It is totally possible to acknowledge that trans women’s experiences are important and that they are subject to the same violence as cis women, and that in fact it can be proven they are often more susceptible to violence than cis women merely because of their transness.

You can do that while acknowledging that the very act of assigning a child female at birth is an act of violence which is intended to mark that child for humiliation, degradation, objectification, harassment, etc at the hands of the men it is assumed they will grow up to love and marry. We can have these discussions simultaneously and in fact I think they prove that womanhood and the process of growing into womanhood is traumatic for all of us and that it is intended to be. We can acknowledge that we come to womanhood in different ways but that neither is fun or pleasant and that at the end of the day we BOTH see ourselves subject to violence and subject to marginalization and exploitation of our labor, our love, and our general energies because we are women.

The trauma of being marked a girl and raised as a girl and being trained to be disgusted with your body and with your genitals is so real and there needs to be space for that that doesn’t rely directly on locking and deriding trans women.

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Genuine question because i am curious. I promise I don't want to offend and I'm not trolling but do bisexual people tend to find one sex more attractive than the other? I know they are attracted to both but would there be one that the individual would lean toward more??

It really just depends on the person! Some bisexual people definitely find themselves attracted to one sex more often than another sex. I should add that it definitely doesn’t mean that their attraction to the the other sex is somehow less valid when they do find a person they like. it’s just less frequent. :)

I honestly don't give a damn about how many women are executives

The fact of some rich ladies being CEOs doesn’t help women of oppressed classes at all. The only way the patriarchy will be abolished is when capitalism and other systems of power are also smashed. Patriarchy will not go away with a rich few women in power, it will only grow stronger.

A little bit mad right now that my bio textbook’s section on the reproductive system doesn’t talk about a woman’s period or the fact that women get body hair during puberty (but it does say males get body hair). Basically, it only says that women get hips and breasts and can have a baby. You know, the only things about the female body that society will even acknowledge

Okay… I’m all for Black Out day, and don’t take my following comments as criticism or reason to send hate because it will be ignored, but where’s the day just for women? One day where we can post pics of ourselves without having to worry about being oversexualized or criticized about things that most of the time we can’t control? Where we can really have a conversation about the fact that women die every day because of domestic violence as well as other major issues, as well as the role the media has in making girls and women feel like shit when they’re not cookie cutter perfect. I think we should have a day for that sometime too. Not just cis women, but trans women. Black women, white women, Hispanic women, Native American women. All women.

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A couple students at McGill University in Montreal are wanting a downtown university gym to institute womens only hours. I'm all for womens only hours so long as they also institute mens only ours where women are excluded. Fact is if someone made a "Men's only" hours or a "Men's only" gym, it would be misogynistic, and yet they see on problems with "women's only" hours or gyms

"Because women have valid reasons to be fearful of men but men don’t have any valid reasons to be fearful of women, so when men exclude women, its about showing dominance and not about staying safe"

That’s the argument anyway, and its pretty much bullshit.

- Panacea

1. Have enough women in the story that they can talk to each other.
The lack of women talking to each other is the most frequent criticism I have of writers writing women (especially male writers).
Pay attention to the fact that women DO talk to each other. Create opportunity for women characters to talk to each other. Check to see if you-as-writer are missing chances to have women talk to and interact with each other.

2. Filling in tertiary characters with women, even if they have little dialogue or no major impact on plot, changes the background dynamic in unexpected ways.
Pay attention to how you are assigning minor roles.
Check your background. Actually take note of the background characters with whom your main characters interact. Think of this as the equivalent of scanning crowd scenes in films.
Who we see in the background of a world tells us as much about the world — and the writer’s imagination — as the physical landscape and the cultural trappings of the story.

3. Set women characters into the plot as energetic participants in the plot, whether as primary or secondary or tertiary characters and whether in public or private roles within the setting. Have your female characters exist for themselves, not merely as passive adjuncts whose sole function is to serve as a mirror or a motivator or a victim in relationship to the male.

This is where it gets complicated.
It’s not enough to say “let your female characters do everything your male characters do” because that can feed back into the idea that the lives of so many women across time and cultures are important only insofar as they are congruent with or participating in “men’s lives” or “men’s activities” (however those are defined, and those definitions differ cross-culturally).
Dig deeper to find meaning and importance and a place in the narrative for all lives.”

—  Kate Elliot, “Writing Women Characters as Human Beings.” 

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My sister and mom both have the "feminists are crazy extremists" mentality. It really irritates me cause they're both strong women and the fact that they don't believe in feminism crushes me.

i’m so sorry babe :/ i feel like a lot of women just refuse to see the point bc they were taught to believe something else. my mom never had a problem with feminism until this morning tho like i was honestly so shocked that she told me i was becoming annoying and i actually cried bc my mom has always agreed with the points i’ve made about feminism and idk where that came from but i’m still really bothered by it.


"I think every woman at one point or another in their life has been called a bitch. For a long time I had a real problem with that word, I didn’t like it and I thought it was derogatory. But I’ve gotten to a place now where I’ve made a lot of peace with it. It’s been so overused and made to seem so derogatory towards woman that I’ve adapted it into an empowering feeling for myself. If I’m a bitch then I’m a bitch, if that’s what an assertive woman is to you. So I’ve sort of adapted it as a badge of honor."

19% of prime time television characters are non-human while only 17% are women

A Profile of Americans’ Media Use and Political Socialization Effects: television and the Internet’s relationship to social connectedness in the USA ― Daniel German & Caitlin Lally

There are more “non-humans” on TV than women. Talk about unequal gender representation in the media.

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