won a golden globe

emma stone, ascending the stage to accept her inevitable best actress oscar: oh wow thank you so much for this award. here’s to the ones who dream or some shit

Amy Lou Adams (born August 20, 1974) is an American actress and singer. She was named one of 100 most influential people by Time magazine in 2014 and is among the highest-paid actresses in the world.[1] She has won two Golden Globe Awards and has been nominated for five Academy Awards, and six BAFTA Awards.

Adams began her career on stage performing in dinner theater and went on to make her feature film debut in Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999). After moving to Los Angeles, she made several appearances on television and in B-movies, before starring in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 biopic Catch Me If You Can. Adams’s breakthrough role came in the 2005 independent film Junebug, in which her portrayal of a young pregnant woman earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress nomination. In 2007, she starred as a princess in the commercially successful Disney musical film Enchanted.

Adams received three more Oscar nominations for her supporting roles in Doubt (2008), The Fighter (2010), and The Master (2012). She played reporter Lois Lane in the 2013 superhero film Man of Steel and a troubled con artist in David O. Russell’s film American Hustle; for the latter, she won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. She won a second consecutive Golden Globe Award for portraying artist Margaret Keane in the comedy-drama Big Eyes (2014). In 2016, Adams reprised the role of Lois in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and garnered acclaim for her performances in the science-fiction film Arrival and the crime thriller Nocturnal Animals.

shows on netflix u should definitely be watching
  • Crazy-Ex Girlfriend - ITS A COMEDY MUSICAL, GUYS, CREATED BY RACHEL BLOOM (who won a golden globe?? YES HER). get to the 3rd episode at least. there’s an OPENLY BISEXUAL CHARACTER (later on in the season) and its such a good representation of love & what it actually is and growing up and letting go?? such a good show
  • BoJack Horseman - just a really, really good & cleverly written show about an anthropomorphic horse. 7000% animal puns. 5000% describes exactly how u feel about life and sadness.
  • Jane the Virgin - CUTE!! mock telenovela that deals with lots of social issues, like immigration, etc (the last episode i watched had the narrator checking every scene for the bechdel test omg) ALSO, arrested development level narration, fam, get on this. gina rodriguez will slay ur ass
  • Bob’s Burgers - such a good lil family show about a burger joint. watch this when you need to laugh or just to lift ur spirits. also, we are all either gene, louise, or tina. don’t lie
  • Lovesick (prev. Scrotal Recall) - adorable show prev. suffering from a truly tragic name. cute & british, about a man who finds out he has chlamydia and has to tell all of his previous sexual partners. you’ll fall in love with these characters by the end of s1, they’re all so dear to me
  • Master of None - aziz ansari’s show. each episode is basically a lil movie. the love story is ridiculously cute and it talks on some subjects rlly well
  • Jessica Jones - !!!!!!! if you haven’t seen this, GET ON IT. esp. if you’re a girl, cause this is SUCH A RELATABLE SHOW FOR WOMEN. grizzled neo-noir female detective? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. also, watch daredevil if u wanna be caught up for Marvel’s Defenders, which is gonna be sofuckinggood
  • Sense8 - HOW HAS NOBODY SEEN THIS ONE? god, it’s so good. it’s got some problems but overall it does well @ showing other cultures and also some kickass sequences and wow main the characters interacting is just A1
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The League - this is. so funny. get past the 1st season and its such a good garbage show. the characters are such assholes, dude. they’re horrible. super dark humor, only watch if ur into that/ funny show abt a fantasy football league. both garbage shows and i love them w all my heart
  • Arrested Development - just in case u haven’t seen the best show ever written. basis of basically every comedy show u love. watch.
  • The Office - how have u not binged the office?? binge the office.
  • Comedy Specials - comedy specials are an UNTAPPED GOLDMINE on netflix. some of my fave comedians are John Mulaney, Bo Burnham, Ali Wong, Chelsea Peretti, Donald Glover, Jim Gaffigan, and Aziz Ansari.

