ModCloth’s 15th anniversary: A look at how one tiny brand changed the landscape of inclusive fashion

  • Fifteen years ago today, ModCloth came into existence in the same place many a wild, lofty and ambitious idea is born: a dorm room. 
  • At first, it was a site where ModCloth co-founder Susan Gregg Koger could sell some of her favorite vintage pieces that had left her closet overflowing and overwhelming. 
  • Her then-boyfriend, now-husband Eric Koger helped build the website, thinking that this was all about making Susan’s closet more manageable. 
  • But 15 years later, this tiny retro-loving clothing retailer is now, rather ironically, one of the most progressive and inclusive brands around.
  • Before Aerie and Asos chose not to airbrush their models, ModCloth was already at it
  • Before Khloé Kardashian and Zendaya embraced inclusive sizing that doesn’t put plus sizes in a different category, ModCloth was already at it
  • Before British Vogue and Lonely Lingerie showed clothes on women who aren’t models, ModCloth was already at it. Read more (7/19/17)