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Top pick frangrances in the industry:


  • Jean Paul Gautier
  • CK: (Calvin Klein) One
  • Armani: Aqua Di Gio’
  • Paco Rabanne: Invictus
  • Versace: Man
  • Prada: Luna Rossa
  • Gucci: Guilty
  • YSL (all fragrances)
  • Chanel: Blue
  • Zegna: Uomo


  • Chanel: Coco Mademoiselle
  • Versace: Bright Crystal
  • Marc Jacobs (all fragrances)
  • Issey Miyaki: L'eau D'Issey
  • Kenzo: Flower
  • Armani: Black Code
  • Bvulgari: Omnia
  • Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue
  • Lancome: Miracle
  • Thierry Mugler: Angel

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Fragrances that go both ways.

When it comes to fragrance, some of us prefer scents that aren’t overly feminine or masculine. We picked five that feel modern and palatable to all—no gender labels necessary. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Calvin Klein CK2

Back in the ’90s, Calvin Klein made a splash with ck one. They’re back at it with this contemporary twist—balancing woody and fresh notes, and housed in a bottle with a futuristic feel.

CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud

This luxurious, woody musk from a brand known for its sustainable and eco-friendly outlook taps into the intrinsic human desire to get back to nature and discover our truest selves.

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume

An energizing combination of blood orange, jasmine, and sandalwood notes evoke maybe the most perfect morning ever: an alfresco breakfast at sunrise with a beautiful ocean view.


Inspired by a free-flowing night in an underground Brooklyn jazz club, this intoxicating scent’s vanilla and tobacco leaf notes exude a warm, boozy, bebop energy.

TOM FORD Neroli Portofino

With notes of citrus, floral, and amber, get instantly transported to the Italian Riviera. Seriously, this sparkling scent makes you feel like a movie star.


anonymous asked:

Jungkook is really sensitive and feminine in some way as he has admitted himself that he cries quite easily and he uses a lot of women fragrances, his perfume of choice is Victoria's Secret's Noir Tease ! 😯 Which aspects/signs do you think influence this behavior?

ooh i’m thinking his sun conjunct moon. the moon represents women and femininity, so the fact that his sun (his identity) is directly connected to such a soft, emotional planet could definitely explain that. he’s very in tune with his feelings and people with this aspect, especially men, are particularly sensitive.

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My Fragrances

This is a list of the scents that I am using at the moment.. and have been using for a very long time, actually. I am a sucker for fragrances and love the touch of mystery each and every one of my scents leave on me. I love turning into an enigma. I apply perfume every day and for any occasion and never care about a scent being too ‘heavy’ to wear during the day. And of course I adore the beautiful flacons. 

I much prefer full, dark, erotic, spicy and warm scents to fresh and flowery ones, but as so many things in life, there are always exceptions. 


This… is the ultimate sugar baby scent. ‘Sugar baby’ is even too much of an immature and playful term for this perfume. 

Here is why:

Dedicated to the strong and determined woman…an iron fist in a velvet glove.

A tribute to courtesans - well-read, playful and intriguing women who aspired to much more than love, striving to influence the powerful men they caught in their web. Cortigiana expresses a new form of sensuality and a spiritual and invigorating voluptuousness.

From time immemorial, women have examined their world and developed tricks to win favor and thus survive in hostile environments.

Cortigiana is the link between women of yesterday and those of today, at once intelligent and seductive with myriad artistic talents.

She is seated on the grass at a picnic lunch. Her eyes take in the verdant Venetian hills surrounding her. Leaning against a cherry tree, her hand caresses the green grass swaying in the breeze. As she raises a sweet delicacy to her mouth, relishing a hint of vanilla, she illustrates her spiritual and cultural skills.
Her life is rich and rewarding, and her perfume reveals the beauty of her body.
Faintly powdery, it clothes her and adorns her with infinite artistry sail through life with finesse and seduction.

Top Note: Floral Notes, Dark Cherry
Heart Note: Almond, Vanilla
Base Note: Iris, Herbs

I love this perfume. Absolutely love it. It is my signature scent.


Dita von Teese wears it. ‘Nuff said.

Top notes are orange blossom, green notes, tarragon, bergamot, lemon and citruses; middle notes are carnation, tuberose, orchid, lilac, orris root, jasmine, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley, rose, violet and iris; base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, musk, civet, oakmoss, honey and vanilla.

