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can you please make a call out post for anakin/darth vader/countess boochie flagrante

callout post for anakin skywalker

  • is a literal fascist
  • doesn’t know how to talk to girls
  • calls padme “m’lady”
  • has a ponytail and one (1) gross, long braid
  • blames his absolute tomfoolery on the evildoing of his grimdark OC, countess boochie flagrante

callout post for darth “boochie flagrante” vader

  • joined the dark side
  • is still a literal fascist
  • figuratively killed anakin skywalker, apparently
  • still doesn’t know how to talk to women
  • looks like a hard boiled egg
  • plays the harmonica

i shouldnt rly be surprised at this point that like p much all of the “dysphoria is only caused by the MEDICAL CONDITION TRANSSEXUALISM and NOT BY SOCIETY comes from trans dudes

i guess its easier to think that society has nothing to do w dyshporia

when society is constantly telling us that trans womens bodies are disgusting and freakish and wrong

when society is constantly pointing out ways for cis ppl to spot trans women

look for the adams apple

look at their hair

look at their man hands

but they stay silent on u

tell me society doesnt contribute to dysphoria when u get to deal w that every day of yr life

Terrapin Station
Grateful Dead
Terrapin Station

Today’s Daily Dose of Dead is Terrapin Station from the December 30, 1983 show at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium. The Civic was a fantastic venue which had a capacity of only 7,000 people. So yeah this was a great place to see a Grateful Dead NYE run. Just compare that to the 10x crowd of 70,000 that were at the Chicago shows with me this year. I’ll take small and intimate any day!

This was another well constructed and well played show although like most of this run nothing special in terms of bust-out songs… So what! Bertha > Greatest, Deal, Ramble On, Shakedown,Terrapin and Wharf Rat… That is a killer show!. 

Set One:

Greatest Story Ever Told
Friend of the Devil
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Ramble on Rose
Little Red Rooster
Brown Eyed Women
Looks Like Rain

Set Two:

Shakedown Street
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Terrapin Station
Wharf Rat
Good Lovin’

Day Job


“I can’t figure out, if it’s the end or beginning, but the train’s put it brakes on and the whistle is screaming. Terrapin.”