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Surviving Time With Toxic Family/Friends

• Be the light
• No ego
• No emotionally heavy convos
• Stay in your center
• Take nothing personal
• Inhale deep
• Exhale slow
• Focus on the good––only
• Send love and light through the entire space
• Come light
• Leave light
May the Force be with you. ✨  

–– Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily

Style Inspo for Curvy, Thicc and Delicious Ladies

As promised, here is a bit of a style/inspo post for my gorgeous followers. Most women are NOT sample sizes and I get how frustrating it can be to not see yourself represented in magazines or in stores. Even when you type into Google how to dress for curves, it comes up with pictures of stick thin models with a thousands rules under it. 

I’m not a rule girl. I don’t like them. I think they’re shit. Don’t show your stomach if you’re over a size 4. Don’t wear patterns on your legs. No horizontal stripes. Basically wear black bags to hide everything. FUUUUUCK THAT. If you’re comfortable in a pattern or crop top or stripes do it. So I’m not going to give you a list of rules. Just hopefully helpful tips and pictures of other gorgeous ladies of all shapes and sizes to help you get some inspo for next time you hit the stores or your favorite online shop.

Check it out below the jump….

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What is a Goddess?

A wombman, who is in the process of learning to know, accept, and love herself on All levels; Mind, Body, and Spirit. A wombman who, because she focuses on person growth and self awareness, experiences a life, increasingly filled w| peace, love, joy, passion and fun. A wombman that understands, she has an unlimited capacity to make her life anything she desires. A wombman, who is inspired to give to those around her, because of her sense of gratitude and abdundance.

🌺Bka Bw Nfr Kem Neteru🍃
Styled | Makeup | Modeled by: styledbyviola
Photography | Edited by: darrentalent

TrendCasting - Dear Wantering Gift Guide 

10 holiday gifts for the most stylish woman in your life

Your most fashionable friend is no longer the hardest to go holiday shopping for. We’ve scoured Wantering to find gifts that even the most discerning sartorial eye will fall in love with. From stunning pieces of jewelry to cozy must-haves for winter, check out our Dear Wantering Gift Guide with Kay Jewelers, Kate Spade New York, and Club Monaco.             

Chic Baubles with Kay Jewelers

When figuring out what type of jewelry to surprise her with, think of her everyday style and look for something that will fit into her wardrobe. Before you select a piece of jewelry for a woman, think of when and where she’ll wear it. For the perfect gift, match her style with our top two picks below.

1) Kay Jewelers’ Love Knot Earrings in Sterling Silver are for the woman who loves to add an easy, classic accent to her outfit. She can go from work to a holiday party without changing accessories. 

2) Kay Jewelers’ Triangle Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold is modern and minimalist, complementing a holiday party LBD or dressed-up jumpsuit.

Arm Candy

Invest in a quality timepiece that she’ll keep for years to come. Gift her a gold or silver watch with a leather strap for timeless staple you she’ll love. Or, if you know she’s more of a risk taker, get her a watch with funky accents, such as rainbow glitter or polka dots. 

3) The Kate Spade Metro Grand Watch is a neutral watch that she can pair with jeans and a t-shirt for an effortless and casual look. 

4) The Kate Spade Rumsey Watch features a polka dot rubber strap, that your quirky girlfriend will rock with confidence. 

5) The Citizen Bangle Watch from Kay Jewelers is delicate and feminine, ideal for the friend who keeps her wardrobe simple and sophisticated.

6) Kate Spade’s Pave Interchangable Metro Watch makes a wrist party statement, adding extra glitter to her look for the next girls’ night out. 


Winter Whites

When the temperatures drop, there’s nothing better than keeping warm and looking chic. Gift her one of these ultimate winter white must-haves below.

7) The Club Monaco Darci Scarf ties in one of the season’s hottest runway trends: fringe. 

8) Kay Jewelers’ Love Bracelet in 14k White Gold is for the girl who’s a romantic at heart. 

9) Kay Jewelers’ 14K White Gold Hoop Earrings are showstoppers. Their twist rope design makes them a versatile piece of jewelry for any occasion.

10) The Club Monaco Eleta Cashmere Hat is topped off with a shearling pom-pom, perfect for the friend who has a fun and playful style.

Did you find a gift that you think she’ll love this holiday? Tweet us @Wantering and let us know which ones you’ll be giving.    

#BestGiftEver: Stocking Stuffers

25 mini gifts that pack a big punch

Whether you’re stuffing a stocking or not this year, there will always be a need for small, simple gifts during the holidays. We scoured our favorite sites and selected 25 thoughtful (and pretty) gifts that any style savant would love. Stock up on a few to give to those who deserve a little something special this year, or buy yourself a gift or two! Click through our collection of goodies below, and scoop up an amazing fashion book, a velvet lip pencil, a dressy pair of socks and more.

