i’m white so lemme know if this is out of line but that post going around about how people slap “white” in front of a group they want to criticize so that the criticism is acceptable or whatever, using the example of the post that says that white jews should get over the holocaust?

the point about that particular instance is true and i agree that saying “white jews” specifically in that circumstance is meant to obscure or soften the antisemitism of that.. essentially minor holocaust denial.

but a lot of notes on that post are like “i know, people do this for "white women” and “white gays” too, it’s just misogyny or homophobia" are really really incorrect. the difference here is that 99.99% of the time, people saying that white jews should “get over” the shoah are NOT jewish, which is incredibly different from woc calling out racist white women, or gay poc calling out white gay people.

the post wasn’t worded super well, and seemed as though it was trying to use one specific example to discuss a generalization that really doesn’t hold true.

ik it would be easier if i could link the post i’m referring to but i’m on mobile lol

but yeah those are my thoughts on that. poc calling out white people for perpetuating racism within their shared marginalized spaces is not the same as saying “white jews should get over the holocaust.” not even a little bit.

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