interested on your answer, as if he doubted you could discovered that on your own.

“I would never notice” you admitted, and you smirked this time “if you have hidden better this scar… You know that one that looks like a tattoo, that says in Greek ‘demon’…”

“Thanks for the tip, Imma hide it better next time…”

“For how long would you hide?” Your voice cracked, and for an instant you though that something flashed in his eyes, but it was just a glimpse, his menace was back.

“I don’t really know, after I got enough of fucking you, maybe…”

“Not gonna happen.”

“I’m a demon, you know that I don’t need you to ask for it.”

“Yes you do” you smirked “I read stories about you, you like to seduce and to fool women and men… You never opt to take it against somebody’s will…”

“You know me too well, babygirl…” he nodded his head chuckling “but you know I can see what you desire, and you do want me to take that purity off of you. You want to give yourself to me, as much as I want you to.”

“You’re wrong!”

“No I’m not,” he just stated “then let’s play a little game… Don’t look at me like that” he chuckled “you can always say no… but you seem so determined that my devious self doesn’t affect you, so I think you can accept it…”

“What do you want, Yoongi? For me to shake hands with the devil?”

“I wanna just a little bet, if you win I’ll turn myself in… And you can do whatever you want…”

“If I lose?”

“My prize will be just your defeat.”

“What’s the bet?”

“I bet I can convince you to ask… even beg for me to fuck you” Min Yoongi was never a smiley guy, but right now he was smiling as if he had just won the lotto.

“That’s not gonna happen, Agust” you arched one of your eyebrows.

“That means you accepted, baby?” The smirk was there to creep you out, and you hated yourself for being so goddamn stubborn.

“You’re gonna regret it.”

“You won’t, I’m way too good on bed” he held out his hand, and there you were, shaking hands with the devil, without even knowing that now he had you in his clutches.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, demons don’t fall in love.”
“So why are you here again?”

Part 2

tortilla con queso, crema, y salsa de tomate is such a cerote dish with little to no value but if i won the lotto this year id still be at home boolin with like ten thick ass tortillas salvadoreñas downing the whole plate

  • psychic: (reads my mind)
  • psychic: what the actual fuck
Fly me to the Moon

[Previously…] [Next…]
A/N: Usnavi is so turnt and Johan is seeing stars. (two more parts left!)
Summary: Frank Sinatra, Fire escapes, late night chitchats over fine wine makes for a Johsnavi aesthetic
WordCount: 3298
Taggies: @hell-yes-puns-and-ships

The hum of cars still passing through the darken streets filled the already unsettled air. There was always a sound, a passing car, a distant siren, a train rolling past, dog barking, one could go on and on listing off disturbances in the city. But from the comfortable post of a fire escape about three stories high there wasn’t a sound that touched the moment between the two men. All Johan could hear was the deep and steady breathing between gulps of wine coming from Usnavi. He watched as the Dominican man tipped the bottle into his mouth taking a third chug. He placed the bottle down between them and ran a hand down his mouth wiping his wine stained goatee. “Gotta love summer in the city.” The night was cooler, nice August night breeze felt good on Usnavi’s flushed cheeks. It made the drunk in him feel less drunk. The breeze anchored him down to a reality and kept his mind from spinning.

“It is quite nice…” Johan agreed, there was nothing in particular he cared for. Nothing he could pinpoint and say that was nice, but the moment felt nice. This felt…nice. He took the bottle and tilted his head back as well. After a long sip he sighed with gusto and pointed. “That a star?” He motioned to the white dot against the dark, opaque sky. It stood out so brilliantly like a certain someone’s laugh that suddenly filled the air. 

“Nah, man, that’s a plane.” Usnavi stared at the same dot and watched it move by. His eyes glanced over just barely catching Johan’s disappointed frown. The way his lower lip jutted out…”My abuela Claudia…” He began speaking in a tender voice, eyes closed for a moment. Grief still stung when he spoke her name out loud. “She use to complain how you couldn’t see the stars here…one night she swore she saw some…” It was near impossible to see stars in the city but Claudia saw the beauty in so many things everyone took for granted. Usnavi believed she saw her stars that night. 

“Did you see stars?” Johan’s frown curved up into a smile watching as Usnavi’s expressions changed so rapidly. Thanks to the wine no doubt. 

