Another Anastasia Tarasenko cover, “Anastasia suffers a breast attack.” You can tell that the editors of Kämpferische Frauen really are pushing a wrestler when (1) they allow her face to cover the magazine’s title, and (2) they refer to her only by her first name, implicitly suggesting that her name recognition befits a star.

The Divas Revolution needs to get interesting.

We have nothing, NOTHING, the storyline stucked until a record is broken; we had an amazing match on NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, best match of that night. But the next day we had a match that we will not remember for being that good. A match with 9 women, all talented on their way, having a match… that had no meaning, no title, not a chance for the title, hell… on Monday night the winning team didn’t get shit, in fact, they lose.

That’s it. That’s all we have on Monday Night RAW a storyline that is not advancing, a storyline where there are only tag-team matches and single matches that don’t mean anything.

The “Divas Revolution” start with all the hype surrounding the most talented female wrestlers that WWE and NXT had to offer, just to get booked as bad as the women that was part of the division the last 5 years


In one way, I understand Paige, she is working, doing her job and arguably trying the best she can. But the crowd, since they pay to be on the arena, have the right to demand something better, the match was not really… not that good, the storyline and booking is not even as good as the NXT’s. So, why they can’t show that they disagree or dislike the product they are paying for? Is not the crowds fault, Paige should realize that if the crowd is not interested at the match, is because the creative team.

Paige said that there is a change… well, the biggest change on the Divas Division, is the roster, aside of that, we have the same division.