If that’s not proof that awards ≠ success or impact I don’t know what else is. 

These are the only black artists to ever win Album Of The Year Grammys:

Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Lionel Richie, Lauryn Hill, Outkast, H. Hancock, Whitney Houston & Quincy Jones. Now Adele and Taylor Swift have won album of the year twice and Beyonce has never won it. 

White mediocrity is always rewarded we know this.   

KPOP Badass/Aggressive Mood Playlist [Requested]

Originally posted by yongguk-hell-chyeah

  2. Agust D- Agust D
  3. Not Today- BTS
  4. Who You? - Simon Dominic, Gray, Won, Bewhy, G2
  5. I’m Him- Mino
  6. Hate- 4Minute
  7. Bang Bang Bang- BigBang
  8. L.I.E- EXID
  9. No Mercy- B.A.P
  10. I Am The Best- 2ne1
  11. SKYDIVE- B.A.P
  12. Put ‘Em Up- Jay Park & Ugly Duck
  13. We Are Bulletproof pt. 2- BTS
  14. Full House- MOBB
  15. On It- Jay Park
  17. 버려- Rap Monster
  18. Ice Ice- Hyuna
  19. Crazy- 4Minute
  20. Hello Bitches- CL

Hey!! Thanks for requesting!! Hope I could provide you with some bops!

-Gen & Panda

300.000 people in Bucharest, 300.000 in the rest of Romania. WE WON. For now. The government won’t quit. They are going to legalize corruption, no doubt. But we will stand up for our rights every time. The fight goes on.

Thank you for the love, world.

(Great photo by the way, Dan Mihai Balanescu.)


At the beginning of the year I started a contest. Two of my followers have won a great tattoo. Thank you for sharing your stories with me…- classylittletattoos 💖 

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Water 물

Text Message 메시지

이모는 일어날 때 거기서 크리스마스죠? (When you wake up it’ll be Christmas, right?)

Song 음악

Same Old Song and Dance by Aerosmith

Cried 눈물

Two nights ago bc I was angry cutting wee. 2일전에 (자해하고 있었으니까)

Have You Ever…/ …본 적 있습니다?

Dated Someone 사람이랑 사귀기

For all intents and purposes: no. 아닙니다.

Been Cheated On 누군가 바람을 피우기

Nope. 아닙니다.

Lost Someone Special 당신이 사랑스러운 사람을 죽기

I dunno. I didn’t know them well enough, but they were special. 그 사람을 잘 몰랐는데 특별한 사람이였습니다.

Been Depressed 우울하기

Refer to my answer for Last Time I Cried lmao 그럼요!

Been Drunk and Thrown Up 술 많이 마셔서 토하기

Underage and No. Although, I will be like this many a times in the future, no doubt. 아닌데 미래서 꼭 그렇게 될 것 같습니다. 

In The Past Year Have You…?/금년에…했습니까?

Made a New Friend 새 친구 만나기

Yup. 넵

Fallen Out Love 사랑에서 빠지기

Never fell in it to begin with. 처음에 사랑에 빠지지 않았잖아요 ㅋ

Laughed Until You Cried 웃어서 눈물이 나오기

Probably somewhere in there. 네

Met Someone Who Changed You 당신을 변경햬던 사람을 만나기

Naw. 아닙니다

Found Out Who Your True Friends Were 진실한 친구를 찾기

No. 아닙니다

Found Out Someone Was Talking About You 누군가는 당신에대해 얘기하고 있었던 개 찾아 내기

Apparently some guy thinks I’m attractive? But I’ve never talked to him?? And when I just tried to say hi he was too shy??? But according to my friends he’s not shy???? 어떤 남자는 제가 예쁘다고 했습니다…..

General/ 전반적으로

People On Tumblr You Know In Real Life 텀블러에서 아는 사람

Umm maybe 3-4-5? 3-4-5명?

Pets 애완동물

Pupper 강아지

Wanna change your name? 이름을 변경하고 싶습니까?

I dunno…I don’t know if my name is nice. It’s different. Strange? idk. Maybe. If so I’d want to be Violette. 아닌데 변경하고 싶다면 보라라고 하고 싶겠습니다.

What time did you wake up this morning? 오늘 아침에 언제 일어났습니까?

오전 7:30 A.M.

What did you do last night? 어젯밤에 뭐 했습니까?

Watched TV. TV를 봤습니다

Name Something You Cannot Wait For.. 뭔가를 기대하는중…
Finishing Highschool. Going to Galapgos and Ecuador and going to Korea. 고등학교서 졸업하기. ,한국에 가기. Galapagos & Ecaudor에 가기.

Have You Ever Talked To a Person Named Tom..Tom이라는 사람이랑 얘기해본 적 있습니까?
I know a couple Thomas..es? 아닙니다 ??? 모릅니다

What’s Getting On Your Nerves RN. 지금 뭔가 참을 수 없습니까?:
My past. 제 과거

Blood Type 혈액형
idk 모릅니다

Nicknames 별명
Chaz, Chazzy, Violet, Violette, Violeta, Minnie, 

Relationship Status 남자/여자 친구 있습니까?
Single af. 없습니다

Zodiac Sign 황도대:


Pronouns 성:
She/Her. 여자 

Fav TV Shows. 좋아하는 프로그램: 

Er… Sherlock! W, Turn(?), nvidrovmenio I love TV lol

High School 고등학교:
Shit. 똥

College 대학교:
Not there yet. 대학교를 아직 안 선택 했습니다

Hair Color 머리색 

Black 검색

Do You Have A Crush On Someone 좋아하는 남자/여자 있습니까?:
The person who tagged me said Lee Jong Suk and TBH same lmaooo이종석.. but Matt Lanter n his booty are quite nice. But anybody I know? Nah. 없습니다.

What Do You Like The Most About Yourself 당신 자신에 대해 뭘 좋아합니까?:
Nothing. 없습니다.

None. 없습니다.

Righty or Lefty 무슨 손과 씁니까?:
Righty. 오른.

Firsts 첫:

surgery 수술:
Never had one. Jkjk now I remember I had surgery on both my big toes. 발가락에서 .

Piercing 뚫기:
Ears 귀서

Best Friend 배프:
Christina!!! 크리스티나.

Sport You Joined 스포츠:
idk i did a whole bunh of stuff but soccer really stuck 축구

Vacations 여행:
Idk. But ive been to Jamaica (bc I’m Jamaican), 모릅니다. 자메이카?

Pair of Sneakers 신발:

Right Now 지금:

Eating 먹기:
Omg I just started eating Rum and Raisin Ice Cream to celebrate getting my license. 아이스크림

Drinking 마시기:
Nothing 아무것도 안 마시고 있습니다.

I’m About To 할 것:
Watch TV.. Supergirl, The Flash, W, the OA (someone from my school is in that show!) 티비를 볼 겁니다.

Listening To 듣고 있는 곡:
Nothing 아무것도

Waiting For 기다리는 것:
Chrysler 크리스마스

Do You Want/ 하고 싶은 것:

Kids 아이:
bruh. I have accidentally poisoned a cactus. All I want is a nice car. 절대 아닙니다 ㅋㅋ

Get Married 결혼:
yesss i want romance. 그럼요.

Career 직업:
 forensic scientist… interpreter…법의학자… 통역사

Which Is Better/ 더 좋아하는 것:

Lips or Eyes 입이나 눈:
Eyes. 눈

Taller or Shorter 키가 크거나 짧다:
taller. 키가 커ㅓㅓㅓㅓㅓ요 

Older or Younger 늙나 어리다:

What is this question? 무슨 질문이…..?

Romantic or Spontaneous 낭만적이나 자발적인:
romanti 낭만적인

Sensitive or Loud 신경질적이나 시끄럽다: 


Troublemaker or Hesitant 문제를 일으키는 사람이나 머뭇머뭇하는 사람: 


Have You Ever/ …본 적 있습니다? :

Lost Glasses or Contacts 안경이나 콘택트 렌즈를 잃기:
I guess. 네

Broken Someone’s Heart 누군가 마음을 아프게 되기:
No. 아닙니다

Been Arrested 경철은 당신을 체포해본 적 있습니까?:
Nope. 아닙니다.

Turned Someone Down 누군가를 거절하기:
No. 아닙니다

Cried When Someone Died 누군가 죽었을 때 울었습니까?:
Uh huh. 그럼요.

Fallen For a Friend 친구랑 사랑에 빠지기:
Too many times, but not in the past few years. 네   근데 오랫동안 사랑에 빠지지 않았습니다.

Do You Believe/ …을 믿습니까?:

In Yourself 당신 자신:
No lol 아닙니다

Miracles 기적:
sometimes 가끔

Love at First Sight 첫눈에 반하는 사랑:
I believe people fall in love with an idea or see beauty at first sight, but not real love. 아닙니다. 그게 사랑 아닙니다.

Heaven 천국:
Like the person that tagged me said: The Jesus thing ain’t exactly my thing. 아닙니다.

Santa Claus 산타 클라우스:
Never have never will. 아닙니다.

List Ten Characters/Biases 좋아하는 캐릭터 10명 쓰세요.:

  • Lee Jong Suk
  • Matt Lanter
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Leslie Odom Jr.
  • Lin Manuel Miranda
  • Daveed Diggs
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Zendaya
  • @thatsthat24 (Thomas Sanders is a literal angel 천사. 만나고 싶다ㅏㅏ. I wanna meet him he’s so sweet and kind)
  • 왕자림 Wong Jarim from 연애혁명 (Love Revolution naver comic) She’s so savage

Okay I also love Jon Cozart (Paint on YouTube)


Let me share with you, the livestreaming experience we had last weekend <3 Let’s recap:

First off, we have a TobexPucca comic strip; about Tobe’s tiny nipples. (Everyone made fun of them over the stream so that’s where it all began.)

Then we have some TobexPucca love children.

Next up, we have Garu who broke after the what if situation where Pucca ends up with Tobe. Yes, he marries Won. Then they have a few kids, Garu jr, Garu jr jr and finally Garu jr jr jr. (there’s a 4th but everyone forgot about him.) And then they grow old together and their son Garu jr. ends up a really hot rooster.

And that was our livestream this weekend; I hope you decide to hang out next time! <3 

There may or may not be a livestream this Sunday (NZ time) depending on whether or not I feel exhausted from the 24 hour comic marathon I’m participating in at my course this Friday (24 comic pages in 24 hours, yes, I am crazy.) Hopefully I’ll be there! <3 But I’ll let you know if I’m not haha~

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post~! xo

(And yes, my humour somewhat reverted back to my BULLY/Canis Canem Edit phase during my livestream >v>;;;)

「最強×最弱」/「刃天」のイラスト [pixiv]

Title: 最強×最弱

Artist: 刃天

Illustration ID / Artist Pixiv ID: 53443214 / 512849

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