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2016: Year in Review ⇾ Simone Biles at the olympics

Simone Biles finished one of the greatest Olympic Games performances by a gymnast, with five gold medals. Her five medals tie the hardware haul of a USA woman at a single Olympic Games, and her four golds tie an Olympic record shared by three others.Having won a combined total of nineteen Olympic and World Championship medals, she is the most decorated American gymnast, taking over from Shannon Miller, who had held this record since 1996.

Claudia Poll (b. 1972) is an Olympic swimmer from Costa Rica, and the only gold-medalist of the country. She achieved this at the 1996 Atlanta Games, in the 200m freestyle event. She also hold multiple national records in the sport.

She was the first person to win an Olympic gold medal not only from Costa Rica, but from the whole of Central America, a feat that stood until 2008. She set multiple records at the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2006, beating the ones previously set by her sister Silvia.


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December 31, 1995

Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas: Gymnast, Olympic Gold Medalist


“Hard days are the best because that’s when champions are made.”


Grace, Gold, and Glory My Leap of Faith

Raising the Bar

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Larisa Latynina (b. 1934) is a former Soviet gymnast who holds the world record for most gold medals obtained by a gymnast, male or female, with nine. Her total record of 18 Olympic medals stood for 48 years, until 2012.

She was the most successful gymnast of the 1956 Summer Olympics, where she obtained four gold medals on her first time participating in the international event. At the 1958 Championships, she obtained five out of six titles despite being four months pregnant. She is one of only two female gymnasts (the other being Simone Biles in 2016) who has won team, all-around and an event final gold in the same Olympiad – she has done so twice, in 1956 and 1960.

Ughhhhh there is not enough eye roll in the world to express how I feel about posts like this. First, women in those countries (which ones? Please clarify) marched too, as marches were held on every continent, so….and oppression is not a competition. I’m tired of people using women in countries other than the USA as a derailing tactic to get us to shut up. @whatbigotspost