Just realized I mixed up Clay and Elena when going from thumbnail to pencils. And now Clay’s got boobs. The worst is that now the next panels have to be redone. Should have re-read the script instead of relying on my memory. ..
Dear @KelleyArmstrong, do you object to an impromptu gender bender of Clay?? Yes?
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I don’t think anyone could understand how excited but horribly sad I am to start reading this. I’ve waited god knows how fucking long for this to come out and its the last book that’s going to be in the #otherworld series, as far as I know. Kelley Armstrong has been my rock when I needed security. As well as Sherrilyn Kennon, which I do tend to reread #theleague series soon. #womenoftheotherworld #thirteen #kelleyarmstrong #booknerd #readfordays #ilovebooksmorethanlife