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Maybe this question is loaded and dumb, but what is fat? At what point is a person fat? Is it subjective? I am just really not sure of what fat is and I am sorry if I seem dumb.

actually, I think this is a fairly complex question and I would say you’ll get different answers from different people, so in a sense I would say it’s subjective.  for instance (and as I’m sure you know), in the fashion industry anything about an 8 is considered ‘plus size’.  so you have these women who are sizes 8-14, with absolutely no visible rolls, flat stomachs, toned arms and typically the only thing that’s large on them is their breasts and maybe thighs.  
I don’t consider these women fat.  

For me, I typically don’t think anyone is fat unless they have visible rolls or a belly or big thighs or back fat or flabby arms, not just large breasts/butt or wide hips (which is what the fashion industry/a large percentage of people consider to be fat).  Like I said, it probably is quite subjective though.  A lot of the women that I see posting in the fatshion tags I don’t really see as being fat, some chubby at the biggest.  It’s honestly a pretty hard/complex subject because on one hand I’m like..do I have the right to tell someone what they should/should not identify as? on the other hand it’s bothersome to see women who are a size 8 or 12 posting in there and considering themselves fat.  I think I may be extra sensitive to this because it’s so rare to actually see representations of people my size or larger even when people are talking about fat folk or featuring them and I feel like part of that might be because of where we’re setting the bar of being fat (which is at the average sized woman).  Even in the body positive community a lot of the time the bodies that are being represented as being ‘fat’ are essentially just larger versions of what is considered attractive in smaller bodies (large breasts, small waist, wide hips, big ass, thick thighs).

This is something that I’ve thought about, but haven’t really developed a clear answer for myself yet so I’m sorry if this isn’t really definitive. I feel like it’s a personal thing and at the same time it’s a simple broad spectrum thing and so it’s actually a bit confusing to me where or how we define it.