womens size 8

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they both wear a mens size 7 women's 8.5/9. Ash said her shoe size in that interview where she got hit on by the interviewer. And someone on here cant remember who was given a signed pair of Kriegs cleats at a game a few years ago (2013/2014?). They were also a mens size 7.

I always thought ash had bigger feet. Interesting

Hey, here’s an idea!

How about instead of providing clothes for plus sized people as the norm, we start giving people with big ass feet better shoes? 

Anything that isn’t US Women’s size 8 and down or US Men’s size 12 and down get really tacky shoes or we have to fucking custom order them and that is some expensive shit. I’m a US Women’s size 11 and there is BARELY anything on the market that I like or that are even remotely functional if you don’t custom order. I want to look nice as fuck in my shoes, not like a frumpy girl.

Because, ya know, you can change your weight, but you can’t change your foot size.

Do I have any trans girl/trans feminine followers who would be interested in some clothes? 

I have way too many clothes and I need to weed through the hoard. Mostly jeans/t-shirts and maybe a few skirts. I still need to decide which I’ll donate, so no pics yet. I’ll post ‘em later. My clothes are all between a US women’s size 8 - 12. 

They’ll be free, depending on how much shipping is I’ll probably cover it! I just want them to go to a good home.

PSA I got timbs yesterday and I’m a women’s size 8/8.5 and the sales guy at the store let me know that I can wear a boy’s 6.5 and they’re like $30 cheaper bc they’re technically kids, which you can do with basically any sneaker type shoe where the boys looks basically the same as the “women’s” version RT to save a life