“I saw hella stars when she told me she won the lotto that night” He smirked, “And gave me ⅓ of it.” 

“Wow, really?” That was genuine surprise. Someone who won the lotto and got some money off it, why was Usnavi trapped at a corner store? “What happened to the money?”

“Well…” Usnavi ran a hand down the back of his neck. “Abuela passed away the next day…that afternoon actually… with her share of the money I did the good she would have wanted to do. Gave some to Benny to help him out while he looked for a job, to the Rosarios to help them while they got Nina back to school. Helped Daniella so she could co-sign Vanessa’s apartment, and Carla for the salon. Gave some to the Piragua man who passes by here and–”

“What’s…Pear-a-wah?” Johan tried to pronounce the words but they came out sounding like an alien language to Usnavi.

“Oh…Piragua (PEE-AR-GOO-WHA)” He repeated slower just for him, Johan absorbed the sound and mouthed it to himself. Usnavi turned away feeling the heat from the wine stain his cheeks…of course just the wine. “It’s shaved ice.”

“Oh that’s neat.” 

“Yeah…gave everyone some money to help them out…even commissioned Sonny’s dumb boyfriend to paint some pieces for me…Everyone that abuela ever cared about…I know she’d want to help them even just a little.” Usnavi felt a hollow ache in his chest. Nothing he didn’t know how to manage.

Johan looked back up at the bleak sky. The plane had long crossed the sky and left not a single shred of light. “Your ab..abuela sounds really nice. I would have loved to meet her.”

“She would have loved you.” He answered immediately, no doubt about it. “She was a great judge of character. She would have loved you more than I…” His mouth suddenly felt try, he wanted to reach for the wine but he had to finish his sentence somehow. “Than I could even imagine.” Nice save by De La Vega. 

His tall Californian friend didn’t seem to notice, much to Usnavi’s approval, and nodded. “So what about the other thirds of the money?” 

“I put Sonny’s away in a savings account, hopefully he won’t do nothin’ stupid…he probably won’t. Sonny is a lot of things but he’s a good kid with a good head on his shoulders.” Usnavi couldn’t take any credit for that. Sonny was always a sweet kid who’s only real drive was to help his hood and more importantly the people in it. “Mine…I paid off the store debts, I own it now…” It felt good to own the store officially. “The rest I still got…sitting around… “ Though Benny might have been wry of Johan getting all this information about money…Usnavi didn’t feel an ounce of stress. He didn’t think Johan cared about the money.

Another moment of silence feel on them. “Sounds like you have everything figured out…” Which was more than Johan ever had his whole life.

 “…well I spent my life making a list of goals and cross them off as they come along…sooner or later there won’t be anything left to cross out…I’m not looking forward for that.” Usnavi always thought he would be living his life according to his parents, work until he died. But after all that’s happened, all the changes he was afraid his list wasn’t long enough to keep him going. He was terrified of the unknown.  

Both men went reaching for the bottle, looking away unsure what to say. Both had been internalizing their worries because neither wanted to ruin this moment. Their hands met at the neck of the bottle and with much delay, they turned, eyes on their brushing fingers. Johan slowly turned his hand, palm up, as if offering his hand to Usnavi. However, the action of his hand moving made the skittish Hispanic pull back fast. 

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2nd August 2015 I discovered my hero was going to be on the West End stage and I knew I had to meet him.

20th October 2015 marked the day I won the front row ticket lotto for The Winter’s Tale and I finally saw him perform on stage in front of me.

What followed was me attempting to meet him at stage door after the shows which never happened. Then December last year, as I was going to my bus stop after seeing Les Liaisons at Donmar Warehouse and passing the Garrick, without a second thought, I walked straight into someone and my plastic bag of stuff broke and the guy that I bumped into, and was bending down to help me pick the stuff up was the one and only Sir Kenneth Branagh. I was speechless plus the most amazing (sort of) coincidence ever was the fact I had my copy of Much Ado About Nothing all ready signed by Robert Sean Leonard in the plastic bag (I’d been taking it to work everyday on the off chance I won the lotto again or decided to try Kenneth at stage door) which he happily signed. I was also so taken aback about how shy he was in real life but he was so kind and adorable.

