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“She should be a hall-of-famer in the future, if not for what she did on the ice, but what she’s done for the female game off the ice. She is one of the greatest captains I have ever played under, one of the best teammates I’ve ever had, and she’s a heck of a lot of fun off the ice. She’s the only Canadian hockey player, male or female, to captain two Olympic teams to gold medals. She’s a legend in the hockey world.” -Tessa Bonhomme

Cassie Campbell-Pascal appreciation post


Harrison Browne is the first openly transgender man to compete on a North America pro team, and now the NWHL has vowed to protect him

Without any precedent, it was unclear whether a man should be allowed to play on a women’s sports team. So, the NWHL created a policy specifically to address this question. It states that “people designated female at birth, regardless of their gender identity” are allowed on the women’s team and says the league “supports athletes choosing to express their gender beyond the binary of female and male.” Woohoo!

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Nana Fujimoto is the star goaltender for the Japanese national women’s hockey team. At the 2015 IIHF World Championships, she was named best goaltender in the tournament. Fujimoto played for the NWHL’s New York Riveters during the 2016 season, and she was a starting goaltender at the 2016 All Star Game. She did not return to the NWHL this season to focus on national team obligations, and she has successfully led Team Japan to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

my headcanon of jack aggressively supporting the samwell women’s hockey team is really important to me. consider:

  • jack routinely parenting the smh team into going and cheering the ladies on. they usually sit at the front of the students’ section
  • shitty is really into it and buys the jersey of his fave swh player and is predictably obnoxious in an endearing way
  • don’t worry, she knows him at this point and it’s cool
  • jack arranging practices with the ladies because while his guys are good, they can always learn something about speed and dexterity from the swh team
  • jack taking appropriate opportunities to talk up the swh and how talented they are
  • when asked if he’s trying to lend his celebrity to women’s sports he just replies “equality is always important, but they don’t need me to tell you how good they are. their 29-0 record last season speaks for itself”