I Am Woman...

By Jacky Mahlangu


#5 | 31 Poems for August 

You don’t know who to run to, who to run from or if you should be running at all.

You don’t seem like your usual self, is there anyone that I could call? 

Love, the media is not a true standard of beauty. I wish you would stop measuring yourself according to their scale. 

You’re still beautiful, it’s just that their perspective has changed. You’re ashamed of the bitter woman you almost became. 

They taught you how to succumb to the pain and shame. They taught you how to hate every bit of yourself. Made you believe that you’d look and feel better if you conformed to the absurd standards of someone else. 

They should’ve taught you that the presence of another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own. Embrace your crooked smile and all your perfect imperfections. Stop seeking validation and start loving yourself unconditionally. 

Never let the world turn your starry sky into a ceiling. Wear your crown proudly and embrace the queen that you are. In a sky full of constellations, you’ll always be someone’s favourite star. 

You are ashamed of the bitter woman you almost became. They taught you how to succumb to the pain and shame. 

You are still beautiful, it’s just that their perspective has changed. No matter what the media says you will always remain beautiful to me.Always.

“Self-love angers people who hate themselves and she understood that at length.” 

             – Flex Boogie 

Ladies #WearADoek in support of #WomensMonth tomorrow, Friday 1 Aug as we celebrate the bravery and the forever burning spirit of #WomenHood. We celebrate the crowns that you are in our lives and society as a whole and key roles you continue to play in nurturing and raising this child that is democracy. Your bravery is blood life that runs through our country’s democracy. For the next 4 weeks @artsculturesa will run a campaign that celebrates women every Friday in August. And we thought a doek (and all it’s glory and styles that only a lady can make look fabulous) would be a nice symbol to create a nice golden thread get the whole country excited. #spreadTheWord #letWOMANHOODreign Cc @marangdream @mokgadi @unathimsengana @melbala @duduymn @nnaniquism @katemolete @jerrymokgofe @mstumit @sylvesterfalata mamo_r

@jessjorgensen is Manager of Instant Grass JHB and she spends a lot of time mentoring beautiful young minds to help them turn their creativity and ideas into valid business plans) She’s an avid cycle commuter and diehard ambassador of the two-wheel lifestyle. She’s a supporter of local and African youth culture and has done production on Nigerian hiphop music videos and documentaries on living in the city to cycle-powered cinemas. Im honoured to profile her for my instabition this August. #runtheworldinstabition #rtwinstabition #womensmonth

Off Topic: Women Empowerment (March is Women's Month)

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Day 31: Meet Belinda Phofu @s_ii_c

This little lion cub has been through tough times as a young struggling jewellery designer and it was cool letting her sell some of her stuff at my exhibition last year. SIC (Style is incalculable ) is her company and she’s managed to stock her goods at Americana in Braam and now she’s at 27 Boxes. Her hunger to be better is insatiable.

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Celebrating iiMbali ezinhle

As part of women’s month this year, Vanity boxed would like to celebrate and give a much needed pat on the back to the young women of South Africa who are doing their part. These are women who have overcome great hurdles and are still fighting to reach for their dreams while striving to remain authentic in the midst of carbon copy times. They find time to inspire while reaching for their dreams.

  Unathi Mbalenhle Mangesi

A 24 year old young lady who grew up in the dusty streets if Ginsberg in King Williams town and moved on to Amalinda in East London before finally moving to Cape Town to live with her grandmother in 2006. Unathi is the youngest of four children and had aspirations of becoming a Doctor when she grew up because her father had been pursuing medicine when he passed on.  Having lost her father at the tender age of six and her mother at eighteen, her grandmother who has been  a strong influence  on the assertive young woman stepped up and has been acting as both parents in bringing the beautiful young lady up. In 2009 she completed matric but the challenges were just beginning as she could not study further.  She was later employed as a call centre consultant at Truworths and from there she moved to Vodacom as a receptionist.

The ever eager Mbali decided to study project management but while she was studying she started planning and organising events for her friends and family. From small, group events to birthday parties and as she continued to do so she found great enjoyment and fulfilment in this task.  A friend suggested she start charging because of the calibre of work that she was doing. After careful consideration she changed her course to events management as she had decided that this was the path she wanted to pursue and thus Sunstone creations was born.  

We asked the beautiful Mbali a few questions of course and this is what she had to say for herself:

What is Sunstone creations?

Sunstone creations is an events management company. I plan all sorts of events from 1 year old birthday parties to corporate events. I plan weddings, graduation dinners….Your engagement dinners, launches and traditional weddings too. We sometimes do decor for the events depending on the client’s requests and the task at hand. Sunstone has been around for a year and 5 months. Sunstone is growing from strength to strength.

What inspires you to work as hard as you do to reach your goals?

My greatest inspiration is the children’s home I am currently working with in Gugulethu. Those little people make me want to turn the world around so that they may have a better life. I know how it feels to go to bed without eating and having no hope to eat in the morning. So they inspire me to do more so that things can change for them. When I look at them I see future leaders, doctors, teachers, lawyers and so forth. I, like Frederick Douglass believe that It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

You’re a young South African woman living in modern times, how has this influenced your decision making as a young woman?

Being a young woman living in modern times in South Africa is not easy because there’s too much pressure. It feels like there’s a pair of binoculars zooming in on your life and things you do. Every decision is questioned. My decision making hasn’t been influenced much. I understand that I have to move with the times but I also that there are certain things that are not for me. I still hold fast the teachings of times past.

What obstacles do you face as a young woman in business?

Well there are many challenges but to mention a few; there are still men who don’t think women can excel in business. There is also the challenge of people requesting services but the same people are not willing to pay, especially among fellow Africans. While some do not believe that as a young black woman I can carry out the job to their expectations. And that is sad because at some point it makes business slow.

Where do you see Sunstone Creations in the future?

“Suspended between heaven and earth, with a step ladder for people to go up and down.”

The only thing I can say with any certainty is that I will be around fighting to succeed in whatever business climate that exists. How I get from here to there in good shape is anybody’s guess. Employment creation is at the top of my list because we have been blessed to bless others.

Who inspires you and have you been reading lately?

My Grandmother is my greatest inspiration because of all the sacrifices that she made for me. But God just moves me. :) 

And yes, I have been reading…..I recently read Nervous conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga. I still need someone to tell me where this great book was hidden all this time.

I’d like to thank Unathi for her time and sharing her story with us. We’re raising a different kind of woman for the future, therefore we celebrate. 


Candy Morrow

Day 15: Meet Mumtaaz Taz. She’s originally from Cape Town. She fell pregnant at the age of 15 with no purpose in life but gangsterism until she saw the premature infant she had birthed. After facing the harsh reality of nearly losing her son,she left the life she knew and focused on making it for him. She moved up to Jozi 3years ago,and currently a medical student and a full-time employee trying to pay off her fees. She’s a personal trainer - She trains people with no cost but their happiness being her reward. She writes poetry and models for a few street brands simply because she loves street fashion. She tried breaking the chain of a typical teenage mother who puts her dreams aside and settles. She says; “My son is the blessing I carry in my heart everyday .He’s a reminder of my past but more importantly the reason I’m pushing  right now towards a fruitful future.” #runtheworld14 #instabition #illustration #womensmonth