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There is this trend on Film/Comicbook Twitter where people are actually accusing DCEU fans of being white boy Trump Supporters who are naturally members of the alt right.

Yes really.  For starters there are many DCEU fans of various races, religions, and genders. And I have yet to encounter a single one who supports Trump. Not even the cisgendered heterosexual white guys.

And second, why the fuck would anyone from the alt-right would like the DCEU anyways?  The DCEU has:

A cast of racially diverse actors/actresses who aren’t just sidekicks to the white male lead.

Three iconic characters(Lex Luthor, Barry Allen, Wonder Woman) being played by Jewish actors that I can think of right on top of my head.

Women of all races playing major roles in this universe and are not the disposable girlfriend.  There’s three movies planned that will feature female leads.  One of them is coming out next week.

Hell even the cisgendered white male actors don’t always conform to what many alt right guys are comfortable with.  I can’t imagine Richard Spencer being able to casually make jokes about fucking his male costar the way Ben and Henry did during the BvS promo tour.

And many of the cast members aren’t Trump Supporters either.

Look I get not liking a franchise. There are franchises I don’t care for. But trying to present people who like what you hate as a part of a group that would despise the majority of the actual fanbase is beyond the pale.  Not everyone will hate what you hate. Not everyone will like what you like. Grow the fuck up.


Why We Need To Talk About White Feminism

Have you ever wondered what White Feminism is? Are you vaguely familiar with the term, but still unclear on what it actually means – and how it affects you?

WATCH the full video to give you a brief, basic introduction to White Feminism, and explain why we need to start talking about it more.

This is my new strategy for white people who ask "Do you work here?"

I can’t tell you how many nice (and not-so-nice) white women have walked up to me in a store to ask me where something is, how much something costs, or to otherwise find out information she should be getting from an employee who MUST BE ME because I am a brown person nearby on the salesfloor.  Nevermind whether I have on an overcoat, I’m wearing headphones, or I have a complete lack of nametag, apron, or company t-shirt, I still get asked all the time “Do you work here?”

Before, my standard response was to pause for just enough beats to make her uncomfortable and then say, “No I don’t.  What about me made you think I work here?  And please be specific.”  Face crack.  Every single time.

Thanks to a friend’s comment thread on the Internet, I have a new tactic.

Pretend you do work there!!  It’s brilliant.  Observe.

White Woman:  How much is this shirt?
Me:  The sign is right there.  Can you not read it?
White Woman:  I was just making sure to see if it was on sale.  No need to be rude.
Me: No need to be stupid.  The sign has the price.  The tag has the same price.  Therefore, that’s the price.  Why are you bothering me with this?
White Woman:  Well I never!  I need to speak to the manager!
Me:  Fine, so do I.  I don’t even like this store.
[we march to customer service]
White Woman:  I’d like you to fire this employee immediately.  He was SO RUDE and I’m going to take my business elsewhere unless he is fired right now!
Manager:  I don’t think –
White Woman:  [”I was told by Applecare” voice] YOU DON’T THINK!?  I’M CALLING CORPORATE!
Me:  And say what?  That a perfect stranger with no nametag, apron, company ID, or any other sign of being an employee was mean to you in a store?  Susan I don’t even work here.  I just felt like making you look like the ass you clearly are.  Have a nice day.

Like…I’m finna go shopping RIGHT NOW just to test it out.  I’ma put on my big obnoxious hipster headphones just so there’s no reason whatsoever someone would think I’d be on the clock, and I’ma casually walk through a store and just wait.  And I happen to be wearing black jeans and a black jacket, which is the unofficial NYC uniform of fast-fashion retail.  And H&M is like three blocks away too…

When I see white girls: 😍
When I see brown girls: 😍
When I see Native girls: 😍
When I see Asian girls: 😍
When I see black girls: 😍
When I see light girls: 😍
When I see dark girls: 😍

When I see girls who lift up other girls, regardless of their skin color, and support eachother: 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Women in Tehran protest marathon rules, risk arrest and run their own race

  • After what could only be months of training, a group of female runners checked their emails a few weeks ago to find that they wouldn’t be allowed to run in TehRUN, a 26-mile marathon that took place on Friday.
  • According to the Independent, the marathon’s organizers informed the women they were being banned from the race because of a rule that says men and women can’t participate in sporting events together. 
  • The outlet reported there had been “several confusing updates” on the race’s official policy, but in essence, organizers said any woman who wished to still compete in TehRUN would have to run on an indoor track if they wanted to run the full-distance marathon. 
  • On race day, however, it emerged that women could take part in the 10 kilometre run but not the half marathon or full marathon, and those still wishing to complete the full distance would have to use an indoors sports stadium track instead. Read more. (4/10/2017 3:20 PM)

Stories about black women whose employers asked them to cut their dreadlocks or to trim their big afros have surfaced with more frequency in the last few years. Now a new study confirms that many people —including black ones— have a bias against the types and styles of natural hair worn by black people.

The “Good Hair Study” was conducted by Perception Institute, which describes itself as “a consortium of researchers, advocates and strategists” that uses emotional and psychological research to identify and reduce bias in areas such as law enforcement, education, civil justice and the workplace. The study resulted from a partnership with Shea Moisture, a black-owned hair and body products company, and aimed to better understand the connection between implicit bias and textured hair.

New Evidence Shows There’s Still Bias Against Black Natural Hair

Photo: portishead1/Getty Images/iStockphoto

“But here, condensed into one 10-minute span, I recognized the sinking feeling of being betrayed by a white woman you’ve stanned for, loved, liked, or even simply been mildly okay with. It’s that feeling when you find out that, after enjoying her in Easy A and finding her bubbly personality lovable, Emma Stone was fine with playing an Asian woman in Aloha. Maybe you went through it with Scarlett Johansson when you found out that she’d accepted the lead role in Ghost in the Shell, an adaptation of a Japanese anime series. It’s the betrayal you feel the first time you realize that women who are labeled pop-culture feminist icons, like Tina Fey, are perfectly fine with gunning for blackface laughs at your expense, or blaming your idols for white girls’ lack of self-esteem. (Beyoncé is many things, but she is not the reason you hate your body.)

For some, it’s the 53 percent of white women who voted for Trump, or finding out that the leader of your local NAACP chapter is literally a white woman in disguise. For others it’s finding out that Taylor Swift’s been coasting on America’s fear of black men for years. I feel it every time I realize there’s a white women on my Twitter timeline who will tweet in earnest for Planned Parenthood while sparing only a perfunctory tweet for Black Lives Matter or the Standing Rock Sioux.

The thought that white people may see you as no more than a body for use or a culture from which you can pick and choose what you like while discarding the rest and those who invented it? The idea that a white woman you see as your potential friend or ally will eventually prove to be looking out for her own best interests over yours or the greater good? These are concepts that the people of color watching this film are intimately familiar with.

White women have always played, and continue to play, a large part in upholding the supremacy. They have not held the best interests of people of color.”

— Get Out Perfectly Captures the Terrifying Truth About White Women”

C: When I was in California with a friend, her acquaintance said the N word so I called her a g*** and she was like “Wow that’s racist. So you hate Asian people?” And I said, “No more than you hate black people.” She didn’t say anything else and left early. I’m sick of these non black ass rags saying the slur, so I’m serving them what they’re serving me and no I don’t believe in “takin the high road.” You wanna use a slur tied to my oppression then get ready for a nasty response. #notyourblackfriend