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Do you ever just….. *that thing u did 10+ years ago* but with OCs?  I lie awake sometimes with my brow furrowed, thinking of 14y/o me roleplaying on Neopets with these shit characters that I nonetheless still harbor a giant soft spot for….

but why?? wolf demon??? what’s with the bad hot topic collar?  why does he have devil wings?  why does he wear white collared shirts exclusively?  

I would love to see drawings of other people’s old OC ragrets, please tag me, lol


Pfft, @hawthornblood141 is none of those things but I promise you, right now she’s just out having a life like some sort of loser and she’ll be back (see I told you). And yes, I do know what kind of things she likes but there has been enough angst in life lately even for her. So here is fluff and YOU WILL LIKE IT. You have to read this one first to get the joke at the end. Merry Christmas, stay fabulous. ; )

Ron sits alone in the Shell Cottage kitchen, bouncing his leg impatiently. It’s the first time Hermione’s been out of his sight (and his arms) since Malfoy Manor and he finds that he doesn’t like the feeling one bit.

He is checking the clock for the umpteenth time when Fleur comes into the room, a big stack of bath towels in her arms.

“Ah there you are,” she says. “I need you to help me with this laundry. I have to finish making lunch for the goblin, ce vieux grincheux, and then I need to go to the store for more shampoo because your girlfriend, she has so much hair - ”

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Rules: Name an artist and answer these just using song titles from that artist.

Artist: 💚 got7 💚
Gender: 너란 girl
Describe yourself: forever young hehehe
How do you feel: shopping mall LOLLL i had to
If I could go anywhere: skyway
Your best friend: angel
Favourite time of day: tic tic tok
If your life was a tv show, what would it be called: no jam 😔 womp womppp
What is life to you: paradise
Relationship Status: who’s that 🤔
Your fear: can’t

thanks for the tag @shaybear456! this was fun 😁

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Today, after living in this town for a month and a half, I finally went to get a library card for the public library. I did not succeed because I forgot a) ID b) that my ID doesn’t have my current address and c) to bring a piece of mail or any kind of proof that I now live in this town.

I was also going to ask about volunteering but didn’t, because who follows the sentence “I didn’t think about fulfilling the requirements for getting a library card” with the sentence “I have a master’s degree in library science.”

wickedwickerbaskets  asked:

Hello - long time following, first time asking: Was rewatching old Shield today, and rediscovered the lie detector scene - Fitz is asked "you're stranded on a desert island. In front of you there's a box, what's in the box?" And without hesitation, Fitzs answers: "Simmons." I saw this today, and after watching everything else they've been through together, I think I have to say - it's the sexiest moment. And there aren't many of them, right...? How quick he answers, how she's all he wants...?

aw yes, it’s really a lovely moment! one of my favorite ones for their relationship from S1. but I actually don’t think he sees his answer as being romantic - which is part of what I love about it.

to him, Simmons is the obvious answer because 

in his mind, if Fitz were stuck on a desert island his best chance at getting off the island (or just surviving in general) is Simmons. he knows that the two of them are simply better together. in fact, this is proven time and again through both seasons - even in 1x22 he can’t come up with a way to save her life (and offer her his in exchange) until they work together to come up with blowing the window’s seal. 

what I find so appealing about that scene is the fact that if someone asked him if that answer was romantic, he would say absolutely not with an uncomfortable scoff. of course it wasn’t romantic - it’s just what makes the most sense. and in a roundabout way, that is exactly what makes it romantic/endearing: his unwavering faith in Simmons

you’re right that there are very few of these moments, partially because he spends so much time denying his feelings to himself. the only other two I can think of are from the following two season premieres:

of course, in this one he’s not actually talking to anyone - he’s speaking to Jemmaginary. but I love this moment, just because he’s so unguarded about her in a way that he almost never is. when he was recovering, she became his happy place. in a way, I think that was his subconscious reminding himself of why he has his brain injury. having Jemmaginary around to help reminds him that he gave the oxygen to Jemma so that she could live, so that she could be healthy and happy - even if it was without him. to remind himself that he doesn’t regret doing that, even for a second.

by season 3, he’s so frantic to get her back that he’s seemingly given up on denying the feelings that he spent so long repressing. he literally has nothing left to lose - what could it hurt to finally allow himself to admit out loud that he loves Jemma Simmons? (as we find out later that episode - it hurts a lot.)

Unpopular Opinion?

I’m actually ok with Pharah & Hanzo not having prosthetics. If they did I’d be ok with that too but those were headcanons I’d never really accepted so I’m not bothered that they were officially disproved.

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