Me: “It’s not fair that people are unfairly judging Kelly Kelly’s return because it absolves WWE of any guilt in their treatment of the women during her era, which didn’t allow for much improvement in their wrestling ability. To not acknowledge this is to not acknowledge a huge obstacle in the evolution of women’s wrestling.”

Y’all dumbasses (two in particular): “Yeah, but she can’t wrestle!! Can you name a good Kelly Kelly match??? No, you can’t!!!”

Male wrestling fans: “women only like wrestlers because they are dirty ringrat whoresluts who think the wrestlers are hot”

Male wrestling fans:*record women’s wrestlers butts at shows* (real thing)

*constantly judge women’s wrestler’s on how sexually attractive they are* 

*constantly make creepy comments about what sex acts they’d perform on women’s wrestlers*


Our Current (2/15/17) Women’s Champions

the First Japanese woman to become the NXT Women’s Champion

the First African American woman to become the Smackdown Women’s Champion

the First Latina woman to become the Raw Women’s Champion

naomi is lighting up on twitter rn and I don’t blame her one bit, even if I’m expected to because I’m a fan of hers. This isn’t even really just about her not being on the poster, it’s years of frustrations finally being released. She’s been made to take the backseat for her entire career and she finally had her breaking point. So honestly, y'all can miss me with that “she doesn’t need to be all over social media with this” bullshit. They just made a complete ass of her, like they’ve been doing forever, and you can honestly just take so much. And it hurts as a fan to see someone as talented and dedicated as her have to watch others pass her up. But if she leaves, I don’t blame her in the slightest and I hope she drags the FUCK outta them on that shoot interview

Ese momento en el que tus padres y familia comienzan a juzgar a los homosexuales y tu no sabes si abofetearlos o huir.