BONUS - non-netflix shows u should also be watching

  • You’re The Worst - messed up characters and darkkk dry humor, but the second season does such an EXCELLENT job at portraying depression!! also, a dysfunctional relationship that is not necessarily unhealthy (sometimes, tho, sometimes)
  • Community - ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS. Gets emotional so quickly. S1-3 are some of the best moments on television. skip S4. S5-6 are good but S1-3 are amazing. characters will become all of ur faves
  • Westworld - my expectations for this show were sky-high and it has oNLY PROVED THEM RIGHT! half sci-fi, half western fantasy VR, all badass. i have no idea what’s going on and i love it. literally Robots With Anxiety #relatable

pls add to this if you have any great shows, and i’ll update this list whenever i find something else wonderful that i don’t hear people talking about

Judy: We did it, Nick!!!!!! *Sniff* First the Golden Globes, and now WE WON THE OSCAR!!!!!!

Nick: *Holds Judy very tight and kisses her on the forehead* Carrots, you’re the reason this is possible.

Judy: No. WE are the reason we won. Everybody, including Ben, Bogo, and Gideon. *Sniff* ZOOTOPIA won the OSCAR!!!!!!!

Nick: …For Best Animated Film.

This is my congratulations to the people behind Zootopia for winning the Oscar for Best Animated Film. I had an interesting time making this, such as getting the height right, getting the exact colors, getting the background looking like pictures being taken, and having the overall red (the color of victory) for the whole image. I think the fur details, Judy’s expression and dress, and the tear going down her cheek are my favorite parts. This is also the recap of both the Golden Globes picture and this image from the premiere:

which makes it come full circle to this story.

Anyway, enjoy this awesome picture.

Leaders of the New School: Three Actors Breathing Life Into Hollywood

Three new actors breathing life into Hollywood. A fresh generation of performers has hit our screens-and we’re completely obsessed with them! They’re bringing new perspectives, ideas, and characters to entertainment and shaking up Hollywood. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

Trevante Rhodes

AGE: 27ROLE CALL: MoonlightUP NEXT: Burning Sands (in theaters March 10) WHY HE MAKES THE GRADE: With a depth and sensitivity usually expected of Hollywood’s most seasoned pros, Rhodes-in his heartbreaking and hopeful portrayal of Chiron “Black” in Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight-tackled toxic masculinity while making space for the complexities and vulnerabilities often missing from Black characters in film. “I thought it was the most epic true love story,” says the University of Texas grad of the film, which won Best Picture at the Golden Globes. “It was something that was told in a way I’ve never seen before. It was the best thing I’ve ever read.” Lucky for us, the Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong star has more layered performances in 2017: He’s appearing in Burning Sands alongside Alfre Woodard, Smartass with Joey King and Horse Soldiers with Chris Hemsworth.

Source: Essence

Yvonne Orji

AGE: 33ROLE CALL: HBO’s InsecureUP NEXT: Developing her own series, First Gen WHY SHE MAKES THE GRADE: Making people laugh has become second nature to Insecure’s Orji, who got her start in comedy more than ten years ago when she entered a beauty pageant but found herself lacking in the talent portion of the competition. Enter stand-up. “Comedy was my gateway drug to acting,” she says. And Orji’s gamble is paying off. In addition to playing Issa Rae’s character’s bestie, Molly, on the hit HBO show, the actress has her own semiautobiographical project in the works called First Gen, detailing what it means to grow up Nigerian American. (Psst! David Oyelowo has signed on as an executive producer.) More important, she hopes her newfound fame will propel other Black actresses forward: “I would like to be in the position, like Issa, to give the next wave of up-and-coming talent an opportunity.”

Source: Essence

Stephan James

AGE: 23ROLE CALL: RaceUP NEXT: Fox’s Shots Fired (premieres March 22) WHY HE MAKES THE GRADE: Though he’s only in his twenties, James has a story to tell. He has portrayed historical greats, such as John Lewis in Selma and Jesse Owens in Race, but now he’s taking a break from the silver screen and shifting his focus to prime time. This month he’ll star alongside Sanaa Lathan and Helen Hunt in Fox’s Shots Fired as Preston Terry, a young Black prosecutor who is tapped to investigate the shooting of a White teen by a Black police officer. The gravity of the subject matter is not lost on James, who prepped for the role by speaking with former Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder. But he hopes that the show will spark some discussion in today’s tense climate. “It’s a very powerful thing when you are abe to use your art to speak to society and current events,” he says. “I see it as a blessing that I’m able to do that.”

Source: Essence

Claire Foy and Andrew Garfield bring to life a love story in Breathe | By Baz Bamigboye

Claire Foy is clear about why the real-life couple who lived life to the full after the husband was paralysed from the neck down by polio stayed together: ‘It was love, actually.’ The actress, who won a Golden Globe for her brilliant portrait of the Queen in TV drama series The Crown, portrays another formidable woman in the film Breathe, directed by actor-filmmaker Andy Serkis and starring the Oscar- nominated Andrew Garfield. They play Robin and Diana Cavendish, the offspring of ancient English families. He was a captain in the King’s Royal Rifle Corps who became a tea-planter in Kenya; she was Diana Blacker, a society beauty.

They married in 1957. But soon afterwards, when Robin was just 28, he was struck down by polio, paralysed from the neck down and forced to use a respirator. ‘When Robin became ill, it gave her [Diana] a clear set of rules,’ Foy told me this week when we discussed the film (which she shot last summer) as she sat in the make-up trailer on the set of The Crown, preparing to film Elizabeth’s first Christmas broadcast. ‘In a way, Diana knew that she’d have to be the person who was boss. He’d always been that person. But she had to pull herself together and become very organising, very capable and very strong.’

Robin and Diana’s son Jonathan Cavendish, a film producer, commissioned writer Bill Nicholson to pen the screenplay for Breathe. He said his father’s first thought after being struck down by polio was to ‘turn off the machine’. ‘My mother was only 25,’ said Jonathan. ‘His view was: “You can start again.” But she wasn’t having any of it.’ Foy concurred. ‘She wasn’t going anywhere. That’s the thing I found the easiest to understand: she loved him! She was going through it with him. There was no cutting and running, as far as she was concerned. That wasn’t ever going to be an option.’

In terms of her character, Foy said: ‘The most important thing to get was their love for each other. I didn’t want to over-sentimentalise her; and she definitely doesn’t want to be seen as a saint, or an angel, or incredible sort of nurse. It was just actually love.’ Jonathan was a producer on Bridget Jones’s Diary and runs the Imaginarium Studio with Serkis. He said it was sometimes ‘odd’ looking at his past, but he wanted to honour his parents because he believed they made a difference in the lives of others.

Garfield said that though Robin was unable to move, it didn’t stop him from getting out into the world. He and Diana had an ‘inability to accept the false limitations society and culture … were putting on them’. With the help of Teddy Hall, an engineer, Robin designed a special respirator that would allow him to travel. Diana would drive him in a van that was hooked up to the machine. They had some madcap escapades on the road, some of which have made it into the film, which will open on October 27.

‘The amazing thing was that everyone around Robin became his body,’ Garfield said. ‘He became the mastermind behind all this invention.’ Garfield noted that more than just a soul mate, ‘Diana was Robin’s access to the world’. He had ‘tremendous dependence, physically and emotionally, on Diana’ — which meant Garfield had to depend a lot on Foy. ‘I would treat her body as my body,’ he says. ‘There’s a beautiful symmetry and synchronicity there. ‘I was in character most of the time and couldn’t move. I had to be bathed, have help to go to the toilet. We had to show those moments, fleetingly. But we also had to show that Robin and Diana remained romantically attractive to each other.’

Originally given three months to live, Robin died in 1994, aged 64. However, Garfield said being around Diana and Jonathan — and friends and family — allowed him to absorb something of Robin’s personality, and glimpse the man inside the respirator. ‘One of his friends told me that everything was more likely to be funny than not,’ Garfield said. ‘That ability and awareness to see the absurdity and beauty of life is what made him special.’ In 1970, Robin and Dr Geoffrey Spencer, a polio specialist, set up a charity — now called The Cavendish Spencer Trust — which continues to provide holidays for severely disabled and respirator-dependent people.

I actually won my first Golden Globe for something called “Losing Chase”. Kyra Sedgwick and me fell in love with each other, and it was a lovely piece about women loving women. In my heart of hearts I love women more than I love men. I mean sexuality aside - I’m heterosexual. I guess I’m heterosexual. I loved my friend I had at college because there was a sense of camaraderie and physical closeness that doesn’t have to be sexual. -Helen Mirren

La La Land isn’t a film about some white guy trying to save jazz.

La La Land isn’t a film about some white woman trying to be an actress.

La La Land isn’t even about a romance between two people.

La La Land is a love letter to anybody who ever had a dream and everyone who has passion for art. La La Land is about NEVER losing that passion and NEVER giving up on something you love. La La Land is about always showing passion into whatever you make because you don’t have to be perfect at something to do well in it, you just have to love what you do and people will see and appreciate your love.

La La Land is about passion and all the beauty that comes from having passion.