Fashion Gift Box

Cashmere Rib Hand Warmers

Double Pearl Ring

Jane & Serge

Jet Set Kit

Minerals Encyclopedia Cards

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Sports Bra Medium support

Clutch Bag

High Quality 145 Den Tights

Women’s Merino Hat - Navy

Faux Stone Ring Set

The Pouch Wallet in Dot

Herbivore BotanicalsTM Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts

Teardrop Stone Choker

The Fashionable Selby

Silver/Natural Band Watch

Guest Toothbrushes

The iPad Case - Stone

Tiny 6 Pack Studs

Water Bottle (17 oz.)

Bandana Pattern Low Crew Socks

Eyelash Curler and One Silicone Refill Pad

Nail Polish - Night Out

Your Winter Survival Kit

How to make it through the snowy season

As the temperatures continue to drop, there’s not much time left to prepare for the harsh winter ahead. Luckily with our survival tips and favorite cold weather necessities below, you’ll be ready in no time. Stay warm in a the best winter ready outfit, top off your look in the softest accessories and keep your skin hydrated during the coldest months of the year. From snow boots and mittens to the coziest blanket and intensive hand cream, shop our winter ready survival pieces now.

Winter Weather Outfits

Whether it’s snowing or raining, make sure your dress appropriately for your weather. Invest in a pair of Sorel waterproof boots to keep your feet dry, keep a down parka on hand and always have an umbrella with you, just in case it starts to pour. 

Sorel Women’s “Caribou” Snow Boots

Long Down Anorak With Piping

Rainy-Day Umbrella

Cold Weather Accessories

Complete your winter ensembles with the appropriate necessities. Top off your look with a knitted pom pom beanie, wrap up in a soft infinity scar and don’t forget to keep your fingers warm with a nice pair or mittens.

Women Pompon Beanie

Softest Ribbed Circle Scarf

ASOS Check Mittens

Cozy Atmospheres

The cozier the space, the happier you’ll be. Keep you home smelling warm with a pomegranate and citrus candle, bundle up next to the fire in the softest blanket you’ve ever touched and put on slipper socks to keep your toes extra cozy.

Archipelago Botanicals Signature Soy Wax Candle

Cozy Chic Ribbed Throw

The Mountain Slipper Sock

Stay Moisturized

Hydrate your skin with beauty products suitable to keep you soft during the drying cold months. Prevent your hands, hair and lips from cracking with the best products below.

Jurlique® rose hand cream

Sugar Honey Lip Tinted Treatment SPF 15

Omega 9 Hair Mask

#BestYearEver: Find Your Signature Scent

The perfect perfume for you

Finding the right scent for you is easier said than done, but when you do, it’s well worth the wait. Perfume is that accessory that always feels right, adding a personal and elegant touch to every outfit. We’re breaking down the process of finding the perfect fragrance for you, so read through our tips below and then shop our top 10 great-smelling perfumes.

Start with what you know. If there’s a specific scent or bottle you know you like, visit a department store or specialized beauty shop and ask questions. The people working there can help you find similar perfumes.

Learn your families. Perfumes are often categorized by scent families, so it helps to know which ones please you the most. Smell a variety of citrus, floral, oriental and wood-based perfumes to find your favorite.

Don’t spray too much. You only need a spritz or two before the scent starts to overpower your presence. If you want a light coverage, spray it in the air first and walk through it.

Take samples with you. Perfume scents change throughout the day, so it’s important that you like how a certain fragrance smells even after it has settled.

Smell it on your skin. Perfume smells a little differently on each person, just as it does on a paper sample. Live with the scent a little and feel it out.

Have a few on hand. While having a signature scent is important, it’s also key to keep in mind that you might want something different depending on the occasion or time of year. Lighter scents are better in the summer and heavier in the fall.

Take your time. If you haven’t completely fallen in love with a fragrance yet, don’t worry. There are plenty of options out there, so it’s worth your time to keep sampling and find something that you’ll want to smell every day.

Shop Scents

Gypsy Water - 50 ml Eau de Parfum

“Vanille 44” (Paris) eau de parfum

Nirvana White

Chloé Eau de Parfum

Balenciaga Paris

Le Parfum

Neroli Blanc Eau De Parfum


Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Perfume Spray

Eau des Merveilles Parfum des Merveilles - Pure perfume lock spray refill

Still on the hunt? Search for more perfume here.