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Thanks for posting the pic of GG's face while answering about WA. There are SB shippers and others in the WA tag on Twitter insisting that he's bored and annoyed with the ship and you can just see it by looking at his face. They were really trying my patience.

You’re welcome! 

They are just mad that because our cup runneth over with awesome news, spoilers and interactions and their cup is dry and thirsty. Womp. 

I JUST GOT BACK FROM WORK AND MY BROTHER TOLD ME THE GREATEST NEWS he says “do you remember chef brian from cutthroat kitchen?”

and im like of COURSE i remember chef brian….. we all watched that episode together and despised him and we were so angry when he won. i didn’t watch the show for weeks after that

so my brother tells me that APPARENTLY HE WAS ARRESTED!!!!! FOR TAX EVASION!!!!!! and i am hollering from the catharsis of it all. i Truly Hated him he was so smug, such a dick, this has made my day. good riddance.

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WAIT I'm so confused I just got back to the internet after like forever so idk what the f is happening!! Why is everyone saying Gravity Falls is back or whatever??????

Apparently, Alex Hirsch- the creator of Gravity Falls- has put in a lot of time into creating one last mystery for the fans to solve. And that mystery happens to be *drum roll* the location of Bill Cipher’s statue, which is shown at the end of the finale. Some of the fans are embarking in a world wide search to find clues, posting them online to share with the other half of the fandom who are practically biting their nails to know the end result- and everyone is just scrambling to be a part of this mystery hunt. It’s just so exciting! All of the things that we loved about Gravity Falls- the mystery solving, the cryptograms, and BILL- are becoming part of reality that we can experience and be a part of…. A Gravity Falls GO, if you will. 

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He’s out there we just need to find him…

Unpopular Opinion?

I’m actually ok with Pharah & Hanzo not having prosthetics. If they did I’d be ok with that too but those were headcanons I’d never really accepted so I’m not bothered that they were officially disproved.

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Pants, it came true..I've met Elise! I would have rather it be in a different situation but still!!! I did see that the crowd to meet her were a bit intense and way too close, but there were some who remained calm (myself included) until our time came. And when it came to meet her.. I think I died Pants!!!! I underestimated her beauty.. Her everything! I knew her eyes were something but up close they are soooo hazel and gorgeous!!! It was just so perfect Pants! And I hope you get to meet her!

i wont but thank you for the sentiment. i’m glad you got to meet her~

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Would you ever smooch a ghost?

Never. If there were a ghost in my home, I would freak out and move the hell out. There is no chance in hell I am going to even think about smooching a ghost- there’s gotta at least be someone living that wants to smooch me lol. By some chance they are actually a nice ghost, then they would have to at least buy me dinner first xD

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