After completion of Day 1/21 Day Challenge. It wasn’t bad but my quads definitely need a good stretch. My butt has lift tremendously, now to continue on my journey to the land of flat abs and fat assdom.

Oh! And I haven’t broken the diet so I’m very proud of me 😁.
(Just realized how much of an ombré chocolate I am 😂😂😂)

No Pain...No Gain!!!

I'm  on my second week of my intensive 10 week cardio Kickboxing Program!!! And I WANNA DIE!!! I’m not in excruciating pain…(yet) but I’m really swore!!!  I WILL HOWEVER NOT GIVE UP ON THIS I PAID MONEY FOR THIS!!! and I really love it!! :D

I feel amazing after every workout!!! and my Trainers are awesome!!!

Reasons to take kickboxing!!!

1. Kick-Boxing Helps You Lose Weight:

2. It Is A Great Form Of Self-Defense

3. It Tones Your Body

4. Kick-Boxing Beats STRESS:

5. It Does Not Require Much

So what are you waiting for?

Today we are going to do something NEW and you?

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Brand New Workout tomorrow with 50 different plank variations for you to add to your workout routine! Don’t miss it. Plus my new outfit from @PublicMyth. Tomorrow 10:30am EST Tune in!!

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Squatting Everyday Workout Challenges with Kids

I officially completed day #25 for the squat everyday program! Im 5 days away from total completion with results coming your way. Today I did the following:

Warmup: bike 3 min, walking lunge with 20 pound weights, and GHD 1 set 15
Close stance squat with pause 8 sets 10,10,5,5,3,3,3,1 (30,30,40,40,50,50,70,70)
Bicep curl 4 sets 28 method (20,20,20,20)
Tricep push down 4 sets 20 (30,30,40,40)
Triset: Preacher’s curl 3 sets close grip (20,20,20) and 3 sets wide grip (20,20,20); seated dip 3 sets 20 (body weight); and reverse curl 3 sets 20 (20,20,20)

Meditation in sauna 20 min

I bring my kids to the gym with me everyday. Most days it is a great experience though today it was a challenge. After my warm up I was approached by an employee who explained that my son had an explosion and needed a diaper change. Of course this happens after I told the wolves of the free weights I am using the equipment and just setup. It baffles me how people can approach you asking if you are using something when they see you are setting up. Walking away for a second to grab weights and they are salivating at the mouth wanting to snatch your area. I had to leave and change his diaper. Luckily there was unassisted weights to use so I took the opportunity to focus on the pause during the squats and really go deep.

By the time I picked up my kids they were crabby and my daughter didn’t want to leave and I had to carry her in one arm and my son on the other. Oddly enough my focus for the day was arms and I parked pretty far…..the pain! My point is working out with kids can be challenging, but the end result is they understand what you are doing and it will motivate them in the future to live a healthy lifestyle knowing they can take advantage of options and not make excuses.

Win the War on Belly Fat


How to Finally Win the Belly Fat War

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Cycling My Soul Away-My Soul Cycle Pop-up Experience

Cycling My Soul Away-My Soul Cycle Pop-up Experience

External image

Soul Cycle and Target  teamed up to bring 3-day pop-up Soul Cycle experiences to 10 cities across the United States.  Check out when the pop-up experience is coming to your town.   This was an excellent way for Soul Cycle to test the market in the chosen cities. I made it to Soul Cycle in Atlanta!   This weekend the tour made a stop here in Atlanta. The weather was perfect for a day of indoor or…

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Sneak peek of my newest video!! If you enjoy planks then you’re going to love this video to step up your PLANK GAME! Watch now! TAG A FRIEND THAT NEEDS NEW PLANK EXERCISES!

Link in profile.
My outfit is from @publicmyth #livewireleggings
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Weight Loss Progress Update

After looking into my next program to review I decided to try the 4 Weeks to Shred Program by Kris Gethin. It would require that I go to the gym twice per day with a focus on cardio in the PM and weight lifting in the AM. I am excited to see how this will sculpt my body after completion of the Squatting Everyday Program. The idea is to take one day off of weight lifting before I start this program and focus on a period of rest. From the start of my journey I focused on diet and exercise. Primarily weight lifting because I am not a fan of cardio but I understand how important cardio is so I do it because out of sheer necessity in order to reach my goals.

Since the start of my journey I have lost 31 pounds (11 weeks ago almost 12 weeks now) and have noticed some significant changes. I want to talk about this in two elements: physical and mental change.

Physical change: I have noticed my clothes are way too big. They fit like drapes over my frame. I went from a size 20 dress to size 12 in a matter of weeks. My shoes are way too big. I went from an 8.5 to a 7.5 during this time. My hair is shiny and skin is softer. I don’t feel bloated or have heartburn.

Mental change: I have more confidence. I am less depressed and no longer have extreme mood swings like before. I smile more and enjoy life. I am no longer addicted to food instead of view food as fuel to enhance my life. I look at my body differently because I want to put healthy wholesome foods into my system that will continue to give me the necessary energy to keep up with my kids. I can sleep better too and do not feel like I am missing out on my children’s lives.

It is a great feeling pushing myself to my limits and realizing I can endure life’s challenges as opportunities instead of obstacles. To have a chance to treat myself in a way that promotes healthier behaviors that impact my outlook on people and life in a positive manner. Overall this experience has been wonderful. I cannot wait to see what the next 4 weeks can bring with a new program underway. Stay tuned!

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Lose Belly Fat For Women Scientists Discover Fat Gene


Lose Belly Fat For Women Scientists Discover Fat Gene

Scientists discover ‘apple shape’ gene which tells fat to gather around the stomach

Can’t get rid of that muffin top?
If you can’t get rid of your pot belly, no matter how hard you try, blame your Plexin D1 gene.
Scientists believe the gene tells fat to gather around the middle, rather than the bottom and thighs.
In other words, it influences whether someone is an apple, with a big tummy, or a…

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Weight loss 3 week diet


In this video we show why the 3 Week Diet program is the best diet plan for weight loss fast. Visit:  http://tinyurl.com/Weigtloss3weekdiet

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Most of the diet plans out there approach weight loss with a “slow & sensible” approach.

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