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1913 - Crashing the inauguration to demand the vote.

After walking 234 miles in 17 days, the pilgrims arrived in Washington in time for the main event, which was officially dubbed The Woman Suffrage Procession.

In late 1912, the American movement for women’s suffrage was facing a frustrating lack of progress at the national level.

After a few blocks, the surrounding crowds spilled into the street, blocking the way. As the marchers struggled through, sometimes in single file, they were heckled, tripped, shoved and showered with abuse.

The police were hardly helpful. Some even joined in the harassment. Ambulances had to squeeze through the masses to reach injured marchers. A hundred women were hospitalized.

The mistreatment of the marchers at the hands of the mob and police was widely witnessed and provoked an outcry. Congressional hearings were held, the superintendent of police was fired and the marchers’ cause gained wider visibility and support — on March 8, the Women’s Journal triumphantly declared, “Nation Aroused by Open Insults to Women — Cause Wins Popular Sympathy.”

The event provided a shot in the arm to the suffrage movement, but it would take another seven years of tireless and painful activism before the 19th Amendment was finally passed and ratified.


Audrey ain’t shit, but she’s honestly one of  the funniest character on TV right now.

*sees Sidney’s body

Audrey: I’m not American, I’m not used to this carnage

*sees Shelby’s body*

Audrey: I feel like a part me died with her

*Sees Dominic’s Body*

Audrey: He was such a great scene partner, Gave me so much to work with

* is about to die *

Audrey: I had so many good performances left in me

Sarah Paulson should honestly submit in the comedy category for the Emmy’s

A Tentative List of Things I Don't fuck With

1. Donald Trump
2. White people (correction!)
3. Hotep ass niggas
4. Homophobic trans men/women
5. Scorpios (I’m petty)
6. “Blue Lives”
7. Gay men who hate on women
8. Straight cis niggas as a whole
9. Questions about my sexuality
10. Made up correlations between virginity and sexual orientation
11. Labels
12. White feminism
13. Self doubt
14. Hypermasculinity
15. Body counts
16. Dumb ass questions like “why are you single?“Idfk
17. Excusing artists for saying dumb shit for the sake of "artistry” ( Kanye, Thug, Kodak, Wayne, etc)
18. The degradation of the black woman
19. Ole “we need to preserve the black family, being gay is a disease created by the white man” face ass niggas.
20. Heteronormativity within the LGBTQIAPK

WoSo Math

(a Math Free Verse Poem for Creative Writing class)

First take 23 women.

Add 3 World Cup wins

And 184 goals by Abby Wambach, the Greatest Of All Time.

Add 3 goals by Carli Lloyd in the 2015 Women’s World Cup final

And 100 shutouts by Hope Solo.

Add 17 for Tobin Heath, 2016 female player of the year

And 8 National Women’s Soccer League teams.

Add this all up, and what is it worth?

According to the U.S. Soccer Federation,

It’s worth four times less

Than the less successful Men’s team.