I can be dark.

I can be difficult.

I am not cute.

I am not your mistress or your boo, you are not my master or my “daddy”.

I am not a child bearing receptacle.

My thighs will not lead you to the passageway to your masculinity .

My vagina will not validate you,

Nor does it validate me.

I was not made from your rib, you came from my vagina.

I can be loud.

I can be vulgar.

I will not behave in public like a “proper lady” should.

I will embarrass you if you try to hush me.

I will shout my wants and needs.

I will call you out.

I will drink and smoke if I want to.

I will cuss.

Because I am not your pretty little thing, decorating your manhood.

I am complex and rigid.

I am not apart of your court, you will not court me.

I will not abide by your expectations

because I am too busy ruling my Queendom

to be concerned with your Kingdom.

queer femme xican@ with light skin priv ║ cis:she/her ║ feminist/womynist ║ recent grad/nerd ║ first generation daughter of migrant parents from mexico ║ living in the borderlands of san diego, trying to save up to move up north to pdx with my partner ║ this is what one latinx looks like