The second time I saw him was months after in March after being lucky enough to attend the press night and after party of his play - Painkiller. Turns out that in a party/social setting he is a LOT less shy but I’d drunk too much (for courage to approach him) and still didn’t get to have a proper convo with him.

Third time was May and I had staged doored Matt Smith that morning. I then went to the Garrick to pick up tickets for Romeo and Juliet and whilst my friend waited for Richard Madden to turn up. Kenneth Branagh struck again! And as always, in London, I’m armed with a Shakespeare book I want signed for my collection and I chose a couple to take out based on who’s out and about whose doing theatre just in case :) so his back to shy self was happy to sign my Love’s Labour’s lost.

Forth Time - about a week later. Again, lucky enough to attend the press night show and after party for Romeo and Juliet. And again drunk a bit too much for courage to talk to (not shy, party mode) Kenneth. I managed to ask him what his fave Shakespeare was and I thought I’d get a simple answer. He instead gave me an extremely comprehensive reply which included his fave changing with the weather and seasons and I have to admit my dumb drunk ass self was half concentrating on the answer and half concentrating on the fact he seemed cool with my hand I’d left lingering on his shoulder for the whole duration of his explanation.

Fifth Time - July, I went to Starbuck’s during the interval of a play (the women’s toilets get as crowded in a theatre as in a bloody nightclub) and as I was queuing for the loo, I turn around and Kenneth is queuing right behind me. I stare at him in shock for a few seconds as he’s texting away (he uses iPhone big font as if he couldn’t get anymore adorable) and finally interrupt him (politely of course). Shy mode is back which makes me in turn shy and awkward and we share some words which involve me praising the season of plays and him being thankful :)

Sixth time - August, The Entertainer play; Last press night and afterparty for the Branagh Season. I drunk less this time and was ready approach him, I tapped him on the shoulder when he was finally alone and he turned round and just automatically said ‘Hello darling’ and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Boy, did I freak out internally. My friend does an amazing impression of my expression as this happened haha -_- I don’t think he recognised me, I’m sure it was just a drunken auto response of his but hey, I’m not complaining :) unfortunately didn’t get to talk long as super busy.

Seventh, eighth, ninth time - obviously I didn’t get Kenneth to sign my Shakespeare books in the middle of a party. And getting him after the plays was a thing that only like three people achieved during the whole year seasons of plays but I’d heard he was happy to sign before the shows on matinee days as he arrived at like 10am even though the show stared at 2pm :’) so September and then again twice in November including the last day of the Branagh Season (this entire season meant a lot to me, I’d seen all six shows on average 7 times each, I’d made good friends with some cast members, the staff at the Garrick were lovely and I’d taken all my mates to see shows. It was perfect. And I spend a lot of time at the theatre anyway - 2 to 3 shows a week averaged out through the year. But the Branagh season will always have a special place in my West End shaped heart) I finally gave him the letter I’d been drafting for like the past year but kept changing it when each new play in the season hit the stage aha. And I got to say thank you for everything and it meant the world to me :)

So that’s the long story of how I went from just having a dream of meeting my hero to basically getting drunk and meeting him but somehow managing not to turn into a blubbering mess in front of him several times :D

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How would MONSTA X react to you holding their hand for the first time?

This is so cute! Here it is~


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There will be TOO much smiling from this guy when you’ve decided to finally hold his hand after two months of being together. Words cannot describe how special he felt at that moment when your hands were intertwined with each other.

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*acts like he just won the lotto*

 When you held his hand for the first time, it showed how you are ready to be more intimate with each other and that you’re comfortable with him.

“It’s great that we’re finally more comfortable with each other. I love you, Y/N.”

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He’d be startled at first, feeling something warm wrap around his hand. He would pull back a bit before realising it was you, before apologising to you 100x and letting you hold his hand again.

“I’m sorry, Jagi! I didn’t think it was you!”

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*Y/N you’re so cute! asdfghjkl.”

He would go on overdrive when your hand is in his. His hands were’t as large as the members, but they were big enough for yours to fit in them. I don’t think Kihyun would stop holding your hands after that.

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*happy and smug mode activated*

Hyungwon feels really happy that you held his hand for the first time, but would tease you a little, hoping that you won’t feel nervous about it.

“Oh, so we’re holding hands now? Are we gonna kiss after, then?”

