Looking at her was like looking at a piece of coral.
Roughness, softness. She hid out from the world in the soundless ocean floor. A world of wonder. She laid in pain. She might sometimes host parasitic fish friends rather than wading through unseen waters. The battle she’d fought against waves through the ghastly depths make her demolished. But she was still alive. She survived. She saved the mate.

Looking at her was like looking at a piece of coral. Droop, and droop. Fearfully she saw boats above her head. Hoping they sailed, sailed away. She tried to rise and hoped to meet the dim rays of light. Also provoked a glowing neon jellyfish to trap on her maze. Just for making her world sparkle.

Looking at her was like looking at a piece of coral. Too much efforts she did. Whereas, beneath what appears to be a lifeless waste, within the treasures of the sailors, within the pain as the water pull and push, without touched by human hand, a quaint coral who born out of rock and sand made a great flourished barrier reef. A true beauty magnificene.


Bandung, 23 September 2017 | 17:13

Pict source: @karenapuisiituindah

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can you please make a call out post for anakin/darth vader/countess boochie flagrante

callout post for anakin skywalker

  • is a literal fascist
  • doesn’t know how to talk to girls
  • calls padme “m’lady”
  • has a ponytail and one (1) gross, long braid
  • blames his absolute tomfoolery on the evildoing of his grimdark OC, countess boochie flagrante

callout post for darth “boochie flagrante” vader

  • joined the dark side
  • is still a literal fascist
  • figuratively killed anakin skywalker, apparently
  • still doesn’t know how to talk to women
  • looks like a hard boiled egg
  • plays the harmonica

i shouldnt rly be surprised at this point that like p much all of the “dysphoria is only caused by the MEDICAL CONDITION TRANSSEXUALISM and NOT BY SOCIETY comes from trans dudes

i guess its easier to think that society has nothing to do w dyshporia

when society is constantly telling us that trans womens bodies are disgusting and freakish and wrong

when society is constantly pointing out ways for cis ppl to spot trans women

look for the adams apple

look at their hair

look at their man hands

but they stay silent on u

tell me society doesnt contribute to dysphoria when u get to deal w that every day of yr life