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Stoppp you do NOT know what genderfluid is, if that's what you're claiming to be. Please STEP DOWN. You are a CIS woman who PRESENTS as a WOMAN. Please stop pretending to be GF because you want to be part of a community that is NOT ABOUT CIS WOMEN.

jesus fuck. 

like I was having a chat about this with my brother and nate and a couple of my friends tonight, and how people were harassing me on tumblr about this and how upsetting it was and like… 

by trying to define for others what their gender is by outside appearances is basically saying that someone’s gender is based on how other people perceive them. 

So what you’re saying is MY gender is based soley on how YOU perceive me?!?!?! Like… I think you have got it all the way fucked up. 

ps- I hate you and you’re making me actually sick with this shit please stop it’s triggering as fuck. 

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ive done it again, it seems.  given some poor chinese person the impression i want to date them.  its a girl on wechat who grew up in sz, but her family decided to go back to their hometown a couple hrs away and wouldnt let her stay alone.  anywho, she’s a lesbian and we got to chatting about a month ago about liking women and the gay scene in sz.  but yeah, i didnt think i was flirting, but last night she sent me a rather coquettish picture and asked me to wait for her the next time she drops by sz to go drinking.  sigh.  if i werent already trying to figure stuff out with li gao, i probably would date her.  but shes too late, and that’s all there is to it.  shame.

I risked glancing into Angelique’s gemstone eyes again. ‘So…’ My voice squeaked, making me sound about five years old. I coughed and tried again. ‘So…’ – a couple of octaves lower – ‘how long have you been flying airships?’ I crossed my arms, trying to look like I chatted to beautiful women who fell out of the sky every day of my life.
—  Nick Cook
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Cloud Riders
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