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2014 in K-Drama Kisses.

A compilation of the best kisses (in my opinion) in no particular order.

Dramas: Her Lovely Heels, Another Parting, Pride and Prejudice, A Witch’s Romance, My Love From The Stars, King of High School Life Conduct, Fated to Love You, It’s Okay, That’s Love, Pinocchio and Surplus Princess.

14 Hot K-Actors

This is my opinion. I find the next 14 men very attractive, and they are actors. Thats it. 

- Joo Won

- Seo In Guk

- Lee Hyun Woo

- Lee Soo Hyuk

- Yeo Jin Goo

- Kim Soo Hyun

- Ji Sung

- Ji Chang Wook

- Lee Jun Ki

- Song Joong Ki

- Jung Yong Hwa

- Lee Hong Ki

- Jang Geun Suk

- Lee Jong Suk

Bonus hottie- (not Korean)

- Aaron Yan <3

Just thought you needed some more eye candy. ;)

"The List" Compiles Co-Stars Who Became Real-Life Friends After Acting As Enemies

“The List” Compiles Co-Stars Who Became Real-Life Friends After Acting As Enemies

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The April 17 episode of tvN’s “The List 2017” put together a list of actors who went from playing enemies to becoming close friends in real life.

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook

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Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook starred in the hit drama “Goblin,” where they started off bickering but ended up being bromance goals. The two actors proved they were close friends in real life when Gong Yoo appeared as a guestat …

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Blunt Drama Recap 2014 (Part 3 of 4)

One Warm Word

I know my husband is cheating. I’m going to make him cry blood in a super smooth way but why the hell my lil bro fell in love with that cheating woman’s sister?! In the end we made up though coz he’s super hot.  

God’s Gift 14 Days

After drowning in a magic lake, I get to time-travel to the past to change my daughter’s fate who gets killed in the present because she can’t obey my words. I succeed but the detective who has been helping me all this time is kinda sacrificed to that lake. 

Doctor Stranger

I’m a genius surgeon. I did everything to find my spy girlfriend. Things are getting confusing since my girlfriend is not like my girlfriend but things finally worked out pretty well.  


I was deep in debt and I met this young rich lady CEO who offered to help me pay my debt if I lend myself to her for a few days for work. I agreed. My wife mistook it as an affair. We got a divorce and so I start a new relationship with the lady CEO. 


I’m a cold-blooded prosecutor who is about to get serious with my awesome career but damn suddenly I got this serious tumor in my brain. But I will fight it. 

You Who Came From The Stars

I’m an alien in a handsome human form. I’ve lived for hundreds years on earth while waiting for my spaceship to come. During my last wait, I fell in love with an actress who happened to be the reincarnated version of the girl I have helped in the past. Finally we managed to go through all the obstacles.   

You’re All Surrounded

I mistook a good cop ahjussi as a bad guy who have killed my mother. In the end I get to find the real killer. I’m sorry, good guy ahjussi. 

It’s Okay It’s Love

When I couldn’t have sex because of a trauma, a handsome schizophrenic oppa is the right medicine. Later I have to treat his mental illness but it’s okay coz it’s love.

She’s So Lovable

I fall in love with my dead girlfriend’s much younger sister but I can do this coz love haz no boundaries. 


My family was ruined because of a fabricated report made by a female reporter. I live in fear but still plan to take a revenge but years later I fall in love with the daughter of that woman reporter.

Angel Eyes

My mother gave her eyes to my girlfriend but my girlfriend’s dad is the one that killed my mother. I am angry and my girlfriend is devastated after finding out the truth, but our love conquers it all. 

Birth of A Beauty 

After getting a plastic surgery, I survived the cruel society. Now I’m planning to take a revenge to my murderous husband with the help of a handsome genius CEO who falls in love with the pretty me. 

Kdrama Rant

It’s fall and I’m finally at the point where I’m following a handful of dramas like clockwork again. Unfortunately, I’m still not as active as when Suspicious Partner was airing (that drama ruined me in all the right ways). So… feels like the right time for a drama rant.

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Save Me: I think the storyline and actors are great, but politics/religion/corruption are definitely topics that numb the excitement that should carry me from week to week while a drama airs. I ship Sang Mi and Dong Cheol like my life depends on it, but it feels kind of frivolous to do so while the drama explores heavy issues that are beyond the scope of your standard lighthearted rom com. Is it just me? I’m still gonna ship it tho, hah.

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Hospital Ship: Not really a fan of medical dramas in general, but decided to give this one a chance. I actually low-key enjoyed it… right up until the main leads started actively showing mutual interest in each other. I’m kinda sad about it because I like yeonha relationships (like hello, Witch’s Romance?). The acting is getting a little cringey for me though, so I might give up on it soon.

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Strongest Deliveryman: I do love this drama, I do, but *deep sigh*. It’s taken me 15 episodes to finally admit that the chemistry between Chae Soo Bin and Go Kyung Pyo is a bit lackluster. I held out for so long hoping it was just building, but here we are in the last week of airing and I’m looking around in disbelief. You could say it was balanced out by the second leads’ awesome chemistry, but would it have been too much to ask for Jin Gyu to start genuinely liking Ji Yoon back a little earlier? In any case, the four of them had a great dynamic and the gender role reversals were fun, so I’m happy with it overall. I’m ready to see what Go Kyung Pyo will do next and really look forward to Kim Sun Ho getting a lead role because he was the true gem of this drama.

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Temperature of Love: Holy hell, let me talk about this new little drama for a hot minute. I’m gonna take a stab and guess that most people watch kdramas for the chemistry between the main actors, I know I do. For me, it’s the keystone in my decision to continue watching or not because it’s hard to stay fresh in dramaland sometimes. If you have to recycle drama tropes then it’ll only be worth it if the chemistry is off the charts. And I have to say that Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong are totally killing it. They are chemiroyalty, gotdamn. In the preview special YSJ talked about how there’s something about SHJ that keeps him really focused while they’re acting together and wow does it really show. Is On Jung Sun and Lee Hyun Soo’s relationship in the drama moving fast? Yes. But it feels real. It’s fine if none of us believe in love at first sight in reality, but this drama gives us the chance to suspend our beliefs and take a peek at what it might be like as a realistic fantasy. And that’s precisely why I like it so much already. I’m just hoping the drama will continue to deliver. I’ve noticed lately that I keep getting disappointed about ¾ into a drama because it feels like so much more was supposed to happen before the wrap up arc. I think it might be a trend these days to have simpler stories though, so I’ll leave it at that. Temperature of Love, fighting! And that’s about it so… 

- Rant Over - 


Life is about turning into different roads every day. Whether you want it or not, you have to face the reality placed in front of you. You can’t find the right answer every single time. But Kim Sabu always said this: “Do not give up on asking questions about why we live, and what we live for. The moment you give up on that, the romance in life ends. Understood?” That is what he said.