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Killed my hamstring workout tonight so I guess you could say I’m pretty happy about that. Rough week ahead of me though, please send thoughts and prayers ❤

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Hey there! So I was discussing with a friend who also had micro/macrophilia and we were wondering, how did you admit it? Your fetish I mean, it just seems awkward to bring up with a significant other, so any tips?

Well, when I started having sex with my husband, then boyfriend, I realized I was drifting mentally during sex and not really enjoying it. I decided I didn’t want to be stuck with lack-luster sex for the rest of my life because of my own self inflicted shame. It wasn’t fair to me, and it surely wasn’t fair to my boyfriend. I was pretending to enjoy myself and sending him the wrong signals, praising him for giving me cookie cutter, vanilla sex. I’d tell myself that maybe we’re not meant to be because I didn’t feel satisfied, but in reality the poor guy had no idea he was losing me. I decided one day it was only fair to give him a chance, what could go wrong? (1) He could call me a freak and burn me at the stake (1) He could tell me he’s not interested, and we could break up, which would suck, but then I wouldn’t feel like I’m lying to me or him, OR (2) he could be open minded to it, and I could finally open up to someone about this which would be super awesome.

Well, I’m happy to say that he was very open minded to it. Sure, there were a lot of questions, and confusion. For most people, this may be the first time they’ve even heard about macrophilia or microphilia. He certainly didn’t get the whole size thing over night, but he has always had an open mind about it, and so, day by day he’s grown into his role as my giant. It wasn’t forced, it happened pretty organically on his part. I think with any partner, if they get constant positive feedback for indulging you, they’ll want to keep pushing those buttons. Making size jokes or naughty size remarks aren’t just something I like, after years of being together they’re predictable, low hanging fruit for my husband. It’s pretty convenient for him to always know how to make me smile, laugh…blush. ;)  

My husband has told me repeatedly that he’d be really hurt if he didn’t know this side of me. Other size/vanilla couples I’ve met have shared the same sentiment. I think lying to your partner is the #1 killer of a relationship, so that’s why I believe if you want to feel a real true connection with your partner, it’s a necessary inevitability to come clean with them.   

If you want my advice, you shouldn’t come out to someone on the first few dates. You don’t want to scare them away, and you certainly don’t want them to think that size stuff is all your about. Get to know each other first, and when you feel comfortable enough to tell them, sit down with them and just say it! Maybe have some pictures or stories handy that you may like. Don’t let them guess what your size fascination is all about, because as we all know there is a wide variety of size interests out there. 

When you do finally tell your partner, never forget to respect yourself! It’s easy for us size fans to envision ourselves as damaged goods. To believe that our partners are doing us a favor by indulging us, and that by confessing to them about our fetish, we have somehow now burdened them. If you are open and honest with your partner, then them participating in your fantasies is their adult decision to make. Just as my husband hit some walls trying to figure me out, I also hit some walls trying to figure him out…because my brain isn’t wired to think like vanilla folk, or other types of kinksters, I’m wired to think like a size fetishists. It is a learning process for both sides.  

And the funny thing is, no one really likes to talk about their own sexual fantasies. One of the things my husband really struggled to tell me was that he liked women in tight gym clothes. GYM CLOTHES. Like - how innocent and cute does that sound compared to my masochistic size trash fantasies?? My husband doesn’t need me in gym clothes or indulging any of his other vanilla interests for him to enjoy sex. But the man size roleplays with me pretty much every time we do it - yet I had to nag this info out of him! Everyone thinks their fantasies are literally the worst trash ever. Don’t ever give into that, don’t compare or weigh your fantasies against your partner. Spend time getting to know your fantasies, and your partner, and then tell them! Once you tell them, it’ll get a lot easier telling other people too. I have since told some close friends and family, like my sister and a cousin.