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Guardian Reapers

I know I said the next imagine would be about Chibs but I came up with this on the road and ended up writing it all down, so here it is. I had a lot of fun with it.

The sons find out your husband is abusive and help you out.

You were a bartender in Charming and lately you had been bartending for the local motorcycle club, the Sons of Anarchy. Sure, they were intimidating but they knew how to have fun and soon enough you discovered that they were really just a bunch of sweethearts to those who deserved it. You became friends with most of them and you were well liked by the club. They knew you pretty well, or as well as any of your friends knew you.
For example, they knew that you were married but didn’t about the bruises your husband left under your clothes. He was smart about it, he always hurt you where he knew no one would see and he made sure you feared him enough not to tell anyone. He was awful, but the things he had threatened to do to you if you left were even worse.
Last night he had come home drunk and angry, you hadn’t really done anything to piss him off that day but he had made sure you knew he didn’t want you going to any samcro parties anytime soon. He had actually beat up your face pretty bad, which he didn’t risk often. He knew you didn’t like people seeing your face bruised and battered.
You had came up with an excuse to tell the sons to explain why you couldn’t bartend their party that night but you couldn’t avoid going out when your husband told you to go to the store. You didn’t want anyone in the club to see you, it would just cause more trouble but you definitely weren’t known for your luck. It just so happened that Tig and Juice were at the store you had gone to and you hadn’t even noticed their bikes out front.
Tig was the first to notice you. He smiled and waved and you knew you couldn’t run.
“Hey, y/n!” Tig’s grin faded when he got closer to you and saw your face. He put his hand under your chin, examining your face. “Who did this to you, doll?”
Before you could come up with an excuse or Tig could press further, Juice showed up.
“Hey, y/n- Oh god, what happened to your face?” Juice observed, walking up from behind Tig. You looked down, hiding your face. Tig hit him.
“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean-” Juice stopped himself and got straight to the point. “What happened?”
You looked up at to see both Juice and Tig staring at you, concern in their eyes. That broke you.
“My husband…” You trailed off.
“Christ,” Tig sighed. “How long?”
“I don’t even know. Tiggy, I can’t leave. He won’t let me-” Your voice cracked and you couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. You were sobbing. Tig pulled you into a hug.
“Don’t worry, doll, we’re going to help you.” Tig rubbed your back. “Follow us back to TM and we’ll figure this out, okay?” You nodded.
Juice put an arm around you as he walked you to your car.
“We’re going to help you, y/n.” He told you.

Tara was cleaning up a few of the cuts on your face as Tig and Juice explained the situation to Jax while Happy and Chibs listened in.
“Well boys,” Jax said after they had finished, his expression livid. “Looks like the party’s going to be delayed a little. “ He turned to Happy and Chibs. “You in?”
“Aye” Chibs respond.
“Hell yeah.” Happy growled.
Jax walked up to you, taking your hands in his and looking you in your eyes.
“Take us to your, house y/n.” He said softly. “We’ll make sure this never happens again.”
You agreed and soon enough the fiercest of samcro was following behind your car like an escort. Honestly, that made you feel like a bad ass and gave you the courage you needed as you pulled into your driveway, their bikes behind you.

“What the hell are you doing, y/n!?” Your husband roared as he stormed out of your house. You paled and lost your courage as he marched straight toward you. Chibs stepped in front of you before he reached you. He grabbed your husband by the shirt.
“Not today, you bastard. And not ever again.” Chibs punched him right in the jaw, causing him to stumble straight back into Juice.
“You should never hit a lady.” Juice stated then punched. Suddenly all the sons were surrounding him. He was pushed toward Tig.
“Punching women make your dick feel big? Huh? It get you off?” Tig punched him and sent him Happy’s way.
Happy, being a man of few words said nothing. But he punched him twice and sent him flying toward Jax.
Jax picked your husband up by the collar of his shirt, putting his face close to your husband’s now bloody one.
“Y/n’s going to stay with us for a while.” He warned deadly quiet at first but his voice rose as he spoke. “When you wake up I want you gone. You take only your clothes with you. The house is y/n’s. I don’t want to see you near y/n or in my city EVER again!”
Your husband just sarted at Jax, shocked.
“Did you HEAR me!?” Jax screamed in his face.
“Y-yes sir.” Your husband stammered.
“Good.” Jax nodded and released one of his fists from the front of your husband’s shirt then he knocked his lights out, leaving your husband in an unconscious heap on your lawn.
“Go get some of your clothes.” Jax told you, quickly changing the tone of his voice to a soft one. “We’ve got an extra room at the clubhouse that you can stay in while he clears out.”
You nodded and went to get some of your clothes from in your house.
You threw a bag of your things into the back seat of your car and turned to Jax and the rest.
“Thank you Jax.” You smiled, tears forming in your eyes. “Thank you all so much.”
“No problem, y/n. You’re part of the family.” Jax pulled you into a hug. “If he’s ever stupid enough to show up at your house again you tell us.”
“We’ll take care of him.” Happy assured you.
You grinned wider, happy to be part of the family. You loved all of them and you were so thankful for them. They were your guardian angels. Well, maybe not angels, but they were your guardian reapers.

