#wcw goes out to all the women out there with their shit together because these pretty bitches get away with too much credit for having a fat ass and no job.
I did spend many hours wanting to cry because you answered every eight hours. It reminded me of how much I need of someone else to save me. Then I pictured myself at night, alone, crying till my skin itched and my eyes burned. And I remember you weren’t there, nor him, nor her, not them. Yet here I am, and although I might forget to remember it, I still have that power inside of me. That power that will make me believe I’m beautiful, worth it and not in need of your love at any time. It’s been between me and my dreams all along. Nothing can beat me wuthout my consent, and baby from this moment on, I will not give anybody else the pleasure of getting in my mind. I can manage this without eating my own brain. Instead, I’ll nourish it.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #11
While we acknowledge our mutual affection by publicly assuming the relationship of husband and wife … we deem it a duty to declare that this act on our part implies no sanction of, nor promise of voluntary obedience to such of the present laws of marriage as refuse to recognize the wife as an independent, rational being, while they confer upon the husband an injurious and unnatural superiority …

Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell’s joint statement on their wedding day

quoted from A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn 

All of that building a community, rousing the nation, rousing the muslims, having a future for your Islam here, is all rubbish, its all a waste of time, if we are not serious and do not raise awareness to do something to stop the injustices being done against the mothers in our societies and communities.

To the men, especially those of you who are religious, or those of you have a turban like my turban, or those who have a beard like my beard or talks about helping Islam, look right and left, before looking right and left, look at yourself.

Men Ask Yourselves:
- What is the condition of your woman?
- How do you look at woman?

—  AlHabib Ali Al Jifri
It is false when people want men and women to be cut to the same measure and say that this tiny biological difference has absolutely no significance. That tendency is dominant nowadays. Personally it still horrifies me when people want women to be soldiers just like men, when they, who have always been the keepers of the peace and in whom we have always seen a counter-impulse working against the male impulse to stand up and fight, now likewise run around with submachine guns, showing that they can be just as warlike as the men. Or that women now have the “right” to work as garbage collectors or miners, to do all those things that, out of respect for their status, for their different nature, their own dignity, we ought not to inflict on them and that are now imposed on them in the name of equality. That, in my opinion, is a Manichaean ideology that is opposed to the body. 
Plato said that men and women should be put in the same barracks, that they should do all the same things, because biology didn’t count. The only thing that counts in man is the spirit, and if children arrive, then they should be put into a state nursery. Basically, this ideology of equality is a kind of “spiritualism”, a way of despising the body that refuses to recognize that the body itself is the person. Because of this, it seems to me, this kind of egalitarianism does not exalt women but diminishes their status. By being treated as male, they are dragged down to being undistinguished and ordinary.
There is also of course a false ideology of difference. Through that it became customary to regard woman as lower beings, who are only there to do the cooking and the cleaning, while the lords of creation talk and make war and regard themselves as a superior caste with a superior field of activities. From that standpoint, women were regarded as being physical, sensual, not open to spiritual things, not creative, and so on and so forth. Thus the ideology of difference developed into a caste system. This way of looking at things overlooks the particular quality of God’s creation, in which differentiation exists as complementarity within unity.
—  Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), God and the World: A Conversation with Peter Seewald (2000)