won my heat

Today was everything I could have wanted

The conditions were perfect. Nice weather and I felt really good. Got 1st place for my team in both the 1500m and 800m and felt amazing during both races. Ran a 5:14 for the 1500 (my goal was 5:15) and then got maybe 40 minutes in between that and the 800. I won my heat for the 800 and got 2:29 (my goal was just to get 2:30).

So honestly today was just amazing and I’m on such a high :) I felt confident and wasn’t nervous before the race and I believed in myself. When I saw chances to go for it and pass people I just did it and it really paid off. Today built up my mentality towards running so much. I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks and this is just what I needed. Ahhhhhh :) now to get sandwiches and make the 4 hour trek home