Scarlett did a lot of her fights, and any time she had the opportunity to try a stunt, she did! She always went the extra mile. She truly commits to her role as the Black Widow.”

—  Heidi Moneymaker, stunt double.


Shieldmaidens fought in battle and often led their own men. To match a hardened warrior, armed to the teeth and bristling with muscle you need more than just strength. You need fortitude, some killer tendon strength, agility and a core of steel, oh, and as much upper body strength as you can muster. The Shieldmaiden workout is designed to take you through your paces, give you a little of what you need and a lot of what you want (or is it the other way around?). Either way, you will definitely come out tougher at the other end of it.


.::Jeanne D'Arc::. Here’s my piece for the Lady Knights/Women Warriors zine put together by my friend Julia ScottRoxie Vizcarra and Abby Boeh. An overwhelming amount of talent will be in the book, and will be sold at MoCCA this year, April 6th through the 7th.

Let’s not forget that what #CesarChavez accomplished he was able to do because of the often unacknowledged work that his wife, #HelenFabelaChavez performed day in and day out.

Por que:
Sin las #mujeres no hay #movimiento.
Sin las mujeres no hay #progreso.
Sin las mujeres no hay #liberación.

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How to make the Boob Shield TM
By Neil Byrne – Dublin HEMA Club Foreword: This gem of an article was shared with us in 2013 and has been in our group’s files ever since. We have decided to make it more publicly accessible …

Important to know if  you are either A) not comfortable with your current chest protector or B) who could know somebody who isn’t!

Improve, don't punish!

For all my fellow ladies,

As women, we have barriers put up in front of us constantly. There is NO denying this. The hardest barrier to break down is often the one limiting our self-love. We need to encourage each other, lift each other up. When one woman succeeds in her goals we all do.

Loving each other can be difficult, but the hardest person in your life to love is yourself.

In modern society, women are encouraged to hate themselves in one way or another, whether we feel it or not, we are all affected by this way of thinking.

When is comes to fitness, weight loss and really anything to do with our bodies, we come face to face with the beasts that seem to have the power to tear our self-worth and motivation to shreds.

A main foe in this fight is the unforgiving, heartless companies that take money in return for crushing guilt and a sad array of products that were meant to give us the ‘bikini body’ we all dream of. Instead we are left back at square one.

Companies that promote dieting as a means of weight loss always play on shame and guilt, and while this is effective in some ways, it wears us down. No one likes being scolded where praise is expected and particularly where it is necessary. So when we treat our bodies with this kind of cruel attitude, we hurt ourselves. It’s traumatic and unfortunately it’s become way too normal.

Motivation is a delicate fire and healthy motivation that lasts involves loving yourself and a desire to improve, not punish.

When you see progress, you will naturally feel an urge to continue. That’s why the earliest part of switching to a healthier lifestyle is hard, because it is in that first month or so that you are going to stumble and want to quit. It takes a combination of motivation, desire and discipline to keep going and to be consistent.

Without a genuine appreciation and love for yourself, your body and how amazing it is, you won’t be able to fully grasp the reason behind a new, healthier lifestyle and why it’s the best thing for you. When you learn how truly amazing the body is and how hard it works to keep us alive, you will want to improve it, nourish it and love it.

Keep doing.

Be back soon…

TeenageFemaleNinjaTurtle xxx

Another awesome photo from @lotheriel showing off some of the leather products i made for her like the rune belt skirt chasers etc

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