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*happy little bun*

Jooheon is the type to feel REALLY happy whenever they feel loved, whether be it physical contact or verbal affection. So when your hands are intertwined with his, he’d spin you around in excitement and would place a peck on your forehead after.

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Like the caption says, he’d be hit with the feels. You’ve only started dating recently, so to have you hold his hand for the first time, he felt like it was unreal.

“Omg is she actually holding my hand? Omg…”

requests are open!


Hi everyone! This is part one of my first request, I hope you enjoy it 😘😘

You sat in your seat at Church, your stomach aching with nerves. Your hands were clenched into fists and your knuckles were white.
It wasn’t easy being the only female in the Sons Of Anarchy. You had to work harder than the rest to earn your patch, and you knew that not all of your Brothers took you seriously. You killed for them, fought for them, anything you could to prove your worth.
You watched as the rest of the club took their seats. You sat next to Bobby and couldn’t help but notice the empty seat next to you. Juices seat.
Everyone looked at Jax as he took his seat at the head of the table and began to speak.
“There is a rat at our table” he said.
Your heart sank, your worst fear coming true.
Juice had come to you last night and told you everything. He had made a deal with Roosevelt and Potter, stolen the coke and killed Miles to cover himself.
He had suspected that Jax knew, and now you knew that he was right.
You’d been seeing Juice secretly for months now, but you’d never realised what he was doing behind the clubs back. You didn’t like it, no you hated what he’d done. But you understood it. His whole life Juice had wanted to fit in, to have a family. He had found that with the Sons and when that was threatened he panicked.
Your hands shook as you waited for what was coming. You didn’t hear what everyone was saying because you knew what this meant. He had betrayed the club, there was only one way to handle it.
“Let’s vote. Juan Carlos Ortiz to meet Mr Mayhem.” Jax said, his face grim.
You watched as all your brothers voted yes, voted to kill Juice, voted to kill the man you loved.
All faces looked at you and you stood.
“I can’t do this” you said, your voice shaking.
They watched as you removed your kutte, confused looks on all their faces.
“I love Juice. We’ve been together for months. I can’t be a part of this” you said and dropped your kutte on the table before leaving the room.
You could hear the uproar as you walked out the doors.
Gemma looked at you as you passed her, her eyes watching you curiously.
“What’s going on sweetheart?” She asked as you pushed past her.
“I’m sorry, Gem. I have to go” you said and stormed out of the clubhouse.
You sat on your bike and fired her up, buckling your helmet before driving out of TM for the last time.

You ran into your house, you’d seen Juices bike outside so you knew he was there.
He stood when he heard you slam the door.
“Juliet, what are you doing here?” He asked you, worry all over his face. He wrapped his arms around you.
“Get your bags, Juan. We need to hurry” you whispered as you broke away from him and headed to your room. You grabbed all the clothes out of your drawers and wardrobe, tossing them into the duffle bags you’d had out just in case it had turned out like this.
Juice stood in the doorway watching you, unable to move. Your hair was a mess and your face was stressed as you moved around the room, grabbing things off shelves.
“You should stay, I can’t let you go down for my mistakes” he said solemnly.
You stopped moving and turned towards him.
“I will not let them kill you Juan, not until my body is cold. I’m with you”
You turned to the bags and zipped them shut before lifting them and marching towards him.
“We need to go. Now.”
“I love you Juliet”
“I love you too Juan”

Jax stormed into your house, Happy and Chibs right beside him.
They stormed through the house til they reached your room and saw the scattered clothes and empty drawers.
“Shit!” Jax shouted, realising you had ran away with the rat.
“It’s okay Jackie boy, we’ll find them” the blond president nodded, and walked out of the house.

