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Tomorrow with You Episode 08

I wish every episode would be like this one, even when I know this was the calm before the storm. And yet, I can’t help but feel like I want Soo-joon and Ma-rin to make it through and live this life. A life where they can fight and work things out, where they can be careful and awkward around each other, have make up sex and say I love you. I am really cheering for them.

The entire episode was a beauty and super hilarious. We got to see our leads navigating a new kind of understanding with one another and finally confirm their feelings for each other. I love how Soo-joon finally spoke up to his closest friend about how he can’t and won’t leave Ma-rin, and even told her to her face how he was feeling at that moment.

Do I think he needs to be telling to present Ma-rin the same things he told future Ma-rin? Yes, but the difference is that future Ma-rin knows things and is in a place where Soo-joon can be fully honest with her. I thought it was a lovely scene outside the bread shop, because it somehow gave future Ma-rin a reassurance that her husband still loves her, that he is still trying to make his promise good to grow old and happy together.

As for Soo-joon, he started the episode by taking huge steps towards having a better relationship with Ma-rin and I like how he kept it up through the entire hour. Smart cookie also realized where the rumors where coming from and cut it from the root by confronting in a really hilarious way to Gun-suk.

Speaking for which, Gun-suk seems to be a little more weary of her husband in this episode. What was that face she made when she overheard his phone conversation? What did she look a little freak out by him?

And what about Yong-jin? I know he is kinda of a good man, but I also know he is been push by ambition and the need to prove himself smarter than Soo-joon, which means he might be making decisions that are not only devious but also might have deadly consequences. Cue to: Doo-sik.

So, Doo-sik is indeed Ma-rin’s father. And somehow he seems to know things that Soo-joon doesn’t even when they both have the ability to travel to the future. Doo-sik is trying to make sure Soo-joon and Ma-rin have a good future together (just like our lead) but he is more shady about it. Why not tell Soo-joon he is his father in law?

It seems like he is working Yong-jin to leave the company so he can save Se-young’s father and in the process assure his daughter’s happiness with her husband.

On the other hand, does Soo-joon only find out things related to his business? Didn’t he ever try to find out about his friends’ personal lives? Why doesn’t he know about Se-young’s father? Does he think is better to not know these kind of things? Couldn’t he figure out what happened to Ma-rin and him faster hearing from the people around him and from her? This is were the rules of time-travelling get a little confusing to me.

I also enjoyed having confirmation about Ki-doong’s crush on Se-young, who is as dense as Soo-joon when it comes to feelings. Can’t she see he is sad she’s leaving? That he is sad Se-young doesn’t even consider him when it comes to her life so much so that she choose to live the country and not even try to make a clean cut and life with all her other people? I know she probably needs this but I have to say it’s really painful to watch Ki-doong going through this.

Future Ma-rin’s comment on whatever Se-young should not leave the country felt dismal and gloomy and I know it has to do with Doo-sik’s plan to stop Yong-jin but with how things are going, I just don’t know if they will be able to.

What do you think will happen next week? Will our couple manage to manage to have a happy life and protect the ones they love? I hope so!

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