It’s International Women’s Day. A day that celebrates women and fights the oppression against them. Muslim women face oppression from those in the West who do not understand their religion as well as those within the religion who do not act upon it’s teachings. So, to clear some things up - here are some of the rights women have in Islam:

  • The Muslim women receives (not gives) the bridal gift/dowry. The dowry is the women’s right and cannot be taken from her
  • Muslim women can own property and retain all ownership once married
  • Muslim women keep their last name after marriage
  • Any earnings the Muslim woman acquires during her life (investments, work, property) does not have to be used to support the household
  • The financial maintenance of a household is the man’s responsibility in Islam. Even if the Muslim women is richer than the man, she does not have to contribute. Therefore, his money is her money and her money is her money
  • A divorced Muslim woman has right to child support
  • Muslim women have the right to divorce
  • Muslim women have the right of satisfaction from their husband
  • Education is the right of a Muslim woman. Muslim women are encouraged to become whatever profession they desire in Islam (physicians, teachers, engineers, writers, artists, etc.). A true Islamic society will have women in all career fields
  • Muslim women are entitled to equal pay
  • The choice of WHO she may marry is solely her choice. A forced marriage is not valid under Islamic law
  • Muslim women mothers have 3 times the rights over their children than their father does
  • Muslim women had always had a spot in law making and politics when Islam first came. Culture corrupted that
  • Muslim women carried arms and fought in battles
  • In Islam, daughters are a blessing that provides immediate benefit spiritually to families - if they treat her correctly

Islam predates Europe in giving rights to women by around 1300 years. Islam came during a time of severe oppression to women and worked diligently to raise the status of women.

What My Religion Really Says About Women - Alaa Murabit TED Talk

Happy International Women’s Day
The U.S. Is Beaten By 27 Other Countries When It Comes To Women’s Equality
While the world has made progress closing the gap between women and men in health, education, economic participation, and political empowerment over the last decade, the United States is not keeping up.

“The World Economic Forum (WEF) just released its 2015 Global Gender Gap report, which showed that the gap has dropped by 4 percent in the last ten years. While this marks progress, it could take another 118 years to completely close the gap. Gender equality will not be reached until the year 2133 at this rate.

Progress also isn’t even across the globe. Over those 10 years, Nordic countries have consistently been doing the most to close the gender gap. Iceland came in at number one over the past six years, followed by Norway, Finland and Sweden.

The United States, on the other hand, has actually moved backward. On the list of 145 countries, the United States has never broken into the top 15 countries with the lowest gender gap. Worse, it fell eight places over the last year, to a rank of 28 for overall gender equality. The authors of the study credit this fall to slightly “less perceived wage equality for similar work and changes in ministerial level positions.” Though the U.S. has nearly closed the gender gap in education and health, the largest gaps stills remain in labor force participation, wage equality for similar work, and political empowerment.

“There’s a strong correlation between economic and political empowerment: these two areas seem to reinforce one another, as women get ahead at work and seek better representation in politics; and as female politicians set policies to support women’s professional lives,” Ceri Parker, Associate Director and Commissioning Editor of Forum Blog at World Economic Forum, wrote in a blog post. “If we want a world with no gender gap, we need changes in policies, in business practices and in cultural attitudes.”

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The United States, on the other hand, has actually moved backward. 

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