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Which members do you think are more likely to date a latina girl who's like a bit thick and curvy?

((Let me start by saying that I don’t usually do More Likely To scenarios because I’m not confident that I know the boys well enough to do something like this, but I’m willing to try it. Still not sure how I feel about it, but at least I gave it a go! With that said, do keep in mind that this is based entirely on speculation and interviews of the boys. So if you disagree with me, then…well, agree to disagree, lol.))

My picks for who would be more likely to date a thick and curvy Latina girl:

S. Coups: We all already know that our fearless leader has shown to be quite partial toward women of color and Latina women are no exception, I’m sure. He would find her beautiful and her culture intriguing, eagerly jumping in to learn more about it simply because it’s hers. In regards to her being thick and curvy, I believe he would love it. He’s a strong guy who likes to prove it, so I think he would do so by picking her up effortlessly and carrying her around. He would love to feel her body pressed against his as he held her, especially if things got more…heated. ;)

Jeonghan: CUDDLES! This is just speculation, but a girl who’s thick and curvy would equal perfect cuddles for Seventeen’s angel. He wouldn’t dare pass up an opportunity to have his arms around her in some way, whether it be back hugs, front hugs, side hugs or anything in between. Her being Latina wouldn’t make too much of a difference, but he would do a lot of staring because Wow, she’s so beautiful and her skin is so pretty and she looks so different! Must have! Must keep! Must cuddle!

Joshua: Seventeen’s Gentleman dating a curvy Latina girl? Total possibility. He grew up in L.A., a very diversified city, and has stated that race doesn’t matter. With that said, like Jeonghan, he would love to cuddle her because she’s so soft. He would probably stand behind her a lot and wrap his arms around her waist and lay his chin on her shoulder or on top of her head depending on if she’s short or not. If she spoke Spanish, he would try to speak often with her in that language not only to practice but to feel closer, to share in her culture.

Mingyu: I can see this guy dating a Latina girl…can’t really explain why, but I just can. If she spoke Spanish, he would love it. He’d just sit and listen to her talk, watch her mouth move to form those fluent words that sounded oh so sexy to him. I can also see him being happy that she was thick and curvy, because thick and curvy might also mean a love for food and hey! He can cook some really good food! It’ll be nice to share his talent with a significant other instead of the boys all the time and to even learn some recipes from her!

Seungkwan: Latina girls have a rep for being sassy, out-spoken and just all around fun. If that’s the kind of girl to approach him, Seungkwan is all over it. Anyone that he can have a good time with, roast the members with and have truthful, honest conversations with now has his full attention. He’ll ask endless questions about them and their culture, probably even have his girl teach him some Spanish words so he could freak Joshua out every now and then. XD And snuggle times would be perfect! Probably to the point where he would accidentally fall asleep on them because they are just that comfortable to lay with.

Minghao: I really wish there was a way to explain why I believe The8 would be down for dating a thick and curvy Latina girl. I really do…but there really isn’t. I just think that he would find her cute: her face, her skin, and her body. He would run his hands up and down her curves not for anything sexual, but just for the sake of touching them. He wouldn’t be able to get over how soft she felt or how her body seamlessly curved against his. His favorite place to rest would be with his head in her lap, letting her play with his hair and if she just so happened to be wearing shorts, expect little, sweet kisses to the thighs.

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Im sorry if this sounds rude, I'm just a curious gray face. Whats with the recent reblogs of black women? You have a thing?

I don’t have a “thing” I just find black women beautiful, but I also think there aren’t enough pictures of natural black beauty circulating around so I have even more incentive to reblog them.

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Are you attracted to redheaded men? I used to resist the idea of dating a woman with similar features but I've come to find redhead women like yourself exceptionally beautiful. Besides, I see blonde couples all the time!