Johanna Burai — World White Web

This work started when I searched for “hand” on Google and the search results showed only white hands. Then I noticed that the theme of white hands were recurring every time I visited a portfolio or blog about graphic design. So I started saving every portfolio image that I encountered, and in 100% of the cases, the hand was white.

This is not news, but it’s definitely something that we all have to consider and be aware of; how the graphic design world repeats and maintain whiteness. 


Suzy Tuxen, Emily Fitts, and Cassie Brock of A Friend of Mine (Australia)

A few weeks ago, we featured the exhibition signage for Supergraph designed by Sharnay Sherratt of All of This. This week we feature the ladies behind the look and feel of the new Melbourne art and design fair. AFOM designed custom typography for the logo, as well as an identity system that was carried throughout print materials, the fair’s collateral materials, website, and very dimensional signage.