It had been 10 months since you’d left Charming. It hadn’t been easy, you and Juice had spent the first months on the run, shifting from town to town, never believing the club would stop looking for you.
You’d ended up in a small town in Florida, staying at a cheap motel that became your home.
You got a job at a local supermarket and Juice found work at a video game store, which he loved.
That night, you were sat in front of the tv, absentmindedly rubbing your small bump. You were four months pregnant.
Juice was ecstatic when you told him, and went straight into fussing over you.
You both knew it wasn’t ideal, you both wanted kids and you knew he’d be a great father, but starting a family on the run wasn’t exactly the plan.
You watched as the lotto draw came on the screen. You never really cared for the gambling, but you’d bought a ticket today, deciding to Try your luck. The numbers began to appear on the screen for the jackpot and you grabbed the ticket next to you.
Your mouth dropped as you stared between the ticket and the screen, your heart beating out of control.
“Juan!” You screamed.
He came running out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around him loosely.
“What is it? Is it the baby?” He asked as he knelt beside you, still wet from his shower.
You couldn’t speak, just stared at the ticket in your hands.
“Juliet! What’s wrong?”
“Juan” you whispered before shoving the ticket in his face.
He looked at you confused before looking at the ticket. He raised an eyebrow and you pointed at the screen.
His mouth dropped and his eyes went wide.
“Does this mean..”
“We won Juan! We won!” You screamed and threw your arms around him.
He stared at the numbers on the screen again.
You’d just won $670,000

You woke up a year later, to the sound of your screaming daughter.
You rolled over and looked at the clock next to you: four in the morning.
You groaned and sat up.
“Stay babe, I got her” you smiled at Juice and watched as he got up, wearing only his boxers and walked into the nursery.
After you won the lotto, Juice had played the stock markets, tripling your money overnight.
He did this the whole time you were pregnant and now you had enough money to never work another day.
You’d bought a mansion in Florida, making sure to put everything in your daughters name, Isabella Jones, still nervous the club could find you.
You’d decided to use your mothers maiden name as her surname. You didn’t want to risk the club finding out and you’d left both yours and Juices names off her birth certificate.
You laid back in your king bed, stretching and looking up at the beautiful white ceilings and hanging chandeliers. Who woulda thought a girl like you would end up with chandeliers in her goddamn bedroom.
You heard Juice talking to Isabella in the next room, her nursery.
You knew you wouldn’t get back to sleep so you stood, your feet touching the soft white carpet, and walked in.
It was a real princess room, Juice had picked out everything, from the pink wall paper, to the four poster bed, with pink and white silk draped over it that she wouldn’t even use for a few more years.
You smiled as you watched them.
He held her to his chest, rocking her gently and telling her stories.
He spotted you watching him and smiled widely. God, you’d never get sick of that smile.
You walked over and wrapped your arms around them, kissing her forehead.
“I love you Juan. I love you Isabella” you cooed.
He smiled at you “we love you too mommy”

That night you and Juice were curled up on the couch, next to the cracking fire and watching your tv. Your tv that filled half the wall, that is.
You were waiting for the chinese you’d ordered to arrive. You had hired staff when you bought the mansion, mostly locals, but you’d let them have the day off, enjoying having the house to yourselves.
You heard a knock and Juice stood.
“Chinese is here” he grinned at you as he dropped your hands and walked into the foyer.
You heard the door open.
A minute passed and he hadn’t returned.
“Juice?” You called, standing and heading to the foyer to see what was taking him so long. “Is the Chinese here?”
He stood on the marble tiles, frozen in place.
You looked at him and walked over to the hall table that stood against the large oak walls. You quietly opened the drawer and grabbed the gun inside. Never taking your eyes off Juice.
“It’s not Chinese,” he whispered, still not moving.
You walked over quietly and stepped behind Juice, your gun pointed.
Your heart dropped as you looked into a face you never thought you’d see again.
The face of Jax Teller.

Hold Your Son

Dad Harold, because he’s my true love. 

Remember things that happen in this. (You don’t have to, but… if you do… later in the week some things will be horrifyingly clear – okay, they horrify ME, but that’s cause I’m a sap and I made this person, but regardless). x.

You’ve never felt more exhausted than you have in this moment. Labor was excruciating – the most painful experience of your life, and you’d known that’s what they said, but it was one thing to hear about and another to exprerience it. Body-splitting, chest-ripping, “Harry, please make it stop, please, Harry” pain.

But looking down at the little face bundled in a blanket that is set in your arms like the most precious treasure there ever was, you have never felt more serenely content, either.

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my heart gets broken every time  I reach Carnaval del Barrio, Usnavi says “Abuela Claudia just won the lotto” and you see Vanessa clutching her heart because she’s so happy for them, and just after that “We’re booking a flight for DR tomorrow” and she just freezes into place for maybe 10-20 seconds and her face falls and she’s so sad and incredulous and lost