Pictures from today!!

I met mom for breakfast this morning, went to Target with mom, did a little Torrid shopping, and now watching an awesome movie (don’t even try and argue this is a great comedy 😂).

Also, I bought my first ever bra from Torrid (well 2). Interesting fact I am a size smaller at Torrid then I am with a bra from Kohls, but the capris I bought at Torrid are two sizes bigger then the size I buy at Kohls. 😂😂

Hello fashion!

On a side note the polkadot capris I have on in that one picture are so freaking adorable and I’m so glad I found them.😍😍😍

“Fashion is not about class or caliber. Fashion is about self-expression and point of view…Being early shouldn’t be arrogant and being late shouldn’t be shamed…Be yourself and by any means do what makes you feel good. Fuck everything else.”

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