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Blunt Drama Recap 2014 (Part 3 of 4)

One Warm Word

I know my husband is cheating. I’m going to make him cry blood in a super smooth way but why the hell my lil bro fell in love with that cheating woman’s sister?! In the end we made up though coz he’s super hot.  

God’s Gift 14 Days

After drowning in a magic lake, I get to time-travel to the past to change my daughter’s fate who gets killed in the present because she can’t obey my words. I succeed but the detective who has been helping me all this time is kinda sacrificed to that lake. 

Doctor Stranger

I’m a genius surgeon. I did everything to find my spy girlfriend. Things are getting confusing since my girlfriend is not like my girlfriend but things finally worked out pretty well.  


I was deep in debt and I met this young rich lady CEO who offered to help me pay my debt if I lend myself to her for a few days for work. I agreed. My wife mistook it as an affair. We got a divorce and so I start a new relationship with the lady CEO. 


I’m a cold-blooded prosecutor who is about to get serious with my awesome career but damn suddenly I got this serious tumor in my brain. But I will fight it. 

You Who Came From The Stars

I’m an alien in a handsome human form. I’ve lived for hundreds years on earth while waiting for my spaceship to come. During my last wait, I fell in love with an actress who happened to be the reincarnated version of the girl I have helped in the past. Finally we managed to go through all the obstacles.   

You’re All Surrounded

I mistook a good cop ahjussi as a bad guy who have killed my mother. In the end I get to find the real killer. I’m sorry, good guy ahjussi. 

It’s Okay It’s Love

When I couldn’t have sex because of a trauma, a handsome schizophrenic oppa is the right medicine. Later I have to treat his mental illness but it’s okay coz it’s love.

She’s So Lovable

I fall in love with my dead girlfriend’s much younger sister but I can do this coz love haz no boundaries. 


My family was ruined because of a fabricated report made by a female reporter. I live in fear but still plan to take a revenge but years later I fall in love with the daughter of that woman reporter.

Angel Eyes

My mother gave her eyes to my girlfriend but my girlfriend’s dad is the one that killed my mother. I am angry and my girlfriend is devastated after finding out the truth, but our love conquers it all. 

Birth of A Beauty 

After getting a plastic surgery, I survived the cruel society. Now I’m planning to take a revenge to my murderous husband with the help of a handsome genius CEO who falls in love with the pretty me. 

You know what’s wild? the fact that this year was the “71st All Japan Championships” and Kohei has won 10 national titles, like… Kohei has won 14% of all the Japanese national championships ever

The Only Man Who Can Stop Steph (ESPN):

[…] “I am not throwing away my … shot,” Steph belts out, followed by the whoosh of leather hitting twine. “I am not throwing away my … shot.” Another swish.

Curry has just seen Hamilton in San Francisco. Not having known much about it going in, he was entranced by the production and has since embraced “My Shot” as an anthem (“for obvious reasons,” Steph explains with a smile).

Hamilton uses “shot” as a metaphor for opportunity. And there the parallels between man and musical end. Alexander Hamilton, or at least the stage version of him, is a selfish jerk whose arrogant undoing causes his wife to belt, “I hope that you burn.” Meanwhile, Curry might lead the league in G-rated, adorable portrayals of his marriage on social media. But while he has little in common with the Hamilton of Hamilton, after a night at the Orpheum Theatre with his wife, Ayesha, he’s feeling an ambitious ode to reclaiming what’s his. […]

Steph Curry Found His ‘Shot’ Again This Season Thanks To Inspiration From ‘Hamilton’ (Uproxx):

[…] Curry saw Hamilton on the heels of three straight Warriors losses. He famously did not dress against the Spurs on March 10, but the two previous games saw him go just 3 of 17 from behind the arc. After Hamilton and what had to be a very quick iTunes purchase, Curry’s game from distance slowly improved.

Curry shot 6 of 8 from three in a win over Milwaukee on March 18. He went 7 for 12 against Oklahoma City on March 20 in another win. As Curry got right, the Warriors won 14 straight to finish out the month of March, and dropped just one game before cruising into the postseason back in championship form.

So there you have it. Lin-Manuel Miranda can fix basketball superstars, too. The man really is magic.

if it works the first time…

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There's something I never understood - why does Lady Anne agree to marry Richard III if she hates him so much? I keep rereading the scene but I still don't understand why she changes her mind.

I’m inclined to say you’re reading it right if it seems incomprehensible. I believe it’s meant to be audacious, even verging on ridiculous, that Richard should manage to woo his erstwhile enemies’ wife and daughter-in-law right in front of her father-in-law’s corpse. Even Richard thinks so: ‘Was ever woman in this humour wooed? / Was ever woman in this humour won?’ (1.2.213-14)

What the scene really shows is the sheer seductiveness of Richard’s rhetoric in spite of his looks and in spite of everything he’s done. In terms of the play as a whole it’s an extremely important thing to establish. But because Anne is pretty intelligent herself, the scene also has something in common with Shakespeare’s intelligent wrangling couples like Beatrice and Benedick, or even Katherine and Petruchio, whose wordplay and argument hide serious sexual tensions. It’s often the case in Shakespeare and in many other stories that hatred and repulsion are the preliminary to love or physical attraction (think of the classic Pride and Prejudice model of love story where the protagonist and main love interest start off disliking one another). Because unlike indifference, hatred is at least some form of passion; they’re often said to be two sides of the same coin, and though it’s not necessarily a good thing, there’s often a close association between intense sexual attraction and violence. It’s just particularly excessive in the case of Lady Anne and Richard, and unlike most uses of this hate to love trope, it’s sinister because it’s entirely faked on Richard’s side.

Basically, there isn’t really a reason why Lady Anne changes her mind: she just does. It’s unreasonable because it’s irrational. They engage in a battle of wits with a strong underlying sexual tension and where it’s made clear from Richard’s approach that the stakes are her marital status, and she’s ultimately defeated. He manages to turn Anne into the reason for which he killed the people she loved and he does it so insistently and powerfully that she starts to believe it. Then he guilt-trips her: ‘That hand which for thy love did kill thy love / Shall for thy love kill a far truer love. / To both their deaths shalt thou be accessary’ (1.2.175-77). He appeals to emotional reactions rather than to reason and is willing to risk his life for his bet that she will succumb to him. And she does. She’s so confused by the end she doesn’t even know what to think: 'I would I knew thy heart’ (1.2.178). She’s half convinced, half doubting. It might even be deliberate that he targets her at the funeral when she’s most emotionally vulnerable. He’s utterly odious, but it’s hard not to admire his nerve and ingenuity

Having said all this, the best way to understand the scene might be to see it played well rather than reading it lots of times. A good actor can really convey Richard’s repulsive seductiveness in a way that makes Anne’s capitulation somewhat comprehensible.

tvN's "Goblin" Surpasses "Descendants Of The Sun" To Become Most Watched On Demand Drama By Far

tvN’s “Goblin” Surpasses “Descendants Of The Sun” To Become Most Watched On Demand Drama By Far

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tvN’s hit drama “Goblin,” which ended its 16-episode run in January of this year, has become the most watched Korean drama through VOD (video on demand).

On April 26, Cable TV-IPTV announced that from December of 2016 to February 2017, “Goblin” brought in a staggering total revenue of about 14 billion won (approximately $12.5 million). In terms of users, the revenue equates to about 15 to 16…

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Happy Birthday, Ella!

On this day in 1917, the “First Lady of Song,” Ella Fitzgerald, was born in Newport News, Virginia. But, did you know that she had a Boston connection?

Throughout her career, which she started at the young age of 16, Ella won 14 Grammy Awards, recorded more than 100 albums, performed all over the world with other great artists such as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Count Bassie, and even Boston’s own Arthur Fiedler. And, she had a long standing engagement at the Flamingo Room of Levaggi’s Restaurant in Boston. It is said that she came up with the idea for her famous song “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” while she was playing with the Chick Webb Orchestra at Levaggi’s in 1938. In addition, she also received an honorary doctorate from Boston University in 1978

Take a look at some of the records that we have of a reception in Ella’s honor that was held in Boston on April 5, 1979! Ella was visiting with the Olympic Gold Medal winner, Wilma Rudolph, and was presented with a pewter Paul Revere bowl by Mayor Kevin White. 

Reception for Ella Fitzgerald, 1979 April 5, Mayor Kevin H. White records, collection 0245.001, Box 96, Folder 89, City of Boston Archives

OH GOSH i had a blast on TIL the end deathmatch server and i created a game called “White Dryo Hunt”, i was really happy to see people enjoying it! We had two games ((which ended when server crashed)), first round was utahs victory by 5 points and then on next round spinos won with 14 points~ 

Rules were simple. To get points people had to hunt me down (kill) and whatever dino that person was who got me that species earned a point. So it’s kinda like a team game! Second rule was others were not allowed to kill me on spawn point, only after i moved and began screaming then they were allowed. If killed on spawn that means the specie who killed me loses a point. 

AAAAND thats about it! Simple and tons of fun. I at least had a blast. xD

Wonder what Horikoshi thought when Shinsou won #14 in the 2nd Popularity Poll

I mean

It’s not like his last official appearance was December 1, 2015 on Chapter 70, and BEFORE that chapter his previous appearance was a 6-MONTH GAP from JUNE 1, 2015 Chapter 44. 




anonymous asked:

I know you've said that you won't reveal who won in chapter 14, but it's in the text, isn't it? Yuuri skated after Viktor, so his SP must have been higher. And then you said his FS set a world record, so once again, higher than Viktor. So the only question is whether Yuri managed to beat either of them because of an outstanding SP performance (as he did in the anime). But Yuuri is definitely ahead of Viktor.

As I’ve said before, I wont ever be revealing who won