Chibs Telford || Tig Trager - Test Me |6|

Chibs made his way back to your room after tucking the ring somewhere safe in his dorm. He’d bring it home and put it in his safe later on. He knocked on your day letting you know he was there before walking in and giving you a once over seeing that you were currently only wearing a towel.

I had just stepped out of the shower from washing myself clean of the activities between Tig and myself. The longer I had been in the shower the worse and worse I felt not just for myself, but for Chibs as well. Then when Chibs opened the door to my bedroom I looked over at him.


I said turning my back to him as I opened my drawer to pull out some underwear as I started getting dressed after my shower.

“Hey love, just finished talkin with Clay.”

Chibs told you kissing your forehead as he walked past.  You seemed odd, distant almost. He could only assume it was because you expected the worse from Clay.

“How’d that go?”

I asked as I slipped on my underwear looking at him. I removed the towel now that I had my underwear on and put the towel in with my dirty clothes. I then came back out into the bedroom and went to grab a shirt.

“You’re not dead, so I can only assume it’s good.”

I said joking slightly.

“He had a few questions, gave him honest answers. He approves of me bein with ya.”

Chibs said watching your face closely for any sort of reaction. Something seemed off to him and he couldn’t put his finger on it. But it was driving him crazy. I turned my head around as I put my shirt on and I couldn’t help but smile again.

“That’s great. I’m actually shocked that he approves and so easily.”

I told him as I grabbed a pair of jeans out of the drawer and pulled them on as well.

“Aye it is.”

Chibs said crossing his arms over his chest as he watched you. Yeah he definitely didn’t like whatever was going on.

“What’d ye and Tiggy get up too?”

He asked wondering if the man said something to upset you.


I asked buttoning my pants up.

“He tried testing me as well.”

I told him honestly. As I finished up and turned to look at him after I closed my dresser drawer. I ran my hands through my hair as I walked over to my dresser to put on some concealer. I couldn’t keep this from him. He had every right to know if he was going to ask. I felt myself becoming even more nervous when I heard his next words.

“What happened when he did that?”

Chibs asked having a bad feeling when you didn’t immediately go and explain what happened.  He’d hope you’d be able to work through the test but he’s seen a lot of women give into Tig when he was the one testing them.

I kept applying the makeup as I refused to look at him. I ran the powder across my face before closing the lid and putting the brush down. I kept my eyes down on the table.

“I’m sorry.”

I whispered quietly, not even sure if he heard me as I felt my heart racing in my chest. Chibs didn’t know what to say. He had thought you of all people would be able to resist something like this.  He assumed you were just as serious as he was.  Then there was Tig, his brother knew exactly what was going on and went through having sex with you anyways.

He didn’t say anything as he turned around and walked out the room.

“After my surgery,” Tig Notaro joked to Mic, “I identify as female now.”

Notaro is referring to her double mastectomy, which she had after announcing her breast cancer diagnosis during a now-legendary August 2012 performance, for which she welcomed the crowd with, “Hello. I have cancer.”

With two new documentaries (including Knock Knock, It’s Tig Notaro, which premiered Friday on Showtime) and a memoir on the way, the comedy veteran is on fire. Notaro’s early work included jokes about having “little titties.” Seventeen years into the business, she’s an in-demand comic’s comic who dazzled audiences last November by telling a story about her awkward experience getting a TSA pat-down while standing on stage topless.

How Tig Notaro is using her 44-year-old, cancer-surviving, seemingly androgynous body to reinvent physical comedy


A few weeks ago, I quit a PA job on a short film for various reasons, but mostly because the pay wasn’t worth the safety hazards. Before quitting, the asshole production designer told me not to keep my hopes up because I would have to go through at least ten years of bullshit before I could move up in the industry. 

o btw here’s a John Legend music video I production designed.

Late Night Phone Call


Why was it that all they seem to do at night on runs is party? Partying in the Sons of Anarchy always seemed to party one way: booze, weed, and pussy. He was full of the first two and had seen Tig bend women over in ways he never needed to see or would never tell Tig’s..female type person. He finally made it to his room for the night and closed and locked the door, beer in hand.  He was in Vegas for the next three days and all he wanted to do was be home.  Finally, he picked up his phone and called Lyla.