The Original Black Feminist
This video is dedicated to a long forgotten Movement called the New Negro Woman Movement which lasted from the late 1890's until the early 1920's.

This Movement was not just in America because it was an International campaign that pushed for Black Women to be seen as dignified ladies with the utmost respect in a time when many still looked at the Black Woman like she was the same rag tag mistress that many were during chattel slavery. 

The New Negro Women may have been influenced heavily by Wealthy class European standards but it was indeed the Predecessor to both the Black Nationalist, and Pan-African Movements that would take the World by storm during the 1920’s.

Yeah so if everyone could calm the hell down about women’s rights that would be great. At the end of the day, no one can take away your rights, whether you agree with them politically or not. As a woman myself, I do not feel at all like Trump is evil or racist. You’re all just overly sensitive. Get over yourself, go back to your job, and get on with your life. You marching in the streets won’t change the fact that Trump is president. It’s just an excuse to get angry. Being peaceful makes more of a positive impact than anger ever will.