How U.S. college girls inspired Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis

Seven Sisters Style documents what was ‘in vogue’ at the top women’s colleges - Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Radcliffe, Vassar, and Wellesley.

I hate to throw shade, but we Seven Sisters girls will always have an untouchable and unmatchable sophistication about us that our history embeds in us.

With the unfortunate closure of Sweet Briar College, Pres. Schrader says Brenau’s women’s college remains stable.

“We decided as an institution to continue to support and preserve our women’s college, but at the same time to diversify our educational revenue and program lines to include graduate programs that were essentially market driven and co-educational programs that were off-campus, essentially evening and weekend, and satellite campuses.”

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Why Smith, a women's college?

I get this question every time I give tours. It’s a perfectly normal question too! Everyone is curious. How does a Women’s college work? Do you get sick of being around women? Are boys allowed on campus? How do you adjust to the world when you graduate?

Well, here’s my answer. I love going to a women’s college. When I first learned of Smith, I was very hesitant because I have attended co ed schools my whole life. I didn’t think I would feel right here. But then I visited. I came for the Women of Distinction program (it’s coming up soon this year!) and I fell in love with everything about the campus. My host was wonderful. She was honest, funny, open and welcoming.

I never felt like I was around too many women; I felt like I was around empowered people from all all over the world. They were here to share experiences and be ambitious and be powerful leaders. How often do you see women in leadership positions? At Smith, the possibilities to led for us are almost endless. When I visited, I got a sense of healthy competition and a lot of fun activities to make up for the rigor. It was just what I needed. I never felt so connected to the students on a college campus as I did when I visited that weekend. It was an amazing experience.

When I arrived to Smith, I was still in touch and very close to my host and her friends. I felt welcomed and eased into the process of attending a predominantly white college, but it’s important to know that I only speak for myself. My experience here has been about creating strong connections and feeling supported by my fellow Smithies. I am always proud of myself for making this decision.

Hope You Don't Mind

I went to an all girl’s college. I’ve grown to love impromptu pajama parties with late night takeout, borrowing clothes, dorm room workout classes, playing late night dress-up to decide what to wear for tomorrow, huddling under 1 little umbrella walking across campus in the rain, fitting two people into one chair, & walking around in barely anything when it’s hot in the building.

Hope you don’t mind if I continue some of these habits;)

Congrats to my wonderful, strong, amazing Scotties (most especially Grace) for the success of the ‪#‎ASCCarryThatWeight‬ event today! There is a long way to go, but we are taking steps in the right direction- I encourage everyone to educate themselves about the policies of their particular institution and or college/ university and get involved in movements to ensure that everyone has a voice, actively raise awareness for domestic and sexual violence and advocate for better campus policies!