The true Quelques Fleurs formula has never been published. An ancient formula still kept in the family archives, this fragrance will never be duplicated. The blend of soft, sensual florals uses over 250 different raw materials and more than 15,000 flowers to create just one ounce of Quelques Fleurs eau de parfum.

3.) TOBACCO VANILLE by TOM FORD (Private Blend)

The classic. No need to say more.

4.) SHANGHAI LILY by TOM FORD (Private Blend)

The fragrance features spicy notes, floral notes, olibanum, vanilla, bitter orange, pink pepper, black pepper, cloves, jasmine, rose, tuberose, vetiver, cashmere wood, benzoin, castoreum, labdanum, guaiac wood and incense.

Opulent. Tantalizing. Elegant.

Shanghai Lily is a floral oriental scent that transports the senses into a world of rare and opulent ingredients from the historic silk road. Warm spices, elegant florals and addictive notes of vanilla and frankincense create a hazy reverie of glamour and temptation.

5.) PLUM JAPONAIS by TOM FORD (Private Blend)

6.) NOIR DE NOIR by TOM FORD (Private Blend)

Dark. Sexy. Indulgent.

Encompassing and celebrating the Yin and the Yang, this rich oriental scent reveals Tom Ford’s feminine side. Rich feminine florals and the masculine earthiness of black truffle, vanilla, patchouli, oud wood, and tree moss add a warm sensuality to this dark chypre oriental.



Teint de neige, “the colour of snow”, the delicate rosy hue of a powdered face. The unmistakable scent of perfumed powders, the fragrance of face powder, the perfume of talc, a soft, gentle, enveloping Eau de Toilette, yet intense and persistent. An aroma delicately permeated by the richness of the natural extracts of precious flowers, recalling the light, images and atmosphere of the belle-époque.

Top Note: Jasmin, Rose, Ylang Ylang, sweet, powdery and floral notes
Middle Note: Tonka bean, Jasmin, Rose, sweet, powdery and floral notes
Base Note: Heliotrope, Musk, Rose, Jasmin, sweet, powdery and floral notes


A boundless greenland touching the sky. The scent of grass, of new-mown hay, of countless herbs and flowers scattered in the fields, stirred by the wind and warmed by the sun. A lonely fire in the meadows, the quiet ritual of tea and mate a gentle veil of smoke, rising and lightly embracing.

Top note: Fresh, green and citrus notes, tea, aromatic herbs, Mate, Mint, Estragon, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang.
Middle Note: Green notes, tea, herbs, Mate, New-mown Hay, Lavender.
Base Note: Green notes, tea, Mate, Galbanum, Labdanum, Tree-Moss, Patchouli, Vetiver, aromatic woods, touches of powdery and gently spiced notes.


It reminds me of the scented black teas that I so love..

L’Ile au Thé is an infusion of well-being, an invigorating and soothing perfume to be shared.

Between the sea and volcanoes, a stroll in the fields of mandarin trees and tea plantations, waving in the wind of an Asian island.
The crystalline mandarin bursts into freshness, contrasting, in a soft and soothing breeze, with the tea, green and leathery, and the osmanthus, carnal and fruity, like a caress on the skin…


Delicate and irresistable, Vanille Bourbon captivates and enchants your most distant dreams. Crafted from the orchid, the fragrance is intensified with touches of amber, Tahitian Gardenia and heliotrope. Its sunny quality eases the mind and senses.


According to lore, Cleopatra so adored Egyptian jasmine, gathered from the banks of the Nile at dusk when the flower’s scent is at its headiest, that she doused the sails of her ship with their essence on her journey to meet Mark Antony. As the fragrant breezes of this legendary flower snaked his way, legend has it, Mark Antony fell in love with the Egyptian queen, famous for her love of beautiful perfumes.

A soft and sensual fruity chypre, X for Women complements the soft eroticism of X for Men. Egyptian jasmine is refreshed and made momentarily sharp by fruit notes such as tart rhubarb and juicy peach and pineapple. Vanilla and labdanum soften and enrich those notes, and the perfume is made even more erotic with the X series’ signature note of Karo Karundi, a white flower essence from the West African shrub whose scent recalls the Acacia flower and is reputed to be an aphrodisiac.

The notes in X for Women blend beautifully not only with each other, but also with skin, creating a warm, sweet and luscious skin scent that, like X for men, could be described as approachably erotic. Comforting and stunning.


An ode to Creed’s craftsmanship and passion for the world’s finest ingredients, Love in White combines hand-selected essences from five continents—a fragrant statement of global unity and peace. Created by master perfumer Olivier Creed and inspired by his love of sailing the world’s oceans, this scent is pure freedom. Cultured and polished, it’s no wonder this fragrance is loved by First Ladies. Love in White was honored on its launch day with a most iconic image—the Empire State Building illuminated by pure white lights. A zesty citrus blend grounded by powdery rice husk with cool notes of spring blooms.


A saleslady gave me a sample of this perfume because, as soon as she looked at me, she knew what an ‘erotic’ and sensual character I was.. making this scent perfect for me. What a compliment!

Life Threads Ruby is a romantic feminine fragrance for women that is reminiscent of a long quiet walk through a spring garden. Infused with the subtle notes of tangy African orange flower, musky bergamot, sweet jasmine and aromatic ylang-ylang, this classic scent combines warm musky base notes to create an oriental floral fragrance that is ideal for date night or snuggling on the couch with someone special.

There are oh so many more that I am going to try and buy.. I get so excited whenever I imagine my next perfume shopping trip. 

I can’t wait!

Another naruto oc! Ranmaru Karasuma, a perfume maker and an informant. He plays an important role in Konoha RGB story. 

Ranmaru’s background remains mystery. He experts in perfume/fragrance making. He knows various informations around the countries from his clients. Rinne was one of his acquaintance and he thinks Ranmaru is one of the most trusted informant he knew.

Personality : Calm, tricky, mysterious, organized, outspoken, possessive

Likes : Observing humans, women with beautiful eyes, fragrance, clients with interesting stories

Dislikes : people who has high sense of justice, Tanuma, stinks, spicy foods.


A mini introduction to the skincare everybody’s talking about.

When it comes to beauty, certain places in the world have typically played favorites to different categories. Case in point: French women adore fragrance, American women love makeup, and Korean women are particularly keen on skincare. You, like anyone with a Wi-Fi connection, might have noticed a recent interest in K-beauty has been blowing up the Internet. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place: Sephora carries a number of top-tier Korean beauty brands—and below, we call out how you can incorporate a few key players that can help get your skin on track to dewy perfection. KELLEY HOFFMAN


Double cleansing is a great technique to give your face the deep cleanse it deserves. We recommend Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil, from a brand that blends Korean herbal science with modern French luxury. This is a fabulous two-in-one product that transforms from a wax to an oil upon touching your skin. Apply a pea-sized amount of the rosemary-scented balm to your face, gently rub it around, and watch this powerhouse melt away your makeup. Now, that’s just part one. Next, massage warm water onto your face, and you’ll see the formula shape-shift once again into a creamy lotion. After washing off your day, you’ll be left with soft, fresh, makeup-free skin.


If you really want luminous skin, you’ll need to incorporate an exfoliator—which is key for removing dead skin cells. Try Erborian Crème Scrub Beautifying Exfoliating Pearls, enriched with a complex of seven Korean herbs. The mint-green formula is mellow enough to use every day, but keeps your skin looking like new with sponge-like micro-pearls that roll over your face, removing impurities and refining texture. After you delicately buff your skin, your face will be feeling soothed and purified.


When you have 20–30 minutes for a little “me time,” consider indulging your skin with a sheet mask, which you should use after cleansing. Tony Moly I’m Real – Rice Face Mask Sheet – Clear Skin is a triple-layered cotton sheet, and while it looks a bit like a hockey mask, it’s incredibly soft and drenched in invigorating serum. Formulated with rice extracts, it helps moisturize and brighten your complexion in a single supercharged dose. It should be noted it also contains a certain ingredient that’s been trending in Korean skincare for a hot minute now: snail secretion filtrate.


One of the best ways to prepare your skin for moisturizing products is to layer on an essence. After cleansing and toning, try belif Hungarian Water Essence—this Korean brand’s ultra-light formula is made with Hungary water (Queen Elizabeth of Hungary’s beauty secret) and a mixture of apothecary herbs. It instantly brings back to life any lost hydration, leaving your skin looking supple and radiant. 


Gel-cream moisturizers are lightweight and cooling, yet intensely hydrating. Try using one, like belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb, toward the end of your routine, as it forms a protective seal that helps lock in moisture. Enriched with lady’s mantle, an herb that helps reduce the appearance of pores and neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals, this formula quenches your skin’s thirst like no other.


Get dewy on demand with a face mist. Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist (for dry or sensitive skin) and Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist (for oily skin) are not only the cutest products you’ve ever seen, but they also refresh skin, hydrate, set makeup, and keep you coming back for more. What we love about these purse-sized, pink rabbit-shaped spritzers is that they make skincare so fun. In case you didn’t know, this Korean brand’s name translates to “nice and trendy”—and we’re backing it.



The influential musician introduces us to GIRL, his debut scent created in collaboration with Comme des Garçons Parfum.

What happens when a music and style icon teams up with the hottest avant-garde fashion house? GIRL–the new scent for girls and boys from producer Pharrell Williams and Comme des Garçons—is born. Inspired by the rich, distinctive scent of wood, this unique fragrance features a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine notes. The modern eau de parfum is composed with neroli, iris, and sandalwood and housed in a one-of-a-kind, collector’s edition bottle with never-before-seen artwork by KAWS. The Sephora Glossy caught up with Williams to find out more about the stylish scent that captures the beat of music, fashion, and art’s finest. RENEE TRILIVAS

Why did you decide to create a fragrance?
I chose to make a fragrance now because I was given an opportunity. It was with my favorite brand Comme des Garçons, so it was an honor. They are your favorite designer’s favorite designers. What else could I say except ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’?

What was the inspiration for the fragrance?
Women were the inspiration, but it’s unisex, so it’s made for everyone. You can’t really put parameters on what we wear. Comme des Garçons CEO Adrian Joffe added ‘for boys and girls’—it was his way of telling the story of unisex.

How did you decide on the name of the fragrance? It’s also the name of your sophomore album.
It just made the most sense. It was the genesis of a revelation that I had: that women were going to be my primary focus for a while because they were the ones that had been such an incredible and relentless inspiration.

Did you have any specific visions when creating the fragrance?
I just knew that wood had to be an integral part of it. Once I smelled the Comme fragrances and saw their processes and the way they approached scent, I knew what I wanted.

What was your experience testing the scents? I heard your wife, Helen, also helped in the process.
I still can’t describe the sensation—that’s what’s so magical about it. As far as my wife smelling it, well, why not ask the one who is going to smell it on me the most? We wear a lot of the same things.

Did you ever find yourself comparing creating a fragrance to creating music?
Collaborating on a scent is different from other collaborations because basically the air is the canvas, and in music, the sheet music is where the notes go. When you’re listening to music, again it’s in the air, but it’s from an auditory point of view. This was different because this was an art of the olfactory sense. So, while I don’t know the most about it, I was honored to learn from people who are really good at what they do and it’s also the brand that I respect.


British boy band One Direction will launch a new fragrance for women in April 2014- That moment. That Moment is a new special edition of their debut fragrance from 2013 – Our Moment. The fragrance retains the original notes such as pink grapefruit and jasmine and mixes them with new flavors of green apple and violet. The base notes include woods and musk.

#BestYearEver: Find Your Signature Scent

The perfect perfume for you

Finding the right scent for you is easier said than done, but when you do, it’s well worth the wait. Perfume is that accessory that always feels right, adding a personal and elegant touch to every outfit. We’re breaking down the process of finding the perfect fragrance for you, so read through our tips below and then shop our top 10 great-smelling perfumes.

Start with what you know. If there’s a specific scent or bottle you know you like, visit a department store or specialized beauty shop and ask questions. The people working there can help you find similar perfumes.

Learn your families. Perfumes are often categorized by scent families, so it helps to know which ones please you the most. Smell a variety of citrus, floral, oriental and wood-based perfumes to find your favorite.

Don’t spray too much. You only need a spritz or two before the scent starts to overpower your presence. If you want a light coverage, spray it in the air first and walk through it.

Take samples with you. Perfume scents change throughout the day, so it’s important that you like how a certain fragrance smells even after it has settled.

Smell it on your skin. Perfume smells a little differently on each person, just as it does on a paper sample. Live with the scent a little and feel it out.

Have a few on hand. While having a signature scent is important, it’s also key to keep in mind that you might want something different depending on the occasion or time of year. Lighter scents are better in the summer and heavier in the fall.

Take your time. If you haven’t completely fallen in love with a fragrance yet, don’t worry. There are plenty of options out there, so it’s worth your time to keep sampling and find something that you’ll want to smell every day.

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Le Parfum

Neroli Blanc Eau De Parfum


Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Perfume Spray

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