Meryl Streep introduces Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World Summit: 

I find a lot of similarities: We’re roughly the same age, we both have two brothers — mine are annoying — we both grew up in middle-class homes with spirited, big-hearted mothers who encouraged us to do something valuable and interesting with our lives. We both went from public high schools to distinguished women’s colleges. …We both went on to graduate school at Yale, which is where the two paths diverged in the wood.

Where Hillary aimed her life and where it landed was evident very early on. While I was a cheerleader, she was the president of the student government. Where I was the lead in all three musicals, people who know her tell me she should never be encouraged to sing. Regardless, she has turned out to be the voice of her generation. I’m an actress, and she is the real deal.

This is what you get when you play a world leader. But if you want a real world leader, and you’re really, really lucky, this is what you get.

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We cannot accept that having 19 percent of women in Congress is OK. And I think as women we need to understand: it is in the politics. It’s politics that defines the economy, it’s politics that defines social norms, and until we get political power, we are not going to be able to make giant strides. Every woman in here needs to be involved in getting a woman elected.
—  Kah Walla, president of Cameroon’s People’s Party, at the Women in the World Summit

Angie waves hello at the Women in the World Summit on Thursday (March 22) at New York City’s Lincoln Center.The 36-year-old actress will be joined at the event by some of the brightest names including Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, genocide survivor Sandra Uwiringiyimana, Meryl Streep and more.Angelina will be addressing the crowd with a speech at 8:25 pm EST at the annual meeting. This is a three day event which will “address the most urgent challenges facing women and girls.”