Living and Loving One Bag at a Time...


So this is my official introduction to the blogging world… My name is Alexa Marquez a Venezuelan girl living in The States and trying to survive this crazy world one bag at a time. My life might seem pretty normal to most who know me, but in reality this year has been the most crazy year of my life.

I mean are there any Latinas out there who understand, especially Venezuelans, how hard it is for us to move from our native country and fight for who you are as a person. How many of you when moving to The States have tried to changed who you are in order to fit in, just to realize that “Hey! I love who I am, why the heck am changing to fit in?!”. Jeez I know the feeling, I tried to changed so many times. Agreed with things I didn’t like but so my “friends” could think I was cool. Just for a week or a month later to realized “I was so dumb…..”

Lucky for me, each moment I felt like that I had the one accessory that would always remind me who I really am.

Yes! That’s right MY BAGS!! Some women might say shoes, necklaces, dresses, etc. And in a way it’s the same! But for me? That one accessory is my bag. It’s like every time I see each one of them (and not that I have a lot, but the ones I have are very especial) I’m coming back home. Each one of them holds a especial place in my heart. And each bag represent a certain moment in my life since I moved to the states and my life went haywire!

Don’t you have that one accessory? I.e.:
- My moms 21st birthday present (my first clutch)
- My graduation present (my first CH tote)
- The day my grandmother passed away (my first Tory)

Each one reminds me of that beautiful/dreadful day, and each one has given me that little courage when confronting hard things (lawyers, grad school admissions, job interviews, first dates, funerals).

Which one is your accessory?

Hope you guys stay tune and FOLLOW ME! :) as I begin this crazy journey… Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned is you always get back on the horse, no matter how hard you fall…. And right after there’s always one bag (or any accessory) to make you feel happy… Don’t you think?


Exotic Luxury Bag by Carbotti

Carbotti adds a new Colorful snakeskin box clutch bag to its luxury collection. This small clutch brings you back in time, it is a real piece of art, created by the mastery of talented craftsman. The bag features a long chain strap tucked away inside, enabling you to wear the bag on the shoulder or across the body as well as hold as a clutch. Inside is fully lined in jacquard lining and has a phone pocket on the wall. It’s roomy enough for your evening out!
Material : Python 
Size (cms) : 17x16x7 
Straps : Chain 
Detailing : Entirely Made in Italy / Made By Italians 
Closure : Top zipped 
Interior : Fine Jacquard lining, inside cell phone pouch 
Categories : clutch bags 
Colors: Snake Black/ Snake Brown/ Snake Pink/ Snake Green/ Black/ Red

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