Dear Diary:

Today my girlfriend and I talked for the umpteenth time  about how women get the short end of the stick with the entire reproductive process. Couldn’t keep myself from laughing evilly and don’t know where it came from.

You know what I appreciate about James Gunn and his Guardian movies? There is sex appeal for both men and women. Short sexy dresses are worn by extras and our main ladies wear tight outfits, yet almost no cleavage and minimal butt shots for them. Whereas in Vol. 2 all three of our leading males are shirtless at some point, they and the main villain discuss or display sexual prowess, and talk about their dicks. And then there’s the memorable line from Drax: “My nipples!” Also, in Vol. 1 there is a gratuitous, but much appreciated scene showing Ronan’s morning routine.

Thank you, James Gunn.

Straight men: “I’m going to shame women for their bodies until they change their bodies to meet my standards”.

Straight men after women change their bodies: “Now I’m going to also shame these women for altering their bodies to meet my standards”.

Straight men: “I’m going to shame women for wearing make up.”

Straight men to women who don’t wear make up: “And I’m also going to shame women for not wearing make up, and tell them how horrible their faces and skin look when they don’t wear make up”.

Straight men: “I’m going to shame women who don’t have long silky straight hair naturally, because you know that’s what I like.”

Straight men to women who change their hair to meet their standards: “But I’m also going to shame women who change their hair and add extensions to meet my standards, and at the same time make fun of women with short hair or natural hair, because they don’t meet my standards”.

Moral of this story is, don’t trust straight men’s comments about women’s looks or bodies.

Warm Me Up ch. 36

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Five times. The same question had come up for Will five times. First with Malcolm. Then with Cecil and a little later, his brother. Then with Paolo on the phone. And lastly, with Mom when she called him during his lunch break.

“So when do you meet his family?”

Each time the question stumped him and left him feeling a little worse.

All he knew about the di Angelo family was that his sister and his mother had passed away and since then, Nico had suffered from neglect and a growing depression. He knew Nico often argued with his dad, and that he hardly ever called him if he wasn’t figuring out something from his credit cards or rent. That was it. He had no idea why Nico was so distant or if he had any other family in New York or what his dad’s name even was.

And after telling his friends about how great his break had gone, each one made sure to ask him the dreaded question of- now what?

They never talked about meeting parents. Even before, when they first dated, it was all Will who wanted his family to meet Nico. Nico never talked about it. Not knowing why made Will feel like he didn’t know his own boyfriend. But he did, didn’t he? Didn’t he know him better than anyone?

It gnawed at him the entire day.

When he finally got home, Nico was asleep in his room. Apparently, he hadn’t meant to fall asleep seeing as his shoes were still on and he still had on his work uniform. Will smiled to himself and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

When he came back out, Nico was in his PJ’s while reading a book on the bed. “Hey, baby,” he said as Will rubbed a towel over his head. “Have you eaten?”

“No I just got back and went straight to the shower. Were you tired?”

“Apparently.” He reached forward and pulled Will close, giving him a light, gentle kiss on his lips. “How was work?”

“Busy, like always,” he answered, with a smile. “Are you hungry?” Nico shook his head. “Okay, I’m going to make myself a sandwich.” Nico nodded and turned his attention back to his book.

While Will ate, he mulled over how to ask Nico about his dad. He knew he had to be careful. He knew Nico was easily angered by the mention of his dad and he knew it was hard to calm him down afterward.

It wasn’t so much the fact that Will wanted to meet him; in fact, he was terrified of meeting Mr. di Angelo. It was more the fact that Will knew next to nothing about Nico’s life back home. He knew some stuff, some problems, some school things, some experiences. It was one of the first things they’d talked about after they met. But he didn’t know the personal things. Moments with his father, what exactly his father had done to make Nico dislike him so much, what the hell happened over Christmas break. Nico never even talked about another parental figure. Will could almost believe he’d raised himself.

That was what bothered him. Too many people had come into the hospital to cry over an almost dead father or mother, regretting that they’d never talked to them after an argument. Too many people had wailed and mourned their parents or parental figures, wishing they hadn’t spent their lives with anger. Wishing they’d had time to fix the family rivalries and grudges.

Once he was done with his sandwich, he chugged a glass of juice and walked over to the room. Nico was reading, one arm behind his head, his lip between his teeth. Without saying anything, Will clambered onto the bed and settled over Nico, their legs tangled, Will chin on Nico’s chest, hidden by his book. Almost by reflex, Nico’s hand began to weave through Will’s hair, making him close his eyes and sigh contentedly.

“Nico?” he began softly. Nico hummed. “Can I ask you something?” Nico moved his book and looked down at Will, cocking an eyebrow. “You have to promise you won’t get mad.”

“Why would I get mad?” he asked warily. He pulled himself up on his elbows and waited.

After gathering his courage, Will asked, “When will I meet your dad?”

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boy i sure do write a lot of stuff about short, cute women dealing with the implications of wanting to be strong and enjoying their own cuteness in a world that puts their own desires at odds with those traits, such that even the men they might find attractive have a tendency to consider them naive or foolish for allowing themselves to be drawn to such men, until finding a man who is able to accept all those opposing facets of their personhood is like finding a goddamn unicorn and yet they still fear judgement about their own enthusiasm when it happens

until you’ve shopped in both the womens and mens sections you have no idea how much clothing companies hate women and want them to suffer.

“the suspect has to be a guy , the short brown hair and the force brought to the victims head indicate he was a body builder”
You chuckle , “that was sexist Spencer , I think the suspects a girl. Women can have short hair , and there was chips of paint found imbedded in the victims skin that I think could be nail polish.” You shoot back
“ It’s 2017 y/n , men can wear nail polish , and that doesn’t cover the body builder fact.” Spencer says , deeply offended you opposed him.
“ Yes but this murder looks deeply planned out , this murderer is smart and wouldn’t wear anything that would point him out , men wearing nail polish , stands out. And I’m a body builder Spencer , women can be body builders too”
“Wow boy genius just got out smarted” Morgan says in disbelief

Faye - What Could’ve Been

Oh, Faye. When she first appeared on Alm’s cipher card, in the background, many people were pleased, but skeptical; While it was great that the idea of having more girls in Shadows Of Valentia (especially in a cast as short in women as fe2′s), many thought that her characterization wouldn’t be that great, and that she would be reduced to another female character with less personality than a piece of cardboard (at most, she would be another childhood friend stereotype). I myself got hopeful due to loving her design to death, and I thought that maybe, just maybe, she would become a very fun character.

…Well, at least she still has a very cute design. Let’s try to make her better, shall we?

First, let’s see what we’ve got:

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totesgaybaby  asked:

How would you describe your MC's apperance and how would describe other charcters apperance because I preferably feel like not just analyzing the characters in the middle of everything.

Hello there!

I prefer the method of sneaking in details alongside more relevant information. For example:

• “That’s a really, really bad idea,” he said, running his fingers through his red, curly hair in frustration.

• The sky was a clear, light blue, similar to Megan’s eyes. That was the first warning sign. It was supposed to be 3 AM.

• I groaned when I saw the purple bruise marring my tanned skin.

• My sister’s green eyes seemed to grow darker with anger. I had always been jealous of the vibrant, cheerful color in comparison to my dull gray irises, but right now they made her look dangerous.

If your MC is meeting them for the first time, I think it’s acceptable to add a sentence of description. For example:

• Stalking into the room, my stare raked over my rivals. One was a short women with fiery red hair and pouty lips. The other was a lanky teenager whose purple dye job made her skin look even paler. Neither looked like a match for me.

sorry everyone!

the last post was stupid af, didn’t know it was homophobic, however lemme clarify something: what’s wrong with having gay guys as a fetish? it’s just like having black guys as a fetish, or short women, or intelligence (sapiosexuality) or anything as a fetish… no i do not objectify gay people, they are not sexual symbols, but what’s wrong with finding them particulary hot? yes everyone deserves respect equally, but please do not think i’m a homophobic creep, it just hurts so bad to be called like this, sorry if i offended anyone, didn’t mean anything bad, repect for every person independently of their sexual orientation/gender