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Most of me is in mourning right now, but the shipper trash side is 24/7. So amidst all the plot going on I'm thinking about Sean feeling bad about the women he killed while under Jack's influence. And Nick pulling him aside for a drink and telling him how he had to let go of the man he killed when he was a zombie. He says that Sean made him accept he could live with it or own up to it and gives him the same option. Too much plot and drama going on for time to be taken out for it though. :(

What? Trash? Haha. You’re a very decent shipper. Please, have a brief summary of the last episode from the actual Renhardt trash point of view.

The first thought that occurred to Nick after Juliette’s little performance  at the  Spice Shop was: “We need to warn the captain.” Aw. Of course.

Then we have this cute little scene at Sean’s bedroom. Nick’s comforting Sean:

(“Shh, honey, it’s okay, I’ll just check this place if it’s safe for you.”)

Later, when they returned to Sean’s house from Henrietta’s. Nick: “Put your alarm on. Keep your phone with you.” (”Answer my calls, babe, always answer my calls.”)

Back to the Spice Shop, here we have Nick holding Sean’s hand and then putting it on his (Nick’s) lap.

End of summary.

Caged In:

The man known to many and to a few as Hunte lies atop of a decrepit wooden crate, his back to the hard crusted and dirty earthly wall. The man’s eyes shift from the tattered journal in his hands, and onto the two cells before him. Each filled with an occupant, one a feisty woman with a mutt, the other with a scarlet haired woman.

Each sound asleep and battling their own demons in their unconsciousness, and well their wounds. The darkened eyes of the man focus on the one named Scarlet.

“One day more and we shall have answers.” He’d cast off in a low tone.

Hunte’s attention moves to his journal as he begins to craft himself a note that he would discard in a random spot of Tyria.

Why must one become confused and misshapen under the influence of women. On one hand one wishes to be loved and to find a way to settle down, yet on the other end, one knows they aren’t meant to settle down and their life is to filled with peril and risk.

Sure this one is attractive, young, and tried to kill me numerous times, and I adore her for what she brings to my life, pleasure, excitement, danger, and the thrill of risking my life each time I enter public with her.

The one within the cage, an unknown element, though if she survives may serve useful in gaining an ally with a group powerful. Provided I appear as her savior. 

I once had a chance to be normal, well normal enough for a disfigured and mentally scarred individual. It was with another fiery redhead, her name was Elise. That relationship died once I got bored and left her for the road again, I was becoming a house cat.

I am not a housecat. 

She died a few months later in the arms of another man or from what I was told. Yet did I care? Not really, but after returning to the world of civilization, I did start to care. I reminiscence about what I lost daily, but currently I am satisfied with what I have. I despise looking to the past, but I do it often in the forms of these pages. 

Pages that will never be associated with me or be seen.

The dysfunctional man tears the page from the journal, with a quiet shuffle he deposits it within a pocket of his clothing. His eyes cast back to the scarlet haired woman.

“Everyone has a time, mine was long ago, how soon is yours?”

While writing for my OC with a FC of Zach, I realized that I want to write in the form of a drunk, sexual Matt Donovan and see what happens. I feel like he would be far more cocky than most would think, maybe more humorous than he is on a daily basis. Someone want to do this with me? I mean it would be a complete 180 from Matt and more so a new personality while under the influence and around beautiful women who he can’t keep his hands off of. MATT HAS NEEDS TOO.


Steed saves Tara from committing suicide. (Patrick Macnee cracks a few ribs doing it). 

It’s a great moment in a weird, somewhat disturbing episode, demonstrating Steed’s heroism and deep care for his partner. It’s also an ending that unfortunately reinforces the season’s continuous “damsel” mode, in which Tara behaves irrationally (aren’t all women irrational?) under the influence of the villains.