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For some reason, I have really great luck or something?! Like I was waiting for the bus and this old lady offered to pay for my for my ride- and she insisted, so it would have been rude to refuse… So we had a nice conversation on the bus and now I have a $1.75 to actually buy a small snack… The day is starting off good 👍

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Rambling to Hoseok about different little topics without end and him staring at you with a smile on his face the whole time as you go on and on, taking in how lovely it is to hear just how passionately you can speak on minor things, but then cutting you off with a question; “Can I kiss you?” A short pause happens before you nod your head slightly and he quickly goes in to press his lips against yours. BOOM FIRST KISS WITH HOBI.

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Jungkook-ah! Why don't they play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs!

JK: Hyung … I – … 


JK: Filming Law of the Jungle must have rubbed off you too much …

JK: Ironically it was vice versa when you were filming … andshamelesslyadvertisingBTS … Istillcantbelieveyoucaughtafishthough

My brother was asking me what I would say to a murderer, who was approaching me with a bat in their hand…. and all I could think of saying to not get murdered is “Hey batta batta batta swing batta batta  batta”… and my brother looked at me, with a face of someone who is so done with everything, before asking why… and my logic is that hey, the murderer might get distracted and miss me. isn’t that the whole point of the chant? To get the batter to miss?!

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Womp Rats are the Mascot of the Offed By Vader Unit

Initially the mascot on the shirts is the snarling head of a womp rat, which does look pretty badass.

But after Anakin goes public as a defector the OBV squad changes the shirts. Now the image is of a large black womp rat daintily drinking a cup of tea.

You know, yesterday I woke up without a doubt in my mind that the decision was clear for most Americans- who I believed valued progress and all of the other beliefs that our nation has stood for- but in the end I was proven wrong. Instead of making history by voting for the first female president, who was almost overly qualified for her position in comparison to the presidents of the past with her years working in politics and knowledge of the military; People chose a man who had zero experience in the field- someone who despite all of their money never took the time to learn about the nation’s workings. 

In the end, people fell for Donald Trump’s rhetoric, the repetitive and hateful messages that he uttered on every stage. All of the derogatory and dehumanizing comments he made about everyone and anyone who was not a straight, white, Christian, male somehow not being enough to deter people from voting for him; His claims that Mexicans are all rapist and murders, that he has a right to harass women as he pleases due to his celebrity status- that he could just grab them pussy, along with saying that he would revoke a woman’s rights to her own body- the way that he characterized people of color every time that he mentioned the inner cities, and the way that he has referred to Muslims in general- the way that he has grouped them with a terrorist group even though that is far from the truth, just the way that he insulted prisoners of war, and veterans who have PTSD, who have served this country, who have fought to protect the rights of every United States citizen- their freedom of speech, their freedom to practice their own faith, and so much more. Donald Trump even insulted a Gold Star family of a muslim american soldier, who gave his life in the line of duty. 

^That is the man who people have decided to vote for and make the president elect- who is more of a liar than Hillary Clinton, who has been hiding more than her- like where are his tax returns? 

Clinton used the wrong email, sure. And you know what’s the contents of those emails? Nothing worth sending her to jail for as the Federal Bureau of Investigation has deemed. And the whole chant of “Crooked Hilary” was just a way for Trump to take away her credibility- like lil Marco- and everyone who voted for him fell for it. 

Also all of that talk about sending her to jail is fucking fascist, seriously, jailing your political opponent is fucking fascist. You know fascism? What Hitler and Mussolini did? Remember the atrocities they committed because of their hatred for immigrants and a specific group of people- like I don’t know the Jewish people who were unjustly blamed for the economic strife of the time? Remember the othering that occurred during the time, the way that the majority shifted the blame to a smaller faction of people- claiming that it was all their fault? 

Like all of the pride that I had as an American is dead. The notion that if I work hard enough, despite my social standing, I would be able to achieve my American Dream is dead and gone. It is clear that this nation is filled with people who feel like they have had their opportunities taken away from them by immigrants, but honestly, immigrants are the ones that have worked the hardest in this country. Even illegal immigrants, who have the jobs that no one really wants: house maids, gardeners, and any physically demanding job falls on their shoulders. Immigrants have worked more for less- most of the time to give their family, their children, a life that they would have never been possible anywhere else, places that they might have fled due to the horrors that have occurred there. Seriously, to all of those who believe that immigrants have taken job opportunities from them: no one has taken shit from you, you’ve just always felt yourself entitled to them and believed those things to be yours- you should have worked harder if you wanted it. Also blame the institution that has grown just to take advantage of illegal immigrants’ work for the sake of saving a buck- you know like Donald Trump did in building his Trump tower. 

I don’t know what is wrong with the people who have voted for Trump? When was America great? Was it before minorities-African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and just any American that wasn’t white started demanding the same rights? Was it before the abolishment of slavery? Was it before women had a right to vote? Was it before individuals of the LGBTQ community had the right to marry the person they loved? When exactly was it that America was great? Was it when the United States was ruled by only white Christian males? Was it when the genocide of the Native Americans was happening? When it used to be a rich man’s war, poor man’s fight? I don’t understand when America was great! All we have been trying to do as a nation was improve ourselves with time, but now we’ve gone back I don’t know how many years! 

Trump’s hateful candor spoke out to people, I guess. It awoke that silent majority in the country- the racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic people of this country, who voted for him. And if you say that you’re none of those things yet voted for him, then you’re a crooked person because something about the way that Donald Trump spoke made you think, “Yes! That’s exactly right. Those people are the problem.” And it compelled you to choose him, urged you to put him on your ballot. You supported and voted for his ideals, so you have no right to say that you’re not as bad as him. 

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. All of the things that Trump has done should have left him out of the race, yet he won. And I am terrified. I am horrified about all of the violence that will surely follow his hateful messages- all of the hate crimes against minorities that will most likely emerge throughout the nation. I’m shocked at the fact that people have voted for reversion instead of progression.

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I’ve been wheezing about this for a good hour just imagine Vader reporting to the emperor about why the Death Stars productivity has dropped and Tarkin is seemingly paranoid now “giant rats my master” it’s the closest he’s ever come to dropping his cover

“Rodents of Unusual Size, Lord Vader?” Palpatine sneers. “I don’t think they exist.”

He is immediately attacked by a horde of womp rats.

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all this talk about Womp Rats makes me imagine one of the characters adopting a baby one as a pet, but I just can't figure out who would do it. Anakin or the twins are the likely candidates, but there's also Han or Piett...

Oh my God Piett with a pet womp rat!

Can you even imagine? I mean Piett is the most mild-mannered, stolid, practical person in probably the entire Imperial Navy. If asked to describe him most of his acquaintances would probably say, “Oh, Piett? Yeah, he’s just a normal guy. Nothing much to say about old Piett.”

Except that he has a pet womp rat. Six feet of bristling hair and teeth and rodent fury. Its name is Snuffles.