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anonymous asked:

hate mail

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you male pig? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my Womyn’s Studies class, and I’ve been involved in numerous demonstrations against oppression of womynkind, and I have over 300 signatures on my petition. I am trained in debate tactics and I’m the top speaker in the entire Feminist Frequency. You are nothing to me but just another cis scum. I will reeducate the fuck out of you with feminism the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, male oppressor. As we speak I am contacting my public network of activists across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, misogynist. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your worldview. You’re fucking dead, nerd. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can disprove your biased theories in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with no preparation time. Not only am I extensively trained in rhetorics, but I have access to the entire funding of the Tropes vs Women in Video Games project and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable opinions off the face of the Internet, you rapist. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you godessdamn idiot. I will rain empowerment all over womyn and your cisprivilege will drown in it. Your rape culture is over, man.


Photography by Michael Pierce.

AN INTERVIEW ON CULTIVATING OUR INNER MAGIC WITH BRI LUNA, THE HOODWITCH featured in Issue 003: Spirituality of BlackGirlInOm.com. View full interview here.

“One of my daily rituals that I absolutely have to do and that I love, and I know this is going to sound really strange, but I really love to wake up early early in the morning. I wake up before anyone else in my house is up and I like watching the sun rise. I have a really huge window, I mean like, my apartment is pretty awesome [laughs] so I have this crazy window that overlooks the whole city and I just … I like to light some candles and depending on my mood I’ll hold a crystal. My favorite crystal at this moment, I’ve definitely been working with amethyst a lot. So, I will hold a crystal, whatever I’m feeling drawn to at that specific time and I’ll just sit and I like to really focus on what my intention is going to be for that day.” - Bri Luna


Amazon Strength is the new go-to resource for women looking to get big and strong through strength training. There will be new articles each week for anyone from the first time lifter, to women who have been throwing the barbell around for awhile already. We’ll also talk about nutrition and give you a new recipe to try to help keep those calories up while you’re training hard.
Every week will also feature a new video where we will demonstrate how to execute correct form, show you a new mobility drill, or answer those burning gym questions.

Amazon Strength is a community built by and for women who want to push the limits of our bodies’ natural strength and power. This is an intentional sisterhood, framed around supporting each other and driving each other to perform at our highest capacity. At Amazon Strength, we come together to develop, display, and share our strength. All females are welcome, regardless of experience, and we maintain safe space to celebrate women of all abilities.

Amazon Strength

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Watch this, and spread it far and wide. She doesn’t talk about dysphoria, but she talks a lot about the social conditioning we all go through and how it leads some people to decide that transitioning is the “true” path for them.

She talks about identifying as Butch too (or rather, not identifying as Butch), and how a label isn’t important to her because only material reality is important: being a woman, and being a lesbian.
Obviously I use the word Butch for myself, but that’s mainly as a shorthand way to speak about my experiences in a generalized way that most people can understand. As it is an identity word, I don’t feel the need to police or protect it - only to protect the young womyn that need these words to have positive connotations so that they can grow into self-assured, confident adult Butch lesbians.

This is fantastic. We all need these role models. 

So a while back I saw a post by @therearemanyuniverses asking why it was that anti-feminists could have urls like cishetwhiteoppressor and oppressing-all-womyns and everything would be alright but when someone had a url like misandry-mermaid or misandry-molly it’s not okay. 

The reason is because cishetwhiteoppressor and oppressing-all-womyns don’t actually hate women and minorities. While misandry-mermaid and misandry-molly actually hate men, which is not alright in the slightest. 

Gender Non-Conforming

In light of recent discussions and confusion, I’d like to propose a more concrete definition for gender non-conforming. A Gender Non-Conforming female is one who must calculate her risks every single time she goes into the women’s restroom, because gender nonconformance, or existing naturally, for a woman is perceived as being like a man. This is different than fearing you will be recognized as a lesbian. Simply put, if you are able to move through the world without this threat to your safety and personhood you are not gender nonconforming. We can talk all day long about thoughts and patterns of expressions and the way that they are gendered, but when it comes to material reality, this is the objective difference between gender non-conformance and gender conformance. Being recognized easily as a woman is a huge factor in gender conformance, and even those gender non-conforming womyn who are biologically easily distinguished as female (with visible hips and breasts) experience the erasure of being perceived as a male and the violence that comes with it.
The discussion of this experience is so important to the women who have been harmed this way. This is why it is so difficult when people who have not experienced this derail conversations of gender conformance by claiming that their brand of expression is gender non-conforming, even when their sex has never been called into question. If we’re not allowed to use these words to describe this specific experience, then I don’t know what we can possibly use that is still explicit about our lived reality as females.

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So I made 500 followers. YAAAAAAAaaaaaaaay.

It’s a small feat, I know, but still an accomplishment to me, so I’d like to shout out those who I enjoy following. It’s mixed content so I’ll label appropriately.



Feminist’s that are pretty cool and call out other feminist for their shit, and will support your arguments as an anti-feminist (so long as you aren’t a dick)


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I will stand up and fight every single time I hear Butch womyn being referred to as “masculine” or perpetuating “male-like behaviors.”

Some Butch womyn internalize misogyny and then externalize it at their partners or other womyn, but that’s not what Butch means and that’s not different from any other womyn of any other identity. All womyn internalize misogyny, and we all spit it out to some degree at each other until we learn better. Just because you can easily recognize Butch misogyny as what it is, doesn’t mean that Butch womyn have the market cornered on female misogyny. All womyn do it, and just because it looks different sometimes doesn’t mean it doesn’t come from the same socialization. Let’s try to heal each other and ourselves rather than perpetuating this disgusting and hurtful idea that Butch womyn are any more misogynistic than any other womyn that haven’t fully dissected and crawled out of the patriarchy. 

tl,dr; Young Butch womyn, you are not “masculine” or “misogynistic” just for living and existing the way you do. You own female as much as any other womon. Take care in analyzing the way you carry yourself and relate to others, make changes if you can see yourself thinking or acting in misogynist ways, but don’t let anyone tell you that you’re being “like a man” because you never are.

Femme objectification of butches is a problem.

I have experienced fetishization and objectification from femmes because of being GNC. I identified as femme for over a decade, but I was visibly GNC and so other femmes identified me as butch. The subsequent objectification included grabbing/touching me without permission, commenting negatively on my appearance and actions when they weren’t “masculine” enough, telling me that I should be “fixed” for being attracted to butches, expecting me to pay/fetch/carry for and wait on femme womyn, and more. 

I have been in the LGBT+ community for fifteen years, half of my life. My observations are drawn from years of real-life experience and a lot of time in real-life LGBT+ circles. I have observed behavior like this for years, and I have spoken with many other GNC and butch womyn who have similar experiences. 

I’ve heard butches talk about femmes expecting butches to be “dominant” in bed, and to derive their own pleasure solely from pleasing the femme; that their femme girlfriends treat them as though their bodies are repulsive; that they are expected to make love to their femme partners for hours, but their partners are unwilling to reciprocate or, sometimes, even touch them. It is painful and isolating to be treated this way. I have also heard accounts of femmes abusing butch womyn without consequences; where other lesbians have supported femme womyn who were the victims in abusive relationships, butch womyn’s pain was laughed off because they were “masculine.”

My personal theory is that femme objectification of butches is viewed as a power reversal, a kind of lesbian misandry, and thus acceptable. This is because GNC womyn are presumed to have privilege over feminine-presenting womyn. But this is a lie; we do not have privilege for being visibly GNC. “Butch privilege” and “masculine-of-center privilege” are myths. And it is not acceptable to objectify womyn, even if they are visibly GNC or “masculine.” 

Also, and this is important, butch does not exist solely relative to femme; butches do not exist to light femmes’ cigarettes and fetch them drinks. We exist on our own terms. Butch-butch and GNC lesbian couples exist. (And frequently experience a whole new level of objectification from femmes; for the record, we are not together to “get” threesomes, we are not a “waste,” we are not in any way like gay men–all things I’ve heard from femmes.) 

I started talking about this a few weeks ago because there was an (old, from print) piece about butches servicing femmes making the rounds that was fetishistic and objectifying. If butches calling out objectifying behavior from femmes makes you defensive, I would ask that you sit with that discomfort. I understand that it is difficult; I used to be in those shoes, and a few years ago, this discussion would have made me incredibly uncomfortable. It is only recently that I have begun to unlearn my habits of objectifying all womyn, both GNC and not. It is a long and arduous process, but it is worth it.

Femme objectification of butches is a problem. It is similar to butch misogyny, but without its own name. And it seems we are only allowed to talk about one of these problems. 

Why She Is So Important

A friend who is a deaf dyke just said this about this year’s Festival:

Brush up on your ASL, sisters. We have officially tripled our population - three times the number of Deaf womyn than we had in 2014 have already confirmed they are coming, including a Deaf dyke wedding and their party of 9 [festival firsties] from the mountains of Colorado - including the brides’ bio family, three Deaf dykes - two of them virgins - road tripping it from Western Washington, the Ann Arbor clan, and a contingent of some thirty womyn and young deaf daughters from Western New York alone.  For those of you who remember the huge crowd from 2010:  we already have almost twice as many womyn signed up this year than we had for the 35th anniversary celebration, and that Deaf Zone was packed. Yay for flying hands on the Land! Brush up on that ASL and expressive body language, sisters!! See y'all in less than six weeks!

It will be the largest gathering of Deaf dykes I have ever seen, anywhere, in my life.

I am very excited to have this many Deaf folks in one place who are womyn, who are mostly dykes, who speak my language, who share similar life experiences (as an oppressed cultural minority experiencing audism on top of all the other ism’s), for a full week in a space that we share with y'all. It almost couldn’t get better than this.

One of the things about festival that is so deeply important is that it makes space for subgroups of dykes who suffer a range of oppressive experiences who have no spaces made for them in the “outside.”  Women who are completely invisible in the greater culture and aren’t given the cultural access to make their voices, culture, language or selves seen and heard.

Michigan has interpreters at every event (and did so long before ASL interpretation became sorta “the norm”).  Every concert, every meeting, every workshop if requested.  It creates spaces for deaf dykes to be a central part of the experience; indeed, the interpreters are rock stars on the Land and their interpreting is a fundamental part of the performances.  Michigan makes space for ASL to be the lingua franca of the music as much as it is for hearing people.

Deaf women are so much a part of my experience there that I get fully integrated to seeing ASL spoken (which is one hella beautiful language, by the way).  As my friend said, as a deaf dyke, she literally does not get this community anywhere else; or at least not in these numbers.

There are many, many patches that make up this beautiful quilt at Festival.  These are some of the ones that are going to be untethered when she ends.  But they are here, they remain community, and we will build something new.  Quilts are, after all, made out of the scraps that no one else wanted.


Anyone hear about #GiveWomenYourMoney?  Apparently we need to give our money to women for doing nothing at all but have an “emotional presence” online.  This is the fall of Western civilization, folks.