D Gray Man Pirate AU. (Closed Rp)

It was late at night in the small seaside town. But that didn’t mean it was busy. The town had a popular port, which was constantly filled with people, the British navy, and, unfortunately, Pirates. Near the docks of the town, was a small bar, which was filled with people. The largest table was filled with people. It was obvious they were seafaring men. The group was odd.
There was an old man with what looked to be either ask or makeup surrounding his eyes, a tall redhead with an eyepatch and a few earrings on his left ear, a almost as tall raven haired man with long hair pulled into a ponytail, a young boy with white hair and a bandage covering his left eye, a really tall man with a white streak running through his dark hair, a muscular man who looked to be blind, and the loudest of them all, a man with long red hair with two women on his lap, drinking beer.

Two young women stood behind the counter at the busy bar. The youngest had long brown hair braided back. She was loading beer mugs onto a tray. “How are you holding up, Miranda?” She asked the woman standing next to her?
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