@harnaamkaur and I are tired of your shitty gender roles. We shot this series for @theparallelmag to challenge what people are “allowed to do.” She has a beard due to a medical condition. She loves it and kills it! As for me, I just want to wear a skirt sometimes cuz I think it can look dope! The fact we socially relegate these fashion and styling attributes to certain genders just seems so frivolous and dangerous when you consider how aggressive people get when their confronted with these things that don’t fit into their understanding of how the world works. At the end of the day, just be yourself and love yourself and don’t judge others who are living that way. Think outside the parameters that we are lead to believe are absolute and see the world as it is! Much love to all of you!
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We have a very woodsy rural road I know of here that people claim there has been devil worship going on, and a number of people have reported seeing naked men and women running across the roads or walking in the woods over the years. There’s hunting land for sale there all the time but it’s never listed online either lol, it’s like people are terrified of it I suppose? 

I’m taking a trip down this road tomorrow. I just have this urge to go down there, I never actually drove the entirety of it because of the other car we had last year was just shitty but my new car can manage. I wonder if I’ll see these fabled naked people. 

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*screams into the night* I just saw a call-out post because a character in a series used "virgin" as an insult, and while I agree that that's Shitty because virgin-shaming reinforces toxic masculinity and the idea that women should give themselves to men as a duty and can have other negative connotations and all that Blah, the whole call-out is "this is allonormative and the creator of the series is an aphobe" and I'm gonna Die


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I'm fucking depressive and I hate it! Like I'm 15 and I only can see bad things around me. The sentence "you can't handle the truth" is 24/7 in my head. Just like one day I'm too old and flabby for my men or women. All the men are asshole fuckboys. I'm too fat for to be loved and the world is just shitty. Nothing good ever hapened in my life. I don't know what to do

Momma: Okay, let’s start with my usual. You need to talk to your parents about this and get some help. You need to see a therapist or a counselor. Even just telling your parents how you feel can be cathartic. Yeah, that sentence can be true but you know what, the truth will set you free. Honey, you are 15 years old, you haven’t gotten to see more of life. Yeah, the world can be pretty shitty but it’s really not so bad as they say. The media, the news, they want you to believe there is a murder on every corner and nothing good ever happens. They don’t report the good. There are so many things in this world that are amazing! Nature, animals, ice cream, new books, new clothes, the smiles of children, cute babies, cute baby animals, the stars, the sunset, forests, the ocean, all the amazing wonders that we can’t explain, people in love, amazing foods you’ve never heard of with ingredients you have never seen. Stop letting yourself believe there is no goodness in the world and that there is no hope. You are only 15, you haven’t seen it all yet. Neither have I. No one has. Just keep looking. As for men, yeah there are a lot of assholes out there, but a lot of guys try. They try to do better, they try to be better, it just seems like only assholes exist. Truth is there are better guys out there. Maybe it’s just your area that you live in or the sites you visit online but trust me good men do exist. If you really can’t find one, at least they exist in movies, books, comics, and tv shows. I know you feel nothing good has happened but you are wrong. You are alive, that is something good. That is always something good. Also, good things sometimes need a nudge. You want good things to happen, put out what you want to come in, put out a positive attitude, volunteer, be a friend, spread love around. Love is free, spread that shit at people. As for your weight, who cares if you’re fat or not, big women and men are sexy as fuck! It’s your body, you do what you want with it. If you feel you aren’t happy with it start working out and eat better. You have two options when it comes to your body, change it or accept it. Acceptance is the harder of the two because it sounds to me like you don’t love your body. You should. It’s the only one you’ll ever have. I’m fat too, I know I’m loved. I know you are loved. If by no one else, then you are loved by me. Get it out of your head that the amount of fat on your body affects how much you are loved. Accept you body or change it. I have complete faith in you. We all do. I hope this helps and you get better.

I want to kill myself. I jus keep circling back to how no bi women I know have a GF or at least, don’t have a boyfriend, and how being with a woman, having a gf, whatever whatever is so…….. Far and Unattainable. Lesbian’s get a wife, and us shitty bihets just settle with the first man and honestly we might as well be fucking straight.

Who cares, we can’t really empathize or even understand what being with another girl looks/feels like. We don’t have experience because all we do is fucking shack up with men.

I can’t see myself in w/w couples on tv all I can empathize with is m/w couples so whatever I should just be a straight girl. Who cares. It doesn’t matter.

I’ll never have a gf and I’ll never have experiences with a girl so I’ll always be just a “bisexual” (who has never actually been with girls but has a boyfriend/husband)

Anyway I’m just stealing space and time and resources and I can’t even relate to gay or sapphic stuff.

Bi girls don’t date girls unless we firmly state “I will only date girls. I only want to date girls. My only dating interests are girls”. Otherwise we always end up with men.

Even then the bi girls I have seen that IDed like that later IDed as lesbian so like…… Obviously bi girls don’t date girls.

Anyway don’t fight me in any of this but if you think of a nice easy way to kill yourself I am all ears uwu

honestly like. its so hard to be proud of where you come from when so much of the culture is entrenched in misogyny and excuses for men’s shitty abusive behavior. like desi communities hold women and girls to such an impossibly high standard and men can pretty much get away with murder?? and any time you try to call it out people say that you’re becoming “westernized” or forgetting where you come from but lmao the concept of women being more than servants or objects for men to dump all over isn’t exclusive to the west?

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Honestly the nbc anchors have been so shitty and sexist in their coverage of women's sports and ledecky is no different. She's using a stroke favored by men, but you just can't say she 'swims like a man' when she's that far ahead of her competitors and not have it convey an underlying sexism equating heightened skill with men. Maybe he didn't mean it, but. Social context, dude.

that is basically what i wanted to say haha. with the additional caveat that the person who said it did correct themselves immediately afterwards with a ‘she swims like ledecky’ - or potentially was actually quoting someone else when they brought it up, and then added the swims like ledecky part?

the point is i do think that that person was immediately aware of the optics of what they said, compared to the whole SHE’S THE NEXT X, or giving a coach credit for another swimmer’s gold. nbc has been fucking CHRONIC in their coverage like. jesus christ america what the fuck

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Hey so I call myself a feminist. I just want to say that not all feminists are the terrible shitty 3rd wave ones. I believe that men are equal to women and women are equal to men. Nothing more nothing less. I can also recognise that in the western world feminism is definitely not as important as it used to be. I know the wage gap is a myth. I just wanted you to know that we're not all insane SJWs. Fucking love your blog by the way.

we know that as we are supporting real feminists and equality as well

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