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Fight for My Way Episode 1 to 10

You didn’t think I wasn’t going to talk about this show, right? Y’all know I’m Park Seo-joon trash, there’s something about him I just love. And Kim Ji-won is one of the best young actresses in South Korea, so the combination had me buzzing since the casting news came out.

The only reason I’m not doing weekly episode reviews it’s lack of time. I had to prioritize University and shows like Suspicious Partner have me more invested thanks to, not only the hot romance, but the murder-mystery surrounding our leads. With that said, let’s move on to…

Ko Dong-man, precious soul. I love me an assertive, granted somehow slow to catch up, leading man. Dong-man says what he’s thinking, when he’s thinking and to the right person he should be saying it. The last 10 episodes, watching him catch up to his heart and realize that finally he has a shoot with Ae-ra was entertaining, painful, frustrating and satisfying all at the same time.

I like how his feelings slowly grew until he reached a point where he’s straight up rejecting his psycho ex not only because he’s 100% over her but also because he’s that sure that he and Ae-ra are finally in the same place at the same time. Which means that Dong-man, being a man willing to take risks for the things he cares, will fight for his relationship with Ae-ra until the very end.

Choi Ae-ra is by far one of my favorite Dramaland leading ladies ever. She’s strong, intelligent, confident and vulnerable all at the same time. Kim Ji-won is portraying her in a way where it’s impossible not to relate to her as a young woman living in the world today and dealing with sexist crap, rejection, forgotten dreams, love and a sense of self-worth. Even if Dong-man wasn’t her better half, I could watch a show entirely about her taking no prisoners, walking barefoot after kicking Prince Charming to the curb, failing and succeeding in life. That’s how good she is.

Every week I wonder what new side of her we will get to see, since she’s the kind of character that keeps on brining out the best of those around her. Lending her strength to others and keeping everything together, which is why I think -after 10 freaking episodes- that things should start going her way. As much as I love watching her blooming romance with Dong-man, I want Ae-ra to succeed in her dreams even more. She’s a badass, I know she will make it, I just hope it will be as satisfying as the show it’s building it up to be with week after week of professional disappointment.

In Dramaland it’s also very common for the characters to be chaebols or in professions where monetary issues aren’t a thing. And even if they came from a poor background, by the time we get to know them those struggles are over. Which is why I have to give credit to Fight for My Way for giving us several leading characters with blue-collar professions, truly fighting for their way into the world, their dreams and people they love.

The rest of the cast is stellar, and as much I love to see Dong-man and Ae-ra weekly adoration for each other, I’m equally invested in the relationship between Seol-hee and Joo-man. Every week these characters bring out all the feelings in me and somehow I always end up heartbroken, even if they are in a good place at the moment because I know what they need to do in order to fix their relationship is to take a time out and do some soul searching.

Joo-man’s inability to keep away from Ye-jin’s advances is incredibly frustrating, and episode 10 felt like a breaking point.

It’s true that their relationship has been slowly worn-out through the years and the fact that, at this moment, they are in different places and want different things for their lives doesn’t help them in any way. As a matter of fact, it’s only making things worse.

It’s not Joo-man’s fault that Seoul-hee doesn’t want more than what she currently has or that she’s content with just small things. The same way that it’s not her fault Joo-man’s is dissatisfied with his life and has work related ambitions. Their different points of views of how each of them want life to look like it’s what have them at odds, not their feelings for each other, which is why like I said before they both need to be apart in order to work things out. If they are meant to be together, they will find their way back to each other.

Seol-hee has taken enough crap of his wishy-washy attitude towards Ye-jin and now that this woman is actively trying to sway him, I think it’s time for Seol-hee to kick Joo-man to the curb and concentrate on her blog or whatever is that she wants in her life. Which actually, that part is not all that clear to me and I also think isn’t to her either. I know she’s a strong and caring person, but who is Seol-hee without Joo-man? What does she want to do that doesn’t have to do with him or a plan for their future together? I would like to see her go through this journey in the next episodes.

What do you guys think about the show? The characters? Is